Step into the Main Street Opera House at Yesterland for a tribute to a truly great American… Abraham Lincoln? No. Walt Disney!


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  • Aladdin

    The Walt Disney Story at Disneyland was best, when BOTH of Walt’s offices were on display, right next to each other. It was so sad when the one office was shipped off to WDW, never to return to DL, and again when the remaining office was moved out of DL. 🙁

    The most embarrassing version of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, is when they attempted to add 3-D sound to the show. – another bad decision by the same folks that brought you TL’98 and DCA 1.0

  • JiminyCricketFan

    I remember the recreation of Walt’s office more than anything. That a was the highlight. The rest of the show I have forgotten. It was just not an impressive show. Even though technology had advanced, Lincoln was thought of positively because it WAS a technological showpiece when it opened. It was a positive show that uplifted you. Somehow the Disney presentation made you somewhat sad, knowing that he had passed so suddenly. Thanks for the great article on it.

  • FerretAfros

    Interesting that in 1990 they considered a 25 year old attraction to have run its course, when the newest major E-ticket in the park is nearly 20 years old now

  • ChrisNJ

    Great article. You have me wondering which of the versions I have seen. I’ll have to re-read and figure it out. Thanks!

  • WorldLover71

    The Walt Disney Story was released on VHS years ago in a boxed set with The Reluctant Dragon and Frank and Ollie. I’ve pulled it out once or twice before heading to the parks to set the mood.

  • MRaymond

    Though others in my family thought it was boring, I always tried to get in to see the show. I remember wanting to see every exhibit in the WDS even when people left to go see Lincoln. That was the best time since the lobby temporarily emptied out. It was the first time I saw the time lapse movies of DLs construction and Walt’s office. I liked going there even as a teen when all my friends were heading for Space Mountain. I’m boring I guess. I like museums, too, and going through the shops in NOS.