The SeaWorld Podcast team was invited to attend the opening of Roa’s Aviary at Aquatica at SeaWorld San Antonio, and while at the opening, they were invited to experience the park, meet the animals, and see what makes SeaWorld San Antonio special.  So put on your cowboy boots, and find your best 10 gallon hat, and let’s explore SeaWorld Texas together.

Park Entrance

All three SeaWorld parks have very different entrances.  In Orlando, you have the quaint Key West entry plaza with the lighthouse, and in San Diego, you have the new and incredible Explorer’s Reef, and at SeaWorld Texas, they have an entrance, that is unlike any other theme park entrance.  With a massive glass entry plaza that is reminiscent of the Alamo, the entrance is grand, and beautiful early in the morning and late at night when the lights inside shine.


Right near the entrance to SeaWorld is the entrance to Aquatica.  This park is tucked away in the center of the main park, with some amazing attractions, with the notable attractions being the new Roa’s Aviary, Stingray Falls and Wahala Wave.

Aquatica is a full day experience, and is worth taking your time to enjoy. With the unique animal interactions that this park offers, you will want to take advantage of the Stingray Encounter, along with getting to know the residents of Roa’s Aviary.

The new Roa’s Aviary at Aquatica

The Shows of SeaWorld Texas

Shamu Stadium

Shamu Stadium in San Antonio is the most unique set up, with a large central show pool, with stadium seating on both sides, and a killer whale slide out on each side.  The entire stadium, is covered with a giant dome which allows for shade, lighting, and makes it nice a cool on a hot Texas day.  At SeaWorld Texas, they have One Ocean, just like the other parks, but without the moving screens.  The amazing thing about Shamu Stadium is Texas, is with the theater in the round setup is that the energy from the crowd thunders, and the energy is contagious.


In San Antonio, they don’t have Blue Horizons like their Orlando and San Diego counter parts, instead they have Azul, which features Beluga Whales and Pacific White Sided Dolphins.  This show features, whales, synchronized swimmers, divers, a trapeze artist and some amazing original music.  This show is unlike any other SeaWorld show, and is something young and old love.

Clyde and Seamore Cannery Caper

The most beautiful set award for a Sea Lion show, goes to Cannery Caper, in San Antonio, with a complex set design, and lots of surprising elements like an exploding water tower that soaks the audience.  This show plays on noire film, and has a fun surprise ending!   This show is adorable and fun.

Hydro Power: an Xtreme Ski Show

For the 50th Celebration at SeaWorld Texas, they have commissioned a brand new ski show, that takes the 50 best ski stunts over the past 25 years with some brand new stunts.  This show is high powered exhilarating and a must watch during your day at the park.

The Rides of SeaWorld Texas

Journey to Atlantis

Every SeaWorld park has a Journey to Atlantis ride, and SeaWorld Texas has their own version, which is the simplest version, but still features the splashdown section that everyone loves during a hot Texas day.

Bay of Play

In the center of the park, is the kids area Bay of Play that features Sesame Street Characters rides with small thrills, and some interactive water play areas, climbing areas and more.

There are a number of other rides like two large steel coasters, Steel Eel and Great White and another water ride El Rio Loco.

The Animal Habitats at SeaWorld Texas

The animal habitats at SeaWorld Texas are much different from their Orlando or San Diego counter parts, with the old Penguin Encounter set up the exact same as Orlando’s old habitat, and actually has the most successful penguin breeding program of all three SeaWorld parks.

Dolphin Cove

Over at the Dolphin Cove it is a simple touch pool set up, that allows for a lot of personal interaction with Dolphins, we had some of the best dolphin interaction ever at Dolphin Cove.

Pacific Pointe

Located directly behind the Sea Lion Stadium is Pacific Pointe where there are Sea Lions, Seals, Walruses and Otters.

Sharks Underwater

At the Sharks Underwater area, it is a big Aquarium, where instead of an underwater tube guests have a large glass panel the view into the Shark habitat.

Animal Interaction Programs

SeaWorld San Antonio, has some unique optional animal interaction programs that guests can take advantage of.

Beluga Interaction Program

The Beluga Interaction Program is an amazing interaction program, where guests put on wetsuits get in the water with a Beluga Whale and get to know these amazing animals.  Guests can feed, interact, and play with these arctic animals.  

This program is an amazing way to learn about these animals that you would never come in contact with unless you took a trip to the north pole.

Sea Lion Interaction Program

Loving called SLIP, this program was a dream come true.  Since I was 9 years old and my first visit to SeaWorld, I have dreamt of having a dance party with a Sea Lion, and in the Sea Lion Interaction Program that dream came true, as I got to dance and swim with a Sea Lion.  The ability to get close  and personally interact with these amazing, and adorable animals was a dream come true.  If you are looking for a life changing program for your family, I cannot recommend this interaction enough.


