Marvel fandom, feisty feminism, and outspoken Mousketeers are just some of the subjects highlighted this week in the MiceChat Round Up of Disney and Theme Park news and information. Have you heard that a small Marvel land may be coming to Disney California Adventure? What was Anaheim and Orange County like before Walt Disney set his eyes on a small patch of orange groves? What would it look like if it’s a small world were re-imagined?  Is Frozen ever going to see an attraction built inside the parks? A new character has been introduced at Tokyo Disney Seas.   We have the entire week of Disney and theme park news here, at your fingertips.


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MiceAge Update: Marvel-ous Plans for DCA, Diamonds Ahead for Disneyland
Disneyland Resort heads into its 59th full summer season, and the pace of planning and preparation for the 60th anniversary and beyond has become noticeably more intense in the last month. In this update we’ll fill you in on why the Burbank executives have repeatedly been spotted wandering the parks in recent weeks, what that means for the 60th Anniversary and beyond, and how the recent Annual Pass price increases seem to have backfired on TDA.


Feminism and Disney Princesses
As such a significant cultural force, Disney and their Princesses franchise serve as a touchstone for gender issues that more often than not reach far beyond the actual content of the films upon which the franchise rests. Perhaps you have seen images like the one above before, or read certain feminist analyses of the Disney Princess films that arrive at similarly negative conclusions.


MiceChat Podcast

It’s another special episode of the MiceChat Podcast. This time around the block, we chat with outspoken original Mouseketeer, Lonnie Burr. He’s lively, funny and full of stories you’ve likely never heard before! A 60-year show business veteran, Lonnie Burr has been seen in 25 films, over 300 TV shows, 49 plays and musicals (including Broadway, off-Broadway, regional theatre and national tours), many commercials, and heard on 100+ radio shows and voice overs. He has been seen in numerous live performances and TV and radio talk shows. He is also a book author, playwright, poet, film and theatre critic, choreographer and director. You can find Lonnie’s book, Confessions of an Accidental Mouseketeer HERE.

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Meet the amazing authors behind Pacific Ocean Park: The Rise and Fall of Los Angeles’ Space Age Nautical Pleasure Pier and hear all about this one of a kind Los Angeles destination which has been all but lost to history. The authors will lead us through a colorful presentation about the park, followed by a book signing. As with all of our ESPN Zone events, there will be a fabulous breakfast BUY TICKETS HERE!

Other Theme Parks

Upcoming MiceTrips
Join MiceChat for these two wonderful upcoming adventures:


MiceChat Walt Disney World Invasion – October 22nd through 29th, 2014: We’ll visit the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley at Universal Orlando, offer an optional Halloween Horror Nights event, hold a Walt Disney World GUMBALL RALLY, travel the World Showcase in our wonderful Food and Wine Festival Sip and Nibble event, enjoy Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, PLUS La Nouba, meet-ups, meals and more. Don’t miss this fantastic week of Orlando fun!!!


MiceChat 7 night Alaska Cruise on the Disney Wonder – June 1st, 2015: Join us as we sail toward the top of the world on the delightful Disney Wonder. We’ll hold all sorts of special MiceChat meet-ups on board. Suggest group excursions you might want to join us on. Dine as a group to discuss our adventures and more.

Day Port Guest Ashore Guest Onboard
1 Vancouver, Canada 4:00 p.m.
2 At Sea
3 Tracy Arm, Alaska Cruising Cruising
4 Skagway, Alaska 7:15 a.m. 7:45 p.m.
5 Juneau, Alaska 6:15 a.m. 4:45 p.m.
6 Ketchikan, Alaska 11:15 a.m. 7:45 p.m.
7 At Sea
8 Vancouver, Canada 8:00 a.m.

Ask us for more details on any of our upcoming MiceTrips or for Disney adventures of your own by emailing us at [email protected]. It doesn’t cost you more to use our travel agent, it’s just more magical. Let us do the work, you enjoy the Disney fun!!!

Disney Parks News and Reports

Lots to discuss this week with the recent MiceAge update and what it Orange county looked like before Disneyland Moved in. ~ Aladdin

Micechat Update: marvel Mini-Land, 60th Anniversary, AP highs, and Parking
A Marvel mini area in the remaining Pumba parking lot, 60th Talk: New fireworks, castle show, nighttime parade, WoC updates, Main Street Alley talk, AP owner # increase with price increase, and Parking Expansion! Discuss it here!

MiceChat Newsletter

Joe’s 2nd trip to Disneyland with his baby boy
mre200200 brings us a wonderful day trip to Disneyland with his family! Enjoy!

Anaheim and Orange County before Disneyland
Curious on what the Anaheim and Orange County area looked like before Disneyland came into what it is today? 14 MPH created a thread just for that!


MiceChat Newsletter

Frozen coming to Hollywood?
disneygogetter shares information from DisneyParks Blog about Frozen taking center stage this summer at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Tomorrowland and Adventureland Refurbs: More than just paint jobs?
With the upcoming movie about Tomorrowland, caitlinCADE is wondering if the renovations to Tomorrowland are more than than just paint.

WDW Dapper Day
PlutoHasFleas brings us the announcement of Dapper Day at WDW.

What things and attractions do you think people should know/be reminded of?
Bongo is wondering, what is something we should know of or remember about the past Walt Disney Resort?

WDW Honeymoon – any tips
bikemonkey will be honeymooning at WDW, so what suggestions do we have for the newlyweds?

Is the Main Street Electrical Parade Falling Apart?
mrcobra92 is wondering about the condition of Main Street Electrical Parade after viewing some problems online.


Our armchair imagineers have been busy dreaming up improvements for the Disneyland Resort. To begin, Nirya has started no fewer than four threads devoted to Disney California Adventure. ~ TrekkieDad

MiceChat Newsletter

Let’s Talk about: Grizzly Peak/Condor Flats
Here’s the first of four discussions that Nirya has opened about continuing to improve Disney California Adventure. The other three follow:

Pooh’s Hunny Hunt to DL?
is one of many MiceChatters that thinks the Tokyo Disneyland version of the Hundred Acre Wood is far superior to the one in California. Why not replace the California version with its Japanese cousin?

It’s a Small World Reimagined
would like to see the flat sets in it’s a small world replaced with more realistic looking ones.

Monorail into DCA
is not the first to suggest this addition to Disneyland’s Monorail. Is it feasible or even desirable?

ARC (Anaheim Rapid Connection): A Potential Opportunity to Create a New Skyway
thinks Anaheim Rapid Connection should consider an urban gondola as an alternative to ground based transit.

Peoplemover replacement? Disney should jump on this.
has found an elevated transit system in development that looks like something out of the Jetsons.


MiceChat Newsletter

New DisneySea character
Tokyo Disney has unveiled Gelatoni, a new friend of Duffy the Disney Bear.

First visit to Tokyo DisneySea, Dec 2013
brings a special first trip report from the glamorous DisneySea Park in Tokyo!

Other Parks  News and Reports

With Diagon Alley opening soon, you can bet there is plenty of anticipation here. After you get your fill of Harry Potter, check out some other destinations.

MiceChat Newsletter

Joe’s 2014 Pasadena Chalk Festival trip report
Joe Flowers (mre200200) has some beautiful pictures of the Chalk Festival in Pasadena, California.

Sneak peek: Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley
DisCollector found this report on CNN.

Video and Photos from Diagon Alley Preview event! Spoiler Alert!
flynnibus has collected links from social media for your entertainment. Take the spoiler alert seriously.

Wizarding world of HarryPotter to be opened on 15th July 2014 .
Ayesha Khan reminds us that Universal Studios Japan will be opening it’s version of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter very soon.

Walt Disney Family Museum Documentary
If you are planning to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, you might want to watch this video found by GhostHost2012.

Our 2014 June Prescott Family trip for Father’s day…
Check out the scenery near Prescott, Arizona pictured by whoever.


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AV Room

Sarah the MiceChatter reports on the fire at Disneyland.

The Haunted Mansion Show Episode 19: Magic Resurrected
In this week’s installment of this ghostly gallery of episodes, The Hatbox Ghost has come back from his cavernous hatbox with another magic trick to mystify your senses. He then details more on his trip from a peculiar place called “Phantom Manor.” Unlike last time, though, he recalls having an encounter with a strange man. One might argue that it isn’t a man at all…

Welcome to this week’s Communicore Weekly, where we talk about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Birnbaum, and the Jim Henson Studios Bathroom! Learn about the wildest ride in the wilderness, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, in this week’s Disney History! George and Jeff look through the latest Birnbaum Guides for the Book of the Week! We have Cadet Leo tell us about the Jim Henson Studios bathroom for the Bathroom Break! And finally, learn where Big Thunder gets its name in this weeks Five Legged Goat!

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Disafterdark Series 2, Episode 20 – Drop the Zombie Donkey.
Welcome back to the Mouses Head and thank you for the download. We drink some beer and talk some news as usual. Just the three of us again, so when we run out of time, we pose each other some questions like: Where would you hide on Disney Property in the event of a zombie apocalypse and play a quick round of Desert Island DVDs and without a guest this week, Nick steps up to disastermind and doesn’t do as well as Paul D.

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Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast – Diagon Alley Special
On this special Episode of the podcast, we welcome our good friend and podcast videographer, Jessie Smith on to the show to talk about her experience in Diagon Alley as part of the Team Member Preview ane we wrap up with a PotterWatch  “On Location” from Gregory with @Megadis13, @Magistergermain, @Christinatucf and @Mimi0987. ENJOY!

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SeaWorld Podcast 26 – SeaWorld Summer Nights – Kelly Flaherty Clark, Chris Bellows and Shamu Light up The Night.
The SeaWorld Podcast crew is back with a whole new episode!  In this episode we will take you on location at SeaWorld Orlando, where we talk to Animal Curator Kelly Flaherty Clark about the new Killer Whale show, Shamu Celebration: Light up the Night, along with the new show Generation Nature.

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Window to the Magic
Enjoy the sounds of the park on our weekly journeys into the wonderful world of the Disney sound experience!

The Season Pass: The Essential Theme Park Podcast
This TSPP is all about Pacific Ocean Park!  One of the greatest theme parks in California’s history…you never heard of!  Chris Merritt (Co-Author of Knott’s Preserved) returns to the Season Pass with Doug Barnes, Robert Coker and Dusty Sage ( to discuss his new book on one of the most infamous parks ever, P.O.P.!

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Mousetalgia Episode 297: Walt Disney Family Museum tour, Disneyland’s relationship with fