Six Flags Magic Mountain has jumped back into the record books, unveiling a renovated Bugs Bunny World in the process. Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers puts Magic Mountain into the Guinness Book of World Records again as the park featuring the most roller coasters, 19 total.


In an intimate ceremony, just in front of the newly renovated land, Looney Tunes Characters collected as the ribbon cutting took place.




We were then led over to the entrance of the new roller coaster where an opening ceremony was held as well.

















It is an itty bitty little coaster, but brings the coaster count in Bugs Bunny world alone to 3.  That is if you are not counting the Magic Flyer over at the Whistle Stop area.

Exploring the land we found that everything had a fresh coat of paint and was glowing with color.  No other new rides to speak of, but a refresh of the area that made it feel vibrant again.

















Another addition was the new stage show, the Looney Tunes Kids Club Show.  It was a surprisingly good and energetic little show that seemed to entertain the children in the audience.




The show was a very loose musical review that featured interactive game show segments with volunteers from the audience.  While the kids participating seems to be having a good time, it felt as if a few of these bits could have been cut in order to keep the momentum of the show going.



The games were similar to a Double Dare Physical Challenge.








Congratulations to Magic Mountain on their 19th coaster and the new show.

Around the Park

While things looked great over in the brand new Bugs Bunny World, we decided to stroll through the rest of the park to see how things looked elsewhere.


As many of you may have heard, the classic roller coaster Colossus will be closing for good on August 14th.  In honor of its role in the classic comedy, National Lampoon’s Vacation, this clever photo op was set up.




There was another photo op set up further down the path, at the site of the old food service location.  They really could have gone the extra mile and made a Zapped reference here.  But alas,



customs1 customs2 customs3


At the least they are doing a wonderful job making fans aware of the pending closure.

Over at the old Batman Stunt Show Theatre the lagoon has been drained.  We can’t see that any work has been done just yet, but it’s probable something is going down.  get it?



They have also added charging stations at certain areas around the park.  Nice.



Overall the park looks fine.  There are still some wonderful spots of tranquility in contrast to the high-octane thrills which have become the focus of this park. Tomorrow we will bring you a full report from Universal Studios Hollywood. We will see you again soon . . .  In The Parks.


  • Disneymike

    Still a dumb decision to close Colossus. And those charging stations are the epitome of cheap, just plugged into a wall outlet – really? No wonder SFMM is low man on the proverbial totem pole.

    • LoveStallion

      I’d bet big money they give it the “Iron” treatment. Prepare for unnecessary inversions!

      • egroeg

        Have you ridden any of the iron treated coasters? The ride experience is fantastic. Really smooth and fast.

    • BlahBlahson

      Really? It’s a dumb decision to close Colossus to build probably the best rollercoaster in California. What do you consider a good decision then?

      • Disneymike

        And you know the replacement is going to be “the best rollercoaster in California”? Unless you are one of the designers you don’t know that. The good decision would be to leave an iconic and historic coaster alone and refurbish it to it’s original glory.

      • BlahBlahson

        Yeah no. I’m just going to assume you’ve done no research here.

      • Disneymike

        And you have? What is going in it’s place since you know so much?

  • jcruise86

    I guess that little thing is technically a coaster.
    But Cedar Point sticks out into Lake Erie so that’s its coasters afford beautiful views. Millennium Force and Magnum are so wonderful that I’ve seen multiple trains full of riders break into a loud and enthusiastic applause when they finished–especially Magnum–a 200 footer that is a true joy to ride.

    The inferior executives who’ve run Magic Mountain over the years just think that if a coaster is “EXTREME!” it’ll pack in teens. Cedar Point actually has coasters that are great to ride.

    Enjoy your kiddie coaster “Magic” Mountain–I’m sure you’ll all ride it 20 times before 2015 because you’ve built something so uplifting.

    Magic Mountain’s coasters are to Cedar Point’s coasters
    what Magic Mountain’s gardens are to Disneyland’s gardens.

    • LoveStallion

      I respectfully disagree that anyone breaks into a cheer at the end of jerky, old Magnum XL. It’s a classic ride, but it beats the beejezzuz out of you in the process.

      Millennium Force, though? Yes. Cheers all around. Top Thrill Dragster? Best thirty seconds of my life since my wedding night.

      • Disneymike

        “Best thirty seconds of my life since my wedding night.”
        Too much information….. 🙂

    • jcruise86

      I^ ^ ^I meant Magic Mtn. exec.s (sarcastically) will ride it 20 times. I like that there are beginner coasters for kids, but don’t count anything under 55 feet tall as a coaster when contrasting M. Mtn and Cedar Point. I believe that substantially more people who’ve been to MM and CP would prefer Cedar Point. I could be wrong.

      Sorry to hear Magnum has turned into a rough ride. My favorite part were the bunny hills at the end with air time along the lake.

      I just think that some Magic Mountain rides like ‘Goliath, which I alone apparently dislike–and Silver Bullet at Knott’s could be more comfortable. Then again, I’m middle aged.

      So how about a 500’ Kingda Ka/Xcellerator/Top Thrill Dragster hill followed by almost a full mile of track with no looks (or just one) and lots of smooth speed and bunny hills for max air time? Magic Mountain, if you want to be the roller coaster capital coaster of the world, build the world’s tallest and best coaster. (Let Ferrari–SP?–keep the speed record.)

      • jcruise86

        ^ ^ “looks” should be “looPs”

        Sorry about all of my typos on Micechat!

  • tigga please

    I think its a great thing they’re closing Colossus. Cant wait to ride Iron Colossus 😉

    • BlahBlahson

      Me and you both. Unlike most in these comments for whatever stupid reason.

    • Director_Guy

      I just hope we finally get some air-time in California. With all the coasters we have, there’s a severe air shortage.

  • ralfrick

    You can’t just stick out a generic station wagon and call it the Family Truckster any more than you can put out a corvette and say it’s the Batmobile. Colossus has never impressed. Good 1st drop but a lot a slooowly going around a turn and other moments where the speed drops too much. I like a consistent flow in a coaster, and this one doesn’t have it.

  • JesterMn

    I think in terms of public consciousness, National Lampoon’s Vacation resonates way more than Zapped. I mean, Zapped? Why not have a Step by Step tribute as well? I think we’re splitting hairs here.

  • BlahBlahson

    The problems with Magic Mountain lie in the daily operations, bad operations decisions, the disregard for asthetics and themed space, the crowd control, and the weird obsession with only thrill rides.

    I would say in building thrilling rides, they are doing pretty well and anyone who can’t see that is beyond me.

    • Disneymike

      So what you are saying is SFMM is a crap park except for thrill rides. I don’t think anyone is saying SFMM can’t build thrilling rides but if that’s all you want in an amusement park (notice I did not use “Theme park”) you are welcome to it.

      • Soulquarian

        That is what I want from Six Flags though lol. I want thrills. When I want to enjoy nice surroundings, fresh paint, and atmosphere, I go to Disneyland. We can all agree that SFMM lacks polish, but like the latest Transformers film, sometimes you just want to be entertained.

    • Director_Guy

      ^Is it so much to ask to get both excellent thrill rides and excellent atmosphere?

  • dizneedoll

    Good Riddance Colossus, you were the only roller coaster that I ever went on that made me throw up afterwards.

  • I think it’s great that Six Flags is still committed to building family attractions such as this new kiddie coaster. However, a itty bitty coaster and some paint do not constitute a “New Bugs Bunny World.” They are overselling what they built.

    Regarding Colossus, it was an iconic coaster, but attractions don’t last forever. If they build something BETTER than Colossus, it will be fine. The question is, will they build something better?

    • Disneymike

      But isn’t the HM, POTC, et al considered iconic? Not that I am comparing since we are talking SFMM, but FOR SFMM, wouldn’t it behoove them to keep some history intact or do they just don’t care?

      • SLUSHIE

        HM and POTC are all rides that still pull in huge numbers.

        Colossus is a ride hardly anyone rides.

    • BlahBlahson

      “The question is, will they build something better?”

      The answer is 100 percent yes. It was a particularly bad old wooden coaster. Were you guys nostalgic for Psyclone?

      You could literally put in a Vekoma Rollerskater and a very impressive mirror maze and the net effect would be better than old Colossus.

  • Disneykin Kid

    New paint really does make a difference, it makes the area look alive rather than dying and yes, people notice. I wonder if they had to close Colossus because of lack of maintenance, it seems like correct upkeep would make it last. I rode it recently, and it looked in bad condition. I hope that they replace it with an equally or better wooden coaster.

  • waymire01

    MM giving up on Colossus is kind of like if DL decided to close Space Mountain… it’s more than just another coaster, it’s the main icon of the park. It’s also the only coaster I’ve ever ridden that made me nauseous just like a previous poster mentioned so obviously there is something wrong somewhere in the physics of the original design. Even still as someone who grew up in that area I’m sad to see it go.

    • BlahBlahson

      No, it’s not like that in the least. You are greatly extrapolating your personal feelings about the ride. Colossus does not have in any way shape or form the meaning of say…the Coney Island Cyclone or the Beast, or Kennywood’s Thunderbolt.

      It doesn’t even have the clout of the Whizzer at Great America, which people actually wanted to save.

      • Marko50

        And what’s your point? waymire said the Colussus is SFMM’s main icon. Cyclone, Beast, Thunderbolt or Whizzer are not at Magic Mountain.

      • Soulquarian

        I’d rather have a great coaster than an icon taking up space that’s too painful too ride, and doesn’t pull its share of crowd control. Space Mountain routinely has one of the longest wait times in the park. The comparison doesn’t hold up…

  • RocketRods

    I’ve been a little upset with Magic Mountain’s choices since they decided to remove Log Jammer. I know they still have Jet Steam, but Log Jammer was a far better ride.

  • Country Bear

    I’m only a tourist, but I must say that I always looked forward to riding Colossus when visiting SFMM on every trip. It is, in my opinion, a classic roller coaster. It’s not the most thrilling or the longest or scariest of any coaster, but it is HUGE, iconic and intimidating just because of its size. It really is the “castle” of SFMM so I’m a little concerned that they would tear out such a landmark. I’ve no doubt they can build a better coaster, but I doubt that it will ever be as iconic as this one is. Just imagine where we’d be historically if every woodie from the past had been torn down as opposed to preserved and saved. They are erasing 36 years of amusement park history and to what end? So we can have another thrill coaster that will pale in five years? Classics like this are hard to come by these days.

    • Soulquarian

      I love wooden roller coasters, but Colossus just wasn’t that great. I believe an icon should be POPULAR and till bring in the crowds. This didn’t.

  • Will G

    In My Opinion:

    Colossus has, since it was built, been _the_ visual statement of Magic Mountain.
    Along with the Sky Tower, Colossus is the defining landmark as you travel south on the I-5.

    To lose Colossus is, in my opinion, akin to loosing the castle or the Main St. train station at Disneyland. This is the opinion of a San Fernando Valley resident who was 11 or 12 when Colossus was built. So, this is admittedly a nostalgic point of view. (I love Goliath, but still felt it was somewhat sacrilegious to build it on top of Colossus)

    And whatever they put in its place will lose crowd appeal in 5 years or less, unless they change the route of the midway.
    Someone else has already mentioned that Scream is often a walk on and it’s a wonderful ride.
    It suffers from the same geographic problem that Colossus does. Once people get walking in the main circuit of the park, they miss the spurs, like the one to Colossus and the one the entrance/exit.
    (Two of the most common questions employees get are “How do I get out of here?” and “How do I get to that big white rollercoaster I saw in the parking lot?”)

    I am hopeful that is some sort of marketing gimmick and that Colossus will be re-profiled or improved. Not torn down.
    Of course, it’s kind of ironic that their big draw for this season is, “we’re getting rid of a roller coaster”. I’m sure they’d rather be promoting new steel.

    But the removal of Log Jammer proves that Six Flag corporate is not sentimental. And I don’t see why they should be. Magic Mountain is not “their” park.

    Will G

  • Darth Goofy

    So lets see: Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers puts Magic Mountain into the Guinness Book of World Records again as the park featuring the most roller coasters, 19 total. Won’t closing Colossus put them back at 18, taking them back out of the Guinness Book of World Records? Hope for an Iron Colossus treatment like they have done to many other woodies.

  • connerd

    I rode the Texas Giant at SFoT after the iron treatment and love it. Very smooth with the banks and turns of a steel coaster. I hope that is what they have planned.