Disneyland Paris released this new concept-art showing the inside of Bistro Chez Remy, a new table service restaurant set to open the same day of the WDS Ratatouille ride, on July 10. They’ve also released the picture below showing the costumes of the cast members who will work on the ride or in the restaurant. As you can see on the artwork, it looks as though Remy and his friends may appear while guests are having dinner. Will Remy and pals really make an appearance? Probably – after all, a bistro called “Chez Remy” without Remy wouldn’t make any sense, so expect to see at least some Ratatouille characters during your lunch!




Speaking of Ratatouille, the famous dish which gave its name to the title of the animated movie will of course be on the menu at Bistrot Chez Rémy, and here is more about the restaurant from the new official press release:

Delicious French cuisine, like that presented in the Disney•Pixar film Ratatouille, can now be enjoyed by all in Bistrot Chez Rémy, a themed table service restaurant inspired by the world and recipes of the film. The upscale, but light-hearted 370-person restaurant is the creation of Rémy, the rat who loves to cook, and is located in a new corner of Walt Disney Studios Park that’s been transformed into a Ratatouille-themed version of The City of Light. Join us for lunch or dinner at Bistrot Chez Rémy from 10 July 2014.

Bistrot Chez Rémy will welcome guests into a world where they are shrunk to the size of rats immersing them in an oversized world where jam jar lids serve as table tops and champagne corks are turned into chairs. Designed by Rémy and his friends, the restaurant also features everyday human items made large like paper cocktail umbrellas turned into parasols, giant cookbooks standing on end, and plates used to separate seating areas.

On the menu during this Ratatouille-inspired experience, Rémy has prepared a unique menu that includes entrecote, chips, and of course, ratatouille! The “little chef” recommends a seasonal salad to start and a choice of dessert: a selection of French cheeses, including Brie de Meaux, and a fruit salad. Bon appétit!

  • jcruise86

    Thank you, Alain!

    I’m looking forward to reading (right after my July 9 birthday) about the restaurant, the Ratatouille area, and–most of all–the new attraction. I’d love to see a number of different Micechatters writing different reviews of this.

    I hope it helps the Paris Studios park, which is the only one of the 9 Disney parks I’ve visited that I haven’t liked. In fact, I liked the other eight Disney parks I’ve been to MUCH more than the Paris Studios, and I hope that this is part of a DCA quality makeover for that park, and the resort overall, whose many disgruntled (former?) European fans sent Bob Iger a fairly well-publicized petition to improve the quality of the resort.

    Yesterday’s L.A. Times had an article (page A4) about the “victory” (25% was claimed as a “mandate.” What am I missing?) of the Marine Le Pen’s National Front. I hope France will still be welcoming of foreigners.

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  • ayalexander

    I once said that I’d like to see a Ratatouille themed attraction here in Anaheim, what about the extra seven acres next to Carsland, they could turn that into a charming Ratatouille land, with a dark ride and a Bistrot Chez Remi Restaurant! (I know: keep certain things unique to certain parks) -but I won’t ever get to go to Disneyland Paris, so I want to see something like that here in Anaheim, California. (I’m willing to wait for a Ratatouille Land in a planned third park at Disneyland Resort, if I must)

  • SteveColorado

    I had not heard about this and would love to know more but all we get is short article with most of it parroting an official press release?

    • Sorry to disappoint you Steve. We’ve been giving extensive coverage to Ratatouille for quite some time. This was just a little update thrown our way. Here’s our Disneyland Paris directory where you’ll found hundreds of construction photos of the attraction, news, information and videos:

  • Polo33

    Looks great