On a dark soundstage deep inside the Warner Bros. Studio lot a lone Bat signal sat waiting in the dark.  It would soon shine its beacon to signal the caped crusader to the to open a major new exhibit.  To celebrate Batman’s 75th anniversary, the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour has teamed with DC Entertainment to create ‘The Batman Exhibit’.  All seven Warner Bros. Batman films are featured here together for the first time through props, costumes, vehicles, and more.


Danny Devito, famous for his role as The Penguin in Batman Returns,  appeared to do the honors.


He was rather proud of himself for turning on the Bat Signal…
until he realized that doing so would bring the “Bat Man”.

Housed in one of the backlot’s large picture car vault, a portion of the exhibit offers visitors a chance to get as close as they want to some of the most impressive and iconic vehicles from the Batman films.  The lighting in the room is dimmed and dramatic, as if you were visiting the Batcave itself, strolling through Bruce Wayne’s collection of monstrous toys.


Here we can see the two Tumbler vehicles from the Christopher Nolan Batman films.





In the center of the room a large Batman sculpture holds watch over the room.


Off in the corner is the photogenic Bat Hammer from Batman and Robin (1997)



Batman Forever (1995) Batmobile
The Red Bird from Batman and Robin (1997)
The Bat Blade from Batman and Robin (1997)

If guests feel  like being even more part of the action, they can jump in front of a green screen and be chased by the Batmobile.




“We have the most exciting props, costumes and vehicles from all seven Batman films for visitors to see,” says Danny Kahn, Executive Director, Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour.  “During this unique opportunity, our studio tour guides will also reveal behind-the-scenes secrets from the seven films and the ‘classic’ Batman series, highlighting several scenes that were actually filmed on the Burbank Lot.”

Additionally, another portion of the tour features the original suits worn by Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and Christian Bale in their roles as the caped crusader. That is not to mention the massive display of costumes from all of the villains including The Penguin, The Joker (Nicholson and Ledger) Catwoman (Pfieffer) Two-face, Mr. Freeze, and Batgirl.






It is a comic geek’s paradise and a movie buff’s dream to walk amongst such a collection of history.

















First appearing in Detective Comics #27, which hit newsstands on March 30, 1939 featuring artwork by Bob Kane and a script by Bill Finger, Batman emerged from the shadows to become one of the world’s most popular super heroes.  Now guests who visit the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour can get even closer to the history of Batman by catching this impressive exhibit.

If you have never heard of the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour you are in store for a wonderful treat. Located just down the street from Universal Studios Hollywood, Warner Bros. offers an intimate, custom built tour which takes small groups of guests through the backlot and into the sound stages.

Limited to groups of no more than 15 visitors, Tour guides ask the group what shows or movies they have seen or are interested in.  Then, depending on the interests, they custom build a tour for the guests pointing out particular points of interest and taking the to see where their favorite shows and movies are filmed.


With the addition of this extraordinary collection of Batman movie props, costumes, and ephemera. the tour is really a must-do for visitors and locals alike.  Get your tickets here and learn more about the tour by visiting the tour website.

If you are a Batman fan or have been wanting to do a studio tour, now is your perfect opportunity.

  • jcruise86


    Thanks, Norm!

    Adult visitors to S. Cal. who love movies should consider touring Warner Bros, Sony, and Paramount Studios. All three are worthwhile.

    When I took them I didn’t do any VIP options and I didn’t feel like I was missing out. I think I remember a Micechat thread where at least one helpful reader differentiated the VIP & regular studio tours.

    For film fans there is so much more to Los Angeles than Universal, though I really like Universal too.

  • I LOVE the WB Studio Tour. It is one of the best ways for tourists to get a glimpse at the real Hollywood.

    I certainly plan to visit again soon to see the Batman stuff. I’m a big fan of the films.

  • themur

    The WB tour is what the Universal tour used to be years ago. It is an under-appreciated gem in So Cal. I am definitely going back to see this Batman exhibit.

  • Melonballer

    Does the exhibit have any references to the numerous animated versions of Batman?

  • eicarr

    The infamous Bat-Nipples are on display!! Funny. This amazing collection is a great reason to take the WB Tour again. Paramount has a nice tour too. Agree that these tours have a less synthetic flavor than the post-80’s shrunken Universal tour.