New Frozen pre-parade leads the way as Club 33 expansion continues at Disneyland

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Published on June 16, 2014 at 5:42 am with 47 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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  • FerretAfros

    If Anna and Elsa are expected to use that float during the Christmas parade, is there any indication of what will happen to Mickey and Minnie? I would imagine they would still have a place in the parade, right?

    • Two options for this question.

      1. Mickey and Minnie wont be in the parade.
      2. Mickey and Minnie get a new float or walk, or even replace someone else that isnt as popular in the parade.

      • angle

        Ah, but there is a “two birds with one stone” third option: Mickey and Minnie on the float, cosplaying Anna and Elsa.

  • eicarr

    I’m anti timeshare scams, however I wouldn’t mind a sales pitch if they put a Aulani sponsored show in the Teherian Terrace.

    I hope Frozen, Melificant, tangled, Marvel, Lucasfilm and PIXAR can start slowly replacing Aladin, Lion King and Pocahatus. Disney needs to “let go” of the over reliance on Eisner era cartoons. They’ve outstayed their welcome and new billion dollar franchises would be a big draw.

    Knotts currently has much cooler stuff being built. Hope DL starts 4 year construction on a new attraction soon.

  • Conconhead

    That wig. That Elsa wig. Oh my god. It’s hideous. Really. I mean, that’s a horrible piece of hair work. I’ve seen kids at Halloween costume stores wearing better wigs. I’ve seen guys at SPORTING EVENTS wearing better wigs.

    • dlpostcardguy

      It’s from the Paula Dean wig collection.

    • ChrisNJ

      Seriously – is it the wig/costume department getting lazy or were there budget cuts there?

  • Susan Hughes

    Don’t blame Disney for the things they need to do for Frozen. Blame the out of control, out of their friggin minds, PSYCHO fans of the film. I’ve been reading that The Evil Queen, The Fairy Godmother and the Brave meet and greet’s demises are the result of this. And that Mad Hatter, Alice and Peter Pan will make spotty appearances.
    Adding longer hours for Frozen’s meet and greet, the addition of the pre-parade, and adding them to Ariel’s Grotto dining means up to at least 8 more girls are needed to play those characters. And it looks like…”Princess Minnie”…might be a regular at Fantasy Faire because of the shortage?
    I can’t understand the public’s insanity over a film which is average at best. And I don’t blame the little kids. It’s the grown ups who have lost it. At most meet and greets, the kids meet the characters and the parents stay back and watch. But at Frozen it’s different the parents are about 2 feet away from the characters. And they won’t leave!!! That’s why the wait time is so long.

    • FixitKronk

      Spent Father’s Day at the parks with my 6 year old. Thank goodness he’s a boy- a couple times he did the Jedi training and then he was over it. I couldn’t believe the lines to meet the frozen cast. It seamed like EVeRY girl was dressed as one of the sisters and parents and grandparents were going in to take pictures too. It’s baffling that such a mediocre cartoon has generated this response.
      My question to dusty or anyone that may work in casting- is it that hard to find beautiful Orange County girls that want to play Anna and Elsa? Seams like there should be multiple meet and greets open in the park this summer. Although I suppose these long lines are making the wait at other attractions shorter! 🙂
      I disagree with the comment earlier that new Pixar theaming should replace older characters. Don’t forget whose paying the $ to come to the resort over and over again. It’s adults who feal nostalgic about the charcters they grew up with. And even though I did read comics growing up, I don’t know if I can ever really consider the marvel universe as disney.
      You should put a poll up on the site asking that.

      • grrandram

        “Frozen” was not a cartoon. it’s an animated feature. The Marvel Universe is the Marvel Universe. Disney just owns the company. You don’t have to see Marvel as Disney.

        It seems like every girl… Seams are in clothing, fabric or furniture..
        Don’t forget who’s paying…
        It’s adults who feel.

    • Marko50

      I loved Frozen. As did many, many other adults. When I saw it, the movie got a standing ovation (and no, it wasn’t just the audience getting up to leave). For that matter, “Get A Horse” also got a (deserved) standing o.

      In case you haven’t noticed, Susan Hughes and FixitKronk, you two are definitely in the minority. Opinions are like…well, lots of things, but mine is that Frozen had fantastic animation.

      And the reason there isn’t multiple m&g’s for Elsa and Anna? Bad show. They can’t be in two places at the same time. They even close some m&g’s when the characters are in the parade.

  • DisneyLover66

    Oh definitely, “Frozen” deserves a worthy float! I want to see Sven and Christoph, too! Would love to see a permanent “Frozen” float.

    I agree with you, Andy, about Buena Vista Street! I love it. There’s something about being in Carsland, too. Very cool. We saw Carsland for the first time a couple weeks ago, and it “wowed” me.

    For me, there’s just something special about Disneyland, DCA, Carsland, and Downtown Disney in general, and that’s why I really enjoy your pictures and updates. I wish I lived closer to the parks.

  • OprylandUSA

    I sorta love that that they’ve stopped the work on the wood rot issue in Paradise Pier – sorta biting their thumb to MiceChat.

    • lightofdarkness

      I’ve been thinking for weeks now that based off the visible damage, it’s likely been assessed as needing a full demo not mere repair. I see it being stalled all summer and removal beginning September 2nd.

      • ayalexander

        but, the problem is with wood rot… the actual structure is made of steel that is encased in wood. Demo wouldn’t be necessary unless they have another idea planned for the area all-together (like another hot foods cart or something)

  • randlev

    Is anyone else saddened by the possibility of the Club 33 Expansion covering up the mast and sails of the ship “in the harbor” just behind New Orleans Square? Considering Micechat’s attention to detail and story I’m surprised they haven’t covered it. You can normally see them above the rooftops from the bridge above the Pirates entrance, but I’m afraid that one of my favorite extra details is going to be lost…

    • Ravjay12

      That is one of my favorite details as well. Too bad they couldn’t do a whole background of those masts like in Herb Ryman’s original painting.

      I’m really disappointed about the walk thru section backstage on Main Street. Really missed a good opportunity there to make something really nice and functional. Disneyland Paris’ Main Street Arcades are spectacular and its a shame that Disney is more interested in investing in Club 33’s expansion instead of Main Street.

      As far as the Frozen thing, they should really build more meet and greets for those characters! Doesn’t make sense to have them roll by and not able to meet them. Really frustrating to have to wait half a day to see some characters.

    • We haven’t covered the removal of the masts because they’re still there and still visible! 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

  • Big D

    Man Anna and Elsa on the float look horrible. I’ve never seen any face characters where neither girl looks even remotely like their character. Clearly they took two girls who were other face characters and figured they were “close enough”. The photo that I’ve seen of the meet & greet those girls actually look very much like their namessake. I don’t mind them redressing a float if it’s only a pre-parade (spend the money on cleaning Space Mountain instead) but the characters need to look like the characters.

    • Jabroniville

      I don’t think they looked THAT bad- it’s not like any human being can match any of the proportions of the huge-eyed, tiny-mouthed Anna & Elsa anyways. All of the Anna’s I’ve seen have been rather long-faced, and only a few Elsas have been round-faced as well. Considering how many of these girls they likely need, I don’t begrudge them for having a few that don’t fit exacting physical requirements.

    • MrsMonroe

      im gonna disagree, Elsa was alright but the Anna i saw the other day was HOT and perfect for the role but to each her own or in your case his haha

  • Gene Cowan

    Hi, gang – the correct Mouseaddict crowd projections for June 16-22 are:
    Monday: 4
    Tuesday: 5
    Wednesday: 5
    Thursday: 6
    Friday: 6
    Saturday: 5
    Sunday: 4

  • ayalexander

    You wrote that they may have added new safety railing above the French Market. That’s not safety railing, if you look closely, that is a support structure for the retractable cloth awnings above the seating area. That metal structure has been up there for decades, but no one ever noticed it. I first noticed it back when i used to work at French Market in 2009, my co-workers took me up there to get a better look. Since the shade awnings weigh a lot, they couldn’t be fastened to the existing railing (built in 1966), so decades ago when they added the shade structure, they had to build that heavy duty railing to support it. (take note that you can see angular supports on the metal that preventing it from bowing outward)

    • Thanks for the correction ayalexander! I looked back at old photos and you’re definitely right – those railings aren’t new. Thanks for filling us in on what they’re used for.

      Thanks for reading!

      • ayalexander

        YAY I helped! 😀

  • danielz6

    Susan I agree, Frozen was average at best, although better than brave which was pathetic. I think it’s because the standard for animated films just isn’t that high right now as it was like say in the 90s. It certainly doesn’t compare to sleeping beauty, mermaid lion king or the other greats.

    • Haven

      I STILL have never seen the infamous “Frozen” ever since Disney denied it’s 3-D release on Blu-ray to their devoted 3-D purchasers (like me). So they can meet and greet and wait in line for hours for all I care, I’d rather ride Big Thunder a few times! So in a nutshell, I agree, what’s the fuss? Seems to have a Harry Potter/Twilight/Hunger Games following….oh well.

      • danielz6

        Haven, If youre a girl under the age of 12 you’ll probably love it. If you’re something else you’ll probably find it somewhere around average. There is no villain, the music is simple pop not the traditional beautiful symphonic soundtrack that Disney puts out with its fairy tales, the story is just about 2 Sisters and their relationship, not exactly scintillating stuff. To give you an idea I think it was on par with tangled.

    • Susan Hughes

      I agree danielz6. Frozen may be the biggest money-making animated film of all time, but I wouldn’t put it in the same category as the bona-fide Disney classics…and Pixar classics too.

      • BlahBlahson

        Frozen is a solid film. It’s marketing perfection that has made it so popular, but it’s a solid film too. I think it’s pure personal judgement call whether Tangled, Princess and Frog or Frozen is best.

  • Ppanfreak11

    Wow, so much going on. My first question is what are they doing to the entry turnstiles? I pray to God that it is not a sneaky beginning of introducing the Magic Band joke to DLR. Just the thought of it makes me cringe. Do what they will in WDW, but leave Disneyland out of that mess. Just my opinion.
    Additionally, Frozen is cute, but wayyyyy over rated. Super excited Space Mtn is FINALLY getting a bath. (Started looking more like space junk.) Also, in regard to the expansion of Club 33. With and all the construction mess, (and loss of Court of Angles), to all the regular guests of the park, it is sad that it will only be enjoyed by the select few who are member of The Club.
    Lastly, I LOVE my Disneyland / DCA home. Love the Disney fan-base family and Love MiceChat!!!

  • Cory Gross

    Oh man, I am terribly jealous of the opportunity to just tour the lobby and library of the Tower of Terror at leisure. For me, that theming is 90% of what makes the drop ride endurable!

    Also, I must get that book on Sleeping Beauty! Looks right up my alley!

  • Imagineer45

    This Club 33 refurbishment is getting a bit out of hand. It has now pretty much taken over New Orleans Square, and it isn’t even for all guests! I am just waiting for Blue Sky Caller to open and have Avatar Land inside because nothing new is lined up for DLR. It, maybe it will have the Main Street Flow Corridors showing! That would be even funnier.

  • MyFriendtheAtom

    is anyone doing a Capt EO party tomorrow?

  • StrikeYerColors

    Lol at Angle’s idea. Fabulous.

    I think that expectations were a little high for the pre-parade. Every other preparade I have seen (with a face character) was just a ride-by and wave. Enchanted and Prince Caspian had horses and just the one character. The Ratatouille and Bolt preparade a were a teeny but more exciting (the hamster in the ball popping up!). But here I am surprised by a few things. With the float they used, I expected them to be skating. Then I thought about it and that would make casting even more difficult, I am sure, plus skaters might mean a higher budget for the skill that the parade just isn’t being given (goodbye forever, pearly band). 2nd and 3rd, I think they could have easily improved it by mic’ing the characters (a la PoD Alice and Ariel, or Mrs Claus) and/or by mixing more than one song into the music used (Let it Go is obviously huge but the other songs are memorable to fans, mix well into the music, and listening to just one song over and over for the length of time that it plays in the parade area is grating; no matter where you sit you hear it cycle like 15 times!). I feel like the preparade was about what I expected but that a few little tweaks would have made it have more interest for these rabid fans. Hope they aren’t scared to tweak it now that it has debuted because as it stands, it is seriously annoying and boring even though I really liked the film.

    • Susan Hughes

      You have to remember the ONLY reason this pre-parade float was put together…to give the insane, out of their minds guests a chance to SEE the characters without having to wait for hours in line at their meet and greet. It’s in no way meant to help promote the movie or blu ray because it obviously doesn’t need it. All the other pre-parade floats Disneyland and Disney California Adventure have done were specifically to promote the movie/blu ray release.
      So Elsa and Anna could have come out in a garbage truck and it still would have served it’s purpose…to let the fanatics get a chance to see them. That’s also why their meet and greet has gone from 11am – 5pm to park opening until 8:30. That’s why they’re being added to Ariel’s Grotto dining.

      • Marko50

        You certainly have a flair for the obvious.

  • StrikeYerColors

    On another note, thanks for the info about merchandise that you post! I had no idea that the Mary Blair art book had been reprinted; I was quite sad they didn’t do it when her gallery exhibit was up! I have been wanting that book for years and was scared I missed my chance to aquire it any way other than hand-me-down from another gracious owner. There must have been lots of demand for it to reprint.

    I am also looking forward to my next visit to Knott’s. Ghost town was my favorite as a kid, so it is good to see all the love it has gotten. I hope that I get to see it soon; I haven’t been since going to Haunt over five years ago. What a shame for a local!

  • Disney Analyst

    I think it’s great they were able to use a perfectly good float and spruce it up a bit, which would otherwise just be sitting there… Why not recycle? It’s good for everyone, and it totally works and fits the Frozen theme. It’s a cute little pre parade.

    • ayalexander

      here here! -just kidding, but I do agree with you Disney Analyst. For me, half the charm of Disney is getting the “where’s Waldo” moment of discovering something re-purposed for the parks.

  • Jabroniville

    The guide at my Keys To the Kingdom tour told us all that Disney LOVES to recycle old things, so remaking an old float with some new stuff is par for the course. The float looks alright- nothing mind-blowing, though, especially considering they had seven months to do it.

  • Klutch

    Contrary to some comments above, what we adults think of “Frozen” is really irrellevant. I know a lot of parents with little girls and they all tell me their girls are absolutely ENTHRALLED with Frozen. They watch the movie again and again and again. They listen to the sound track non-stop in the car. They want the Elsa and Anna dresses. They want Frozen murals painted on their bedroom walls. It’s endless.

    Seems to me little girls just can’t get enough of a movie with strong female characters and songs they never get tired of hearing. They probably don’t know why they like this movie so much. They just know they love it.

    The line to see Elsa and Anna is only two hours long at Disneyland? A friend of mine was at Magic Kingdom recently where the line was FIVE hours long! Any young woman who can play an Anna or Elsa face character has a very long career ahead.

    • Susan Hughes

      It’s not just the little kids. It’s the grown ups who are out of their friggin minds over this movie. All you have to do is spend some time in the Frozen meet and greet to see what I mean.
      At the other character meet and greets, the parents stay back and take pictures and watch as their kids interact with the characters. BUT…at Frozen the parents are right in their faces, about a foot away. It’s insane!
      And the endless “individual” photos are the main reason the meet and greet wait time is 2-4 hours. Every single person in each group (kids and adults) take individual photos with each character…separately. Then they start all over with individual photos with both characters. Then when the Photopass card is scanned and the CMs are saying “Thanks for coming bye”, they start all over again with endless variations of more photos.
      And this isn’t an isolated incident. It happens with almost EVERY group that comes in there. What is wrong with everybody?! Has all intelligent thought flown out the window when it comes to fan reaction to this movie?

      • Marko50

        “It happens with almost EVERY group that comes in there.”

        And you would know this how? Are you a cast member? Do you stalk the meet & greet?

      • Susan Hughes


  • Jor

    Did anybody else notice the new themed exit signs in the Tiki Room that were put in this past week, replacing the standard glowing green signs that had always been in there?

  • FixitKronk

    Question for the fantastic staff at mice chat.
    Have you ever attempted to get Patrick Warburton on a pod cast or a meet and greet event? Besides providing the voice for Kronk in the underrated movie emperors new groove, he also voices one of the droids in the star tours que and is the pilot in the soaring que. Seams like a funny guy that would have some good stories to tell.