Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley Preview, Part 1: CityWalk Kickoff

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Published on June 18, 2014 at 1:31 am with 67 Comments

Universal has kicked off their week of previewing Diagon Alley by pulling out all of the stops.  With the Tonight Show and the Today Show filming live at Universal Orlando, they are making sure that there is mass awareness that Universal Orlando is expanding, and it has some exciting new offerings.  For the first day Universal Orlando teased everyone with all the new food offerings at CityWalk, and also by treating everyone to a showing of the Blue Man Group.  So grab your wizard’s robe, and let’s explore some of Universal’s newest food offerings.

Hot Dog Hall of Fame

While not quite finished, Universal was eager to show off the 9 different hot dogs that people will get to enjoy once this venue finally opens in a few weeks.  This venue features the best hot dogs found around the country at ball parks.  With everything from the Chicago Dog, to a two foot long hot dog, this place can please any taste, with vegan, beef and chicken options. Guests will be able to use a mustard bar to select from a variety of different mustards, but you must be warned… NEVER ask to put ketchup on your hot dog.

Clever queue for Hot Dog Hall of Fame

After sampling a variety of Hot Dogs, I must admit that I was partial to the Boston and Chicago dogs.  But we encourage you to try all 9 and let us know which one is your favorite!


The newest venue to open at Universal Orlando is Vivo, an Italian Kitchen restaurant, that prides itself on fresh handmade, air dried pastas, fresh breads, kitchen style cooking, and all around authentic Italian flavors.

Since Red Oven Pizza Bakery opened and set the bar high for these newest CityWalk venues, we hae to admit that this one knocks it out of the ball park.  It is simply incredible the massive leaps forward the quality of food CityWalk has taken this past year!  With Red Oven, redefining a white sauce pizza served in a quick service location, and Antojitos elevating the Mexican fare with complex and amazing flavors.  Vivo now takes what was at best before Olive Garden style Italian that was at Pastamore, and now delivers on a unique one-of-a-kind theme park dining experience, that will sure to leave you craving their dishes once you have arrived home.

Blue Man Group

Tucked away behind the Hard Rock Cafe is Blue Man Group, and Universal was kind enough to end our night at the last showing of Blue Man Group.  With the high energy rave like finale, it is not hard to see why a lot of people like this show.

After the show, we got a nice quiet meet and greet with some of the cast… I still have blue paint on the top of my head as of right now.

Cabana Bay Beach Resort

After a big day of seeing what is new at Universal, it is now time to retire to Cabana Bay Beach Resort which is acting as the MiceChat Harry Potter HQ as we begin to see explore and experience what we have been blogging about for almost 4 years.

In Part 2 we will be sharing with you the red carpet event with the stars from the Harry Potter films along with some other great details about the land!  So stay tuned for tomorrows article!

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  • danielz6

    A park hopper is not required to see diagonal alley. Hogsmeade came out in 2009 don’t blame universal for you visiting the resort 5 years later.

  • danielz6

    If you don’t want to park hop decide which you’d rather see, Hogsmeade or diagon, buy a ticket for that park and enjoy. Real simple.

  • danielz6

    Ayalexander radiator springs racers is the anchor attraction of carsland. It makes no sense to have it in another park. Hogsmeades anchor attraction is forbidden journey, diagon alley has gringotts. They are 2 complete experiences in themselves. They also have Hogwarts train connecting the two lands. This is something completely new in the theme park world. I’m not going to blame universal for innovating and offering something extra to what is already 2 amazing theme park lands.

    Would universal “fanboys” accuse Disney of extortion, money grabbing etc…well guess what we’ll never find out cause Disney’s never going to build an inter-park attraction like this. They have trouble just getting phase 1 lands approved, in the US at least.