Welcome back to Dateline Disney World! This week, we look at the growing construction at Disney’s Polynesian Resort as the classic hotel goes under the knife for major — and controversial — renovations. In addition to taking a look at new guest bungalows under construction, we fill you in on the various construction-related changes guests staying at the Poly currently face, including the closure of the resort’s main swimming pool, the temporary relocation of the Capt. Cook’s dining location, and the major lobby construction which includes the removal of the fan-favorite waterfall feature. Let’s get started!

Welcome to the Poly!


A view of the DVC bungalows from near the Wedding Pavilion.






Much of the side near the Grand Floridian will be unchanged.


The main pool is currently closed.




Some signage at the resort is already referencing the name change to the Polynesian Village Resort.


Here’s a look at the DVC bungalows from up close.





The buildings nearest the TTC are currently closed and gutted as they are getting changed into DVC villas.








To the Grand Ceremonial House!



Captain Cooks is currently closed for remodeling.




In the hallway where Captain Cooks is closed off, they have some concept art for the upcoming Trader Sams Grog Grotto.




This is the temporary location for Captain Cooks, which I’m pretty sure is a CM cafeteria.



In the main lobby, the much loved waterfalls are all walled off, never to be seen again.




Disney put a photo op here right where you enter after exiting the monorail.


On the second floor near ‘Ohana, there is more concept art on the walls.






At the Tambu Lounge, you can now order the famous bread pudding from ‘Ohana right at the bar, and it is, of course, delicious.



There are some serious changes happening at the resort. Some of those are sure to be incredibly well received, like Trader Sams. Others, mostly the removal of the waterfalls have already sparked petitions online and fan outcry. Regardless of what the reaction is, the resort really looks like it is under the knife right now, particularly the lobby and building nearest the TTC. It still does have that classic feel to it though. If you have any comments or thoughts, we would love to hear them in the comments below!!

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  • Imagineer45

    If seems they are going to add DVC to every resort one at a time. First was Contemporary with Bay Lake Tower, then was Grand Floridian, now Poly, I bet Ft Wilderness is next.

    • mkcoastie

      The Poly was the last “Deluxe level” resort left without a DVC addition. My guess is that the next step will either be a stand alone resort, or a trail to see if a “moderate” DVC will be well recived.

    • Carrie317

      No need to build them at Ft Wilderness since the WILDERNESS LODGE has them already.

  • Imagineer45

    If seems they are going to add DVC to every resort one at a time. First was Contemporary with Bay Lake Tower, then was Grand Floridian, now Poly, I bet Ft Wilderness is next.

  • solarnole

    I wish WDW would build rides as quick as they build timeshares.

  • SpectroMan

    Hmm, that one piece of concept art for Trader Sams sure seems to resemble the Tiki Goddess from Tiki Room – Under New Management. Could they actually be smart enough to reuse that very cool animatronic in here?

  • Cory Gross

    I’m piqued by the helmet from 20,000 Leagues and the Nautilus-shaped mug in that Trader Sam’s concept art. Boy I wish that was going to be done by September.

  • Big D

    Wow, I didn’t know they were building overwater bungalows as part of the rennovation. Any word on how much those are going to cost? (I’m thinking $1K/nt???)

  • notlemc

    Must be old concept art if the sign for the PVR is referenced as “Disney’s” instead of the now used “Disney”.

  • Haven

    So what I am seeing is: don’t book a stay at Polynesian Village for a while…

  • Aurora

    I love the construction sign with the hardhat and hammer!

  • Country Bear

    Always nice to see upgrades to the property. I am a little confused as to why they would remove the waterfall in the lobby though. It was so very “Disney” to have it there. It created a magical feeling as you entered the building. Looks like now it will more resemble a Hawaiian Sheraton, which seems to be Disney’s goal at all of its upscale hotels as they renovate them. Take away the magic and make it more like the rest of the worlds hotels. This same approach destroyed the garden area of the Disneyland Hotel and it looks like they are about to erase more Disney magic here. So sad.

    • Imagineer45

      I am also pretty upset that the waterfall is being removed. But, it did make the room a bit humid and made the lobby a bit crammed. It would have been great if they could move it outside.

  • BigBobxxx

    This way to the Great Egress!

  • WDWorldly

    I’m not buying their argument that they need more lobby space. If MyMagic+ links hotel reservations to your magic band/ticket and acts as a room key, wouldn’t that drastically reduce the need to check-in and pick up a room key in the lobby the old-fashioned way?