Just back from Disneyland Paris, Mark tells us all about the new Ratatouille: The Attraction, Bistrot Chez Rémy & La Place de Rémy which was opened up for the press and a special group of invited fans. Don’t worry if you are avoiding spoilers as in this episode gives an in depth analysis of the ride, without actually giving much away – clever stuff! 

  • jcruise86

    I liked some of the bits I heard, especially the accents because one sounded like a Spinal Tap member.

    An hour and 36 minutes? Based on what I was willing to hear, I think it would have been much better at 30 minutes. Or ten minutes. Listening them ramble is a good argument against podcasting, I DO like some podcasts and I’ll always be grateful to Micechat for linking ANY podcast.

    Around 1:29 “Go read the blogs that we’ve posted.”
    Interesting quotes: “This one place doesn’t fix the studios park. . . but it is a massive step in the right direction. It is a fantastic area. A true gem . . . A very good expansion.” They said it’s a shop, a ride, and a restaurant and that it was not a “land,” but merely an “area.”

    They mentioned the closing of “Anamagique.” ?!?!?!?! Clarification? (Sorry I’m unwilling to hear all 96 minutes to get this.)

    A Micechat weekly or monthy podcast round-up would be really great, with the best three minutes or so of each podcast. This would take a lot of work (I’m not volunteering) and could be helped by podcast creators submitting three-minutes segments. A “Talksoup” of Disney/theme park pod casts.

    Still, again thanks to Micechat for posting this!

  • soundtracker

    Got to respectfully disagree with jcruise. I love the in-depth nature of podcasts and this is no different. Thanks for the thorough run-down if the new attraction and mini-land, guys!