Photos in Wonderland is digital popcorn. Instead of giant photo reports you’ll find elsewhere on the site, our goal is to produce frequent tiny updates which feature our favorite details from the parks.

This time around is an easy one. When visiting California Adventure, one of my all-time favorite spots is the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

Tower of Terror may be the ‘lite’ version of the attraction when compared with its forerunner in Florida, but during the middle years of DCA when much was mediocre, the detailing and ambiance was head and shoulders above most every other attraction in the park. Even today, the level of detail and sense of place is captivating to me. Much to observe, enjoy, and of course photograph. So let’s have a look at a few of the many details on offer, shall we?

Of course, these are but a tiny fraction of the scenes, details and vignettes around and inside the old Hotel. We might have to come back some day and explore more….but now, I hear our rooms are ready up on the 13th floor, so we better move along. I’ll see you all the next time I…drop in, here at Photos In Wonderland!

Until then, let us know what your favorite bits of Tower of Terror are in the comments below.