In this episode Ken and Lynn look at the history of the beloved former attraction, America Sings. The show was housed in the current Innoventions (Carousel of Progress) building at Disneyland. It was a musical show with Audio Animatronics and told the history of American music from 1776 to the 1970’s. The show took place on 6 different stages in the center of the building and the audience was moved from one stage to the next. The show was mostly developed by Disney legend Marc Davis and opened in Tomorrowland in 1974 and closed in 1988. Hear the history and memories of this missed attraction:

  • vnormth

    Losing AS is another example of DLR losing attractions where families can sit comfortably, relax and be enjoyably entertained together. The ride capacity for it was enormous, so there was never a wait…just like People Mover, HISTA, Golden Horseshoe Revue, Keel Boats, Country Bears. Now all we have left is Lincoln and Tiki Room and, I suppose, IASM and Jungle Cruise. DCA is even worse, with really only It’s Tough to be a Bug and Muppets. meh.

    Been to DLR with a senior citizen lately? Not so easy to stay together as a family anymore. Notice anything about the overall aging population demographics in the US? Time to fix this and I hope all the grand plans for Tomorrowland turning into Tatuine (or wherever) take this into consideration..

    • Ravjay12

      America Sings was one of my favorite attractions as a kid. I’m glad you can still see most of the animatronics being used in Splash Mountain today.

      Unfortunately you can see 3D movies anywhere now and I’m personally not interested in seeing one at a theme park. There’s slightly more seniors at Florida because it’s a popular place to retire, so there’s more shows and reviews there. Not really necessary in California, but DL certainly has more family friendly rides than any other theme park around.

    • the sweep spot

      I agree with you about there not being as many family type shows. I think Country Bears, America Sings, Tiki Room are what made and makes for Tiki Room, Disneyland different and what they are known for. I so much want my son to be able to see Country Bears in WDW, not sure we will ever get there though.

  • JonasClark

    Can someone please ID the 70sish music being played during the ending comments of this episode?

  • the sweep spot

    It’s from the people mover

  • MagicJoe

    Hi Lynn & Ken:

    What timing! I released a show less than a month ago on Window To The Magic podcast also on America Sings sharing my 1977 personal audio recording (refer to WTTM Episode #422):

  • the sweep spot

    Ya I noticed that!! Cool!!