At the end of the day at SeaWorld San Antonio, guests are treated to a firework show, that is launched from the center of the park on the lake.  Making it a perfect ending to a perfect day for you and your family!

In 2014 I have had the great pleasure of visiting all 3 SeaWorld parks, in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio.  Each one has it’s charm and is a unique experience that is worth experiencing.  San Diego, is the first, and is on the bay in San Diego and Orlando is the flagship park with it’s major attractions, and amazing lands like Antarctica.  But Seaworld San Antonio, has a special charm, with some of the best guest service I have ever witnessed in any theme park, along with unique shows, attractions, and animal interactions, it along with Aquatica can easily be a 3 day weekend experience for your whole family.

Now we invite you to listen to the latest Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast that features our reviews of SeaWorld San Antonio, along with interviews with the team members from the parks, and other great information!

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The Alamo in San Antonio

  • CaptainAction

    Wow Eric, this looks like such a blast. Thanks for some explanations of the different shows too.
    Looks like an amazing time and you just look so happy. Got to get a plan to get my family there.
    Thank you.

  • CreepyMonkey

    Thanks for the memories! Anyeonghi gasyeo, my friend and we’ll see you on the other side.

  • LoveStallion

    I’ve always found it strange that there’s a SeaWorld in the middle of Texas. Growing up in SoCal, San Diego’s SeaWorld is actually on a bay, so it made sense. Orlando just seems more sea-ish, so I never took issue. San Antonio is just weird.

    Great coverage, but this seems like a week link among SeaWorlds. Doubt I’ll go.

    • LoveStallion


      • AaroniusPolonius

        If I’m not mistaken (and I’m so not a SeaWorld/marine animal park fan, so I may well be,) San Antonio’s SeaWorld is the largest park in the chain, right?

      • LoveStallion

        Might be. I looked on a map after I posted my first comments and it does appear to cover some ground, but I don’t know how it compares to the other parts in terms of actual, usable guest area, because based on the map, it looks kinda sparse.

        I have no ill will toward SeaWorld San Antonio. I just think it’s strange to have anything celebrating the sea in a decided non-maritime region.

      • CaptainAction

        Yes, it’s a beautiful park that we need to visit again. I remember that I kept thinking we were in Florida or California when we were there.

    • CreepyMonkey

      Weirdly enough, it is actually a stronger park in a lot of ways than the other two. Though both San Diego and Orlando have very strong points to them, San Antonio has a lot of charm and is a park that it is easy to spend several days exploring. It has a better Shamu stadium, the dolphins in the interaction area are some of the most active I’ve seen and they are also easier and funner to interact with than in the other parks. The roller coasters are as good and in fact the Steel Eel is huge and really thrilling.

      Orlando has attractions that make it awesome, like Turtle Trek, and San Diego has a great Sealion show and the new entrance/explorer’s reef, which are awesome, but overall I enjoyed San Antonio quite a bit. Definitely worth visiting. Also, Aquatica San Antonio is by far the best Aquatica out of them all…sorry Orlando and San Diego, but it is true! Way better layout and feel.

      • CaptainAction

        I think you are right

    • CaptainAction

      No, it’s not a weak link. Sea world San Antonio is a very nice park and holds it’s own.
      As crowded as the other major disney parks and Universal Parks are there are always rumors about them planting new versions in Texas. Would be a good center of the country, favorable climate area to add more parks.

      • LoveStallion

        I believe you just said “favorable climate” in reference to Texas, sir.

  • 919Florida

    Thanks for this beautiful report. Loved the pictures and your comments on the shows and animal interactions. Really hoping to make it to San Antonio to see the park in person. You got me excited for it.

    • CaptainAction

      Yes, we overlook Sea World because we kind of forget about it. We need to revisit.

  • pbrsaau

    We used to have a Sea World in Aurora, Ohio (near Akron) as well. It closed 10-15 years ago. It was always fun to go to that park when I was growing up. Now Cedar Point has a water park on that land.

    • Amy VandenBoogert

      I went to that Sea World that was in Ohio back in the 80s. I still have the ring I got made from the pearl diving thing they had there. Instead of picking an oyster from a tank in front of you, they had divers go into this big pool and randomly pick one, which was fun to watch. The Ohio park was right across the late from the Lake Geauga amusement park, which closed in 2007.

      • CaptainAction

        Didn’t know about the Ohio park.

  • fnord

    I hear the construction walls in london at uso are down
    and it looks amazing. Kreacher(sp?) periodically opens
    the curtain and peaks out the window of Sirius’s house.

  • phruby

    Did you find Pee Wee’s bike in the basement of the Alamo?