When you deal with live animals, there are always bound to be surprises. On June 30th, 2012, SeaWorld Orlando welcomed a brand new addition.  A baby Bottle Nose Dolphin was born at the park. The Dolphin Nursery is currently closed so that the mom and the calf have time to bond.

Turtle Trek

As Orlando prepares for big weekend crowds following the 4th of July, SeaWorld is putting the new Turtle Trek attraction through it’s paces.  In order to keep Turtle Trek’s queue below 60 minutes, SeaWorld continues their own free FastPass-esq program, of handing out return times for later in the day, to any guest who is entering the queue.  With the end result being, a shorter stand by line, and guests experiencing other shows and attractions.

Over at Dine with Shamu, Research and Development continues, but the construction equipment has been removed, and new landscaping has been installed. It is still unknown when this experience will reopen to the public.


Over at the Antarctica construction site, things continue to go vertical.  SeaWorld is wasting no time with a 2013 deadline, and it will be exciting to see this new land take shape this year.

We can’t wait for things to get chilly at SeaWorld.

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