Summer projects continue at Disneyland

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Published on June 23, 2014 at 5:05 am with 38 Comments

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  • jcruise86

    Thanks for the update, Andy!

    The Pacific Wharf looks more beat up, yet more attractive. The new “old” signs and clothes hanging out to dry do make it more interesting, friendly, and better themed.

    • Haven

      It is fun to see the wharf back at “low tide” again now that Grizzly River is back up and running. The wharf water is the reservoir for that attraction.
      Alice looks like she still has quite a bit of finish up work to happen in the next 10 days. One can hope they will refresh the rock-work rabbit hole which currently looks like raw concrete and has no “pop” effect against the castle grey walls. Replanting beneath the new track will also have to take place after they clear out the construction folks.

  • Chris101

    I see the Matterhorn is down for several months… it needs to be torn down and rebuilt. And dear God, no Frozen elements added. It’s a 60 year old coaster, herky-jerky and just old. It’s still a great, fantastic idea for a coaster and it would be awesome redone, smooth bobsleds and greater thrills… I can just imagine it. Unfortunately, the suits cannot. At some point, Disneyland will start to feel dated in a bad way. It’s still the best park in the world, but it could be so much better and they really need to add or redo something great every 5 years.

    • disneychrista

      Wasn’t the track just replaced?

      • stevek

        Yep, track was replaced but the challenge is the contour of the track through the mountain. Likely the only way to make it smooth is to redo the track completely…not tearing out the mountain but basically reconfiguring the track layout in some way that actually makes it smoother. Not sure if that’s even possible.

      • ayalexander

        actually the track wasn’t replaced. Imagineering specifically told us Cast Members that the track was not be replaced because it wouldn’t be allowed. Instead, Imagineering tried to create a bobsled that ran smoother, with minute changes to its design to allow for a smoother ride. If you look carefully at the track you can see its the exact same track as before and it is still uneven which gives the bobsleds that rocking motion when they move slowly.

    • jjw69

      The Matterhorn sleds doesn’t have “up stop wheels”, only skid plates. So that can also be a reason for the rough ride along with the track layout design with tight & unexpected turns.

    • Imagineer45

      The Matterhorn will not be torn down nor will the original track be replaced unless there is a safety issue because the Matterhorn is a national landmark of some sort for being the first roller coasters a tubular track.

    • eicarr

      If it wasn’t hearken jerky I wouldn’t ride on it. Thats all the fun. If it was too smooth, the simple layout would be rather dull.

      • Marko50

        I respect your opinion. But mine is that painful isn’t fun. And it def is most painful.

  • Larry Parker

    I was not aware of the private 1901 Lounge at Carthay Circle Theater. Being that additional private member space exists, the closing of the Court of Angels to the public is all the more egregious. Who knows where/how in Disneyland profit will again trump park quality. And this also all the more egregious given record park revenues. I guess there can never be enough slop in the trough to satisfy Disney corporate greed.

    • daveyjones

      the 1901 extension of club 33 was announced when buena vista street was under construction. long before the current club expansion. interestingly, the 1901 lounge was touted as being an answer to the club’s crowded wait list, and would allow them to expand their membership numbers. the appeal of 1901 must not have been that impressive, because here the club is, expanding again, to allow new members.

    • mycroft16

      Has anyone done a comparison of square footage given to private members only areas vs public areas? I have a feeling that the private areas are beginning to overtake the public areas.

  • blue32

    Any word on what is being done to the Matterhorn? It just went through a very long refurb a couple years ago, right?

  • TheHopper

    It had been awhile so I went to the Golden Horseshoe last week. I left halfway…it was awful. I couldn’t believe how bad the acting and story was. I was tired of the act before that everyone loved so I’m not saying they shouldn’t have changed it but come on…there are great troops out there that do fantastic stuff.

    Went to it’s tough to be a bug yesterday and that show is still really good. Although I went to Malificent last week and that was so incredible to see a movie with special effects all around you that I was dreaming of watching Disney movies like that.

  • amyuilani

    “See ya Later, Trash Cans” is your header for the Captain EO refurb. What does that refer to?

    • kurtisaurus

      It’s a line from EO, after the Supreme Leader threatens to turn MJ’s whole crew into trash cans.

    • MickeysImagination

      This refers to a line in the movie.

  • vnormth

    Now that the Pacific Wharf water is partitioned from the World Of Color lagoon, they reeeeeeally need a wave machine in the wharf area. Having grown up in San Francisco, the wharf was never remotely convincing to me. Make the water move!

    MATTERHORN: The track route is the same one used for Space Mountain in Orlando. That alone says to me it doesn’t need re-routing. Where are all of the “don’t mess with DLR history” folks on this Matterhorn discussion when you need ’em? 🙂

    1901: Don’t understand the logic of saying closing Court de Anges to the public is all the more egregious because Carthay Circle has a special lounge for Club 33 members. False dichotomy there. Even though I belong to Club 33, I think closing the Court to the public is egregious, period.

    • daveyjones

      “The track route is the same one used for Space Mountain in Orlando.”

      an oft-repeated myth. although both rides are dual-track, gravity coasters, they are only similar in layout, not identical in any respect.

      for one, arrow designed the original matterhorn with slide rules. by the time space mountain opened in florida in 1975, (primitive) computers had aided in the design.

      • Darth Goofy

        The coaster style type is the same, not the track route. This is why both rides are clunky, bumpy. I have been on both and no computer (primitiveo r modern) can hide/fix this.

        Many were hoping WDW was going to swap the tracks for Disneyland’s Space Mountain track type during the last refurb of WDWs Space Mountain. Would have brought that attraction into the Future and would have been amazing. They could have re-purposed the tracks for a Matterhorn at the Orlando location, but we would still be talking about the clunkyness of the track design.

    • ayalexander

      The Pacific Wharf’s lagoon was always separated from Paradise Bay. The Pacific Wharf lagoon is actually an overflow tank for the Grizzly River Run, and water is constantly being returned and filtered through the system via the giant grate at the bottom of the water and sent to a pump cleaning system behind Cocina Cucamonga -however you spell the darn thing. Anyway, the addition of a wave-maker would damage the water pump since the waves would cause constant sudden flow changes and pressure differences due to the waves. This would quickly tire out the filter pump and cause it to overheat and fail.

  • AtomicBear

    Looks like the railings on ‘Alice’ might be only on the back side of the outside track?

    • ayalexander

      No those are temporary rails, its most likely going to look the same on both sides, whatever they end up making it look like.

      • jjw69

        The part I don’t understand is why they had to expand the right side of the track. The opening of the cars are on the left side. At least the ride would had that same effect as your going outside down the vine. Just saying!

      • ayalexander

        jjw69, guests may exit the vehicles on the left, but the emergency lap-bar release peddle is on the right side, necessitating the expansion of the right side of the track for cast members who need to step on the peddle.

      • jjw69

        @ Ayalexander that makes sense. I guess DOSH has to have it their way or no way lol.

  • lightofdarkness

    Wait, Blue Sky is reopening July 1st? With what, cross park promotions? There’s nothing at DLR to promote, so this has to be about WDW or Paris or Shanghai right?

    • ayalexander

      Yes it will be showing new additions to things outside of Disneyland Resort. That was what Blue Sky Cellar was made for: showcasing the work going on in Imagineering, not just Disneyland Resort.

  • Ravjay12

    I’m really glad no one was hurt in the fire and the damage was just limited to backstage.
    I just went on the Matterhorn recently and I don’t think the track was replaced, just the cars. They should’ve replaced the track because the cars are horribly uncomfortable for anyone over 5 feet tall.

    • Country Bear

      What you said! It’s very uncomfortable now. The “new” cars destroyed what little comfort there was in the experience, in my opinion.

  • heffalump

    Thanks for the update! Grizzly River Run looks good. Do we know why Peter Pan’s Flight will be closed for refurbishment July 21 – 24? I thought it was closing for enhancements in October?

  • DisneyLover66

    Great update and fantastic photos. The landscape and flowers etc…are so lovely. They really are inviting and make you want to sit in a shady spot to take in all the colors and beauty. The landscapers for the parks and hotels are amazing.

    I love the Matterhorn, but it’s bumpy and jerky as ever.

    On our recent visit I saw one of the elusive Disney cats at the Disneyland Hotel’s pool at around 4AM. I was up and looked out our window and there he was taking a sip from the pool. Pretty cool. It had been a few years since I had seen one of the cats.

    I know many people are bothered by the “private, exclusive” areas-and I understand what you’re saying-, but those areas don’t have a negative impact on my personal experience. Given the chance, I’d love to see the interior of Club 33 in person. Maybe I’d eat a sald there. All those desserts look pretty, but they just end up making you fat and lethargic. Same goes for the alcoholic beverages. I’m not a big eater, so I don’t see the allure of Club 33. I know those club members get park privileges like riding in the pretty, enclosed train car. But, again, I don’t feel their private club negatively impacts my experience.

    Thank you, again, for the update. I look forward to returning to Disneyland, and hopefully before next summer.

  • Klutch

    I don’t understand the complaints about private areas within the parks. Club 33 has been there since New Orleans Square was built. Disneyland has expanded a lot since then. It only makes sense Club 33 would also expand. What’s surprising is it took so long.

    It’s just a fact of life that upscale people have privileges and access to things which us on the lower rungs of income do not. No sense getting all huffy about it. The vast majority of people on this planet will never visit Disneyland or any Disney park. Those of us who have visited Disney parks should appreciate this privilege and enjoy it rather than steaming about what further privileges we can’t access.

    Most of us will likely never see the inside of the 1901 lounge, so here’s a link with some nice pictures:

    • mondo

      For Club 33, the complaint is for an area, Court of Angels, was opened to the public but now is closed to the public.

    • pattimarie

      i really hate your attitude. first, i will complain about anything when i feel it’s justified. this idea that i have to care about how many more millions disney company makes is ridiculous. they certainly don’t care about me. second, i think you are missing the fact that they are taking over areas that were formerly available to the general public. and by formerly available–i mean available for the entire history of new orleans square. to add to the upper areas is one thing–but to take away angels court, with all the history the general public has with it, how special it is to so many, is a slap in the face. i’m convinced they could have done this another way. thirdly, complaining does work, at disneyland and elsewhere. it’s better if it’s focused and organized, and unfortunately such a movement never happened over angels court. there are other things that were kept because of fan activism. i think there wasn’t enough lead time for angels court. from what i’ve read, the new president came in and wanted it done right away-not disney’s usual style. i’m still heartbroken over losing it.


    Blue Sky Cellar is not reopening July 1st. It’s refurb schedule now includes July. They will just keep extending it indefinitely until they decide to change the attraction, or until years from now when they actually have a new attraction to showcase in there. More DCA former attraction or food service locations closed indefinitely to the public. Just what DCA needs.

  • IceCreamSarang

    I haven’t been out to DLR since 2009. Hoping to make a trip out there in January. Love that you post the attendance levels. Gives me an idea of what to expect when we go in what I *HOPE* is a break in attendance: after kids go back to school, but before my 18yo’s college term resumes.