Ratatouille Attraction Soft Opens and First Ride Videos

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Published on June 22, 2014 at 3:00 am with 71 Comments

Things are moving quickly since we first posted this report on Sunday morning. Disneyland Paris Resort management staged a press opening for the new Ratatouille attraction in the Walt Disney Studios park on Sunday morning. We then received a report from several MiceChatters in Paris that the attraction had actually soft opened. We have now posted actual videos of the ride plus a video featuring the Chez Remy Bistro compliments of the Disney and more blog. ~~Rick


Thanks to Max, D&M contributor, here are two new videos, the first video featuring a ride-through of the Ratatouille attraction and the second video showing the impressive and highly themed new Ratatouille restaurant. “Bistrot Chez Remy” which is now the biggest restaurant at Disneyland Paris!



These photos were taken just before the press event this past weekend! As always, let’s thank Max, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster for his help and pictures!


Everything is clean and ready for the press event but the big news today is that the Remy fountain in the center of the plaza is now finished and ready for opening. And we’re not just talking about the scaffolding removal, but of the addition of champagne bottles held by rats and also the contrast enhancement on the stone to highlight the reliefs.









The Fast Pass sign is back… and totally unchanged.







The blue gate at the beginning of the Parisian street, near Toy Story Playland entrance, has been removed and replaced by vegetation and a mesh wall. The entrance on the Parisian street and all the scaffolding on a portion of the Imagination building were removed, as well.




The merchandise shop won’t open before this fall but in other WDS shops you will find the very first items linked to the attraction. Here you can find a Emile plush for $30.99, a child’s cap (one size only) at $22.99 etc…







MICECHAT EDITORS NOTE: This column originally contained a full ride-through of the new Ratatouille ride posted to YouTube by Kris Van de Sande. Further analysis reveals that this video may have been filmed with a Go Pro-type camera with a hyper wide angle lens. This may have contributed to the problems mentioned in the comments below. We have added a much higher quality video above.

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  • Ian P

    WOW I have to say it looks great.
    Smooth travel, great sets and 3D images all see to be well done.
    It is a long time since DLP had a ride of this quality.

  • TheBig2na

    Nice to see some money being put into those parks. I am planning on making my first trip there in 2016. I wonder if anything else will pop up in that time. But the Mouse is a tad slow on building rides so it probably won’t have anything more. This ride looks top notch as does the area surrounding it.

  • Edward Allen

    So it’s a movie. Granted, a movie with multiple screens that you access by riding around but in essence a movie, No animatronics or physical sets with moving characters? I presume this is the future of all “rides” created by Disney.

    • bkroz

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but take a look at the most lauded and impressive rides of our era… The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and Transformers are entirely screens interspersed among physical sets. Gringotts, Mystic Manor and Forbidden Journey are mostly screens with a half-dozen animatronics interspersed among physical sets. Ratatouille is no different than those five examples, which are all celebrated as INCREDIBLE attractions. It’s not that that’s the future of ALL rides, but it IS the most celebrated and successful style we’re currently seeing.

      Meanwhile, Disney reverts to their traditional audio-animatronic dark ride style and we end up with a Little Mermaid ride that people dislike.

      There’s a balance, and I’m not worried about it. Ratatouille is successful in the same way that Spider-Man and Forbidden Journey are. If you’re saying Spider-Man or Forbidden Journey is “just a movie with multiple screens that you access by riding around,” then sure, okay, yeah, that’s what Ratatouille is.

      • ayalexander

        bkroz, other people may be happy with “rides” or as I call them “inter-cinema shuttle service” -but I’m one who visit theme parks for dark rides and animatronics. I mean, its okay to have a few projection screens like in Mermaid, or Star Tours… but when your ride is an unconvincing trip between screens… I just… don’t like it. Even Star Tours’ screen is supposedly a “windshield or blast shield” -there’s a reason why its rectangular… I mean yeah the new 3-D star tours requires “goggles” but I’m willing to overlook that for the fun experience… the ratatouille attraction, i guess… just doesn’t spell “fun” to me.

      • heffalump

        I agree with ayalexander. It seems like there has been a lot of hype for this video…(er) new ride, and based on what I saw in the youtube video, people are in for a disappointment. Given the length of time to build this ride, I thought it would be something special, instead its a short, just-like-the-movie dark ride. Now I understand why Disneyland Paris’s attendance is one of the few Disney parks to have declining attendance.

      • Rastuso

        You can NOT compare Ratatouille to Spider-man. Spiderman has loads of physical effects, moving scenery, and a fireball perfectly synced with the video. But most importantly, Spidey was designed so the screens perfectly mesh with the surrounding.. The first time I rode, it wasnt’ clear what wall was going to come to life, and that was before the new projectors.

        Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned moving points of conversion.

        Add in the fact that the Scoops in Spider-man move in every direction possible, and watch Ratatoille’s ride vehicles slowly turn and go to the next hole. Brilliant theming idea! The screens are what you see from a hole, so the screens are just surrounded by black walls. Now THAT’S immersive.

        Transformers is a step down, and more comparable to Rat, although it still has the vehicles that are light years ahead of a slow moving spinning vehicle with no tilt abilities.

        I would guess this ride cost about the same as Transformers. And it’s nowhere near the same league. Disney apologists will say it was meant for all ages. If that’s true, it should have just been a 4-D Ratatoullie movie in a theater. Little kids would be just as impressed. This ride appeals to small kids and their parents happy to see their kids having fun. Many of those parent refuse to risk going to non Disney parks, because they may see their kids having just as much fun, or more, and THEY may enjoy it too. That would definitely ruin the Disney Magic, eh?

      • Marko50

        “Many of those parent refuse to risk going to non Disney parks, because they may see their kids having just as much fun, or more, and THEY may enjoy it too.”

        LOL! This is just so…so ridiculous an idea I can’t say much besides LOL!

  • loaloa55

    Well, actually there is a rumor that might be true saying that Star Tours 2 might come at last at DLP Discoveryland in 2016, so may be there will be something new, but it’ll be a ride that you already know in the U.S.

  • TimmyTimmyTimmy

    A movie…

  • jcruise86

    So Disney’s Paris–a fine answer to Universal Orlando’s new London–is in Paris. Like Carsland, the Disney Cruise Line, and (hopefully like Shanghai Disneyland), this shows that Disney outdoor entertainment can still impress. Hopefully the efforts of Ratatouilleland & Carsland will be multiplied at Walt Disney World.

    I’ve been to Disneyland Paris three times and love the original (castle at the end of a Main Street) Disneyland Paris park, but thought that the Studios was by far the only Disney park (of the 9 I’ve visited) that was truly bad–far worse even than DCA when it opened. It was like an ugly, depressing parking lot. I hope this addition is excellent and popular, and inspires a DCA-level makeover.

    The ratatouille in the restaurant should be cut into thin, alternately colored wheels, just as it was at a high point in the movie.

    I can’t wait to return, but it probably won’t be for a few years–WDW, Washington, D.C.,, skiing, and if my wife wins out, Spain and/or Italy will come first.

    I’d encourage families who spend $4,000 or so at WDW every year to take a year off and visit a national park instead, and then use the money from two WDW trips to go to Tokyo or Paris instead. You’ll see an interesting Disney Resort (I’d devote two or three days to the parks) and then have a fascinating time really expanding your kids’ outlooks in Tokyo or Paris.

    If you can extend your trips and make it a two weeker, you could add London, Kyoto or . . . it’s a long list if wonderful possibilities. Go real world!

    • michael darling

      Here here for our National Parks! The BEST parks for your hard earned dollar.

    • LoveStallion

      Agreed. Studios is getting worked on, but it’s still a totally discordant, useless theme park. It’s the epitome of mid-2000s half-a**ed Disney.

      The Armageddon attraction alone makes the entire park an unworthy vessel.

      And I second the Hear Hear! on our national parks. They are wonderful and a true joy to behold. If you’re within close distance of many of them (like out west), I highly recommend the annual pass. It’s $80 and gets you into everything. I used it once on one trip from Badlands-Wind Cave-Devil’s Tower- and Glacier and the thing paid for itself. Yellowstone was just a treat on top of that.

  • eicarr

    As with Cars Land, visitors will apritiate the $ and craftsmanship poured into this immersive experience. It will help boost respect and attendance for the park. DLP is getting the the TLC required for such a beautiful park.

  • blondiemouse72

    Loving the look of the area ,hopefully the restaurant meets expectations….so disappointed with the ride being what it is

  • ayalexander

    I agree with Edward Allen and TimmyTimmyTimmy… its a movie. I’m not impressed with rides that are basically self driving buggies that take you from one movie screen to the next. The scenes were, you sat underneath shelves and watched humans walk by was a lot more convincing than the scenes where you sat motionless and watched “yourself” jump or fly through the air, for god’s sake, you could still easily see the floor below your ride vehicle was stationary! How are you supposed to jump or fly through the air, when you’re not moving? -I’m sorry the ride doesn’t impress me, the vehicle may be trackless, but you could hear and see that it didn’t have smooth motion. Mermaid may have been a ride that wasn’t put together the best way, but its far more engaging than a series of 3-D movies. -Animatronic dwarfs with projection faces still look better than a series of IMAX screens. -Ok I’m all done ranting. :)

    • Haven

      I have to agree that I attend parks for rides that actually take me somewhere. With technology the way it is at home now, I can watch a fairly impressive 3D film on my sofa with great surround sound, so watching one on a bigger screen on a vehicle doesn’t add much for me. That’s the main reason I have yet to feel compelled to see the latest King Kong at Universal. Gimmie the huge animatronic banana breath any day. A good roller coaster with real tummy tickles and tunnels goes way farther with me :)

  • loaloa55

    I remind you that the ride is in 3D and include heat, cold and scents effects as well as spinning ride vehicle that you can’t experience here. I think we must keep this in mind for an opinion about the ride. Also, remember that a ride is always a “physical” experience, i.e you have to live it physically to really enjoy it, so it’s not really fair to judge any ride before riding it.
    That said, from what we can see in the video, Spiderman or Transformers seems to have more thrills, but the goal here was to do a family attraction that even young child can ride.

    • ayalexander

      yes, but when the special effects are blatantly invaded by reality… its kinda hard to enjoy. Like how are you supposed to enjoy being Launched backward through the air by a cork, when you can very easily see the floor of the show building at the foot of the screen?

      • LarryDL1984

        Agree, it’s a movie and a not very interesting one at that. I see the feet of people and mice running around. OK, there is no illusion or suspension of belief, it literally is screen to screen, Spider-Man had timing and you were “in the space” – this just looks sad.

        Anyone who compares this to the new HP area at Universal Orlando and doesn’t just feel sad for Disney isn’t being honest with themselves.

    • LoveStallion

      Yeah, but is it also a motion simulator? I doubt it, and there’s waaaaay too much flying around on screen to actually simulate in those little mouse buggies.

      • Rastuso

        You can clearly see in one of the videos that the screen stays completely stationary with the vehicle, The vehicles spin, and that’s it. It’s obvious by how small their bases are.

        It even seems like they don’t’ do any tricks like the bouncing with Tigger in Hunny Hunt.

  • tooncity

    how many years has it taken them to build this thing? from beginning to end.

    • blondiemouse72

      No Universal would not have built this in 12 months…..not with the French workforce

  • loaloa55

    To ayalexander: Because it happen in a fraction of second, you don’t think about the show building floor.

    To tooncity: i think it took them two years or so to build the whole thing.

    • ayalexander

      well I did, and it distracted me.

  • disneytom

    Wow, that was somewhere between disappointing and lame. Disney must really hate this park if they spent so much money on this land and then made such a lame attempt to move the bar creatively.

    While Potter and Spiderman have a lot of projections in those rides the use of them is at least fun and thrilling whereas here the use of the motion pictures here is contrived and done simply because it seems like they didn’t want to animate any sets – well they have to be maintained and all and that costs money.

    I’m a fan of Remy and I had high hopes for this attraction. I work for an airline and fly free and I thought next spring would be a trip to Disneyland Paris to see this attraction for myself but I have to admit that the incentive to do so just isn’t really there. It seems about as fun an interesting as Epcot’s Gran Fiesta tour or, dare I say it, Journey Into Imagination revamps 2 and/or 3.

    I’ve looked at the video three times and I guess I’ll see when other videos get posted to see if their quality will change my mind but honestly couldn’t Disney have upped the cuteness, thrills and fun factor at least a bit more. I hate to be so harsh because I know Imagineers must read this site but, come on folks, quit designing by committee and get your act together. You have the coolest jobs in the world but the passion just doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Of course, if a DVC resort was tied into this expansion, I’m sure we’d be fawning over how well that was done because that seems to be where the creativity is at – cruise ships and DVC resorts.

    Also, I thought that the working title, Kitchen Calamity was cool but now after seeing the lame story I realize they couldn’t run with that name because the only calamity here is that this attraction got the green light with such a lame story. Yes Disney, you claim to corner the market on story telling but where’s the story here? Is this ride taking place before or after the movie?

    By the way, I’m a former 20 year plus managerial Resorts cast member and love the mouse. But seriously, this attraction gets a “C” or “D” in my book and I don’t mean the old ticket book rating of C and D. In retrospect, the Dwarves coaster, isn’t so bad.

    • ayalexander

      Thank you Disneytom, this describes exactly how I feel. I was excited for the idea of a Ratatouille attraction and when i heard it was trackless I was brimming with excitement, but seeing how they built it, I was disappointed, then when I saw this video and how poorly adapted the ride was to the story, and experience… I just don’t like it. Maybe if they re-did it in animatronics and used their renown experience for creating spectacular effects, the ride would have been better. -I still think the rats look like they’re riding on hockey pucks. Where’s the creativity? Wheres the adventure? -I guess its on the silver screen(s).

      • jcruise86

        ^ ^ I felt that way about DisneyTom’s comments about the WWoHP expansion at U Orlando. DisneyTom is an excellent writer and should post more, though I don’t feel the same way this time.

  • TimmyTimmyTimmy

    Let’s NEVER EVER compare DCA and the addition of Carsland to anything in this park. …just to be fair.

    • jcruise86

      I agree, TTT. In fact, because I followed reviews and skipped Superstar Limo (always glad about that decision), I’ve always liked DCA. But the Studios at Disneyland Paris was seriously depressing–the only Disney park (of the 9 I’ve visited) that I disliked, and I HATED it. I’ve seen better looking parking lots, though I haven’t been there lately, and I expect it’s improved and hope it continues to improve.

      Now, now how about that Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley addition at Universal Orlando? :)

      TTT, please fill us in on the WWoHP at U Japan if you go there. You, Dusty, and ThemePark Review guy (I forgot his name), lead lives that inspire me. To heck with those fools who climb Mt. Everest. :)

      • TimmyTimmyTimmy

        I only have smaller parks in Asia and Europe planned this year. But Soon or later:) Osaka is on my list of places I have to return to soon:)

  • Ryan120420

    Kinda underwhelming.

    Seems like Disney wanted to make an attempt at a Spiderman/Transformers type ride and forgot that one of the biggest parts of those two rides is the ride vehicle.

    Really do not like how you can see where the floor and screen meet. Spiderman and Transformers ride vehicles block your view of the floor thus preserving the immersion of those two rides.

    Also it looks like the vehicles besides being able to move through physical space, have no motion base capability. Really disappointing, since your suppose to be running, jumping, and flying through a kitchen.