Theme Park Designer and Co-Author of Knott’s Preserved, Chris Merritt, returns to The Season Pass Podcast to disuss Pacific Ocean Park…it’s one of the greatest theme parks in California’s history that you may have never heard about!  Chris discusses his new book on this infamous park titled Pacific Ocean Park: The Rise and Fall of Los Angeles’ Space-Age Nautical Pleasure Pier.  The book is amazing and so is this conversation.



If you are a fan of extinct Southern California theme parks, we have a very special treat for you. Christopher Merrit, theme park designer and author of Knott’s Preserved, is about to release another amazing book on a fascinating part of theme Park history, Pacific Ocean Park.  GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!

Pacific Ocean Park was a marvel of mid-century design and at one point out-drew Disneyland for ticket sales. But just as dazzling as its rise was its spectacular fall. Join us for breakfast at the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney Anaheim, learn all about the colorful history of a nearly forgotten gem of California theme park history, meet the authors and get a discounted copy of what is sure to be a very popular book.


  • Geezer

    Fun show guys,

    I’ve spent many hours with Knott’s Preserved and, even though I never saw POP, I’m really looking forward to the new book.

    …and yes, I promise to click the correct links when I purchase the book on Amazon.

  • Stormy

    Wow, does this bring back memories! I remember visiting POP as a little kid. The diving bells, the train, and those stupid ‘bubbles’ (skyway) that scared me to death. My first experiences with ‘carny’ style funhouses and ‘scary rides’. I just wish I remembered more than little ‘flashes’ of the rides.

  • That’s Awesome! I know Robert was having flashbacks of being there during the recording. If only there was some sort of virtual reality recreation for us to experience; I would love to have the chance to check POP out.

    Thank you so much for using the Amazon links Geezer. It really does help out the show. 😉

    Thanks again my friends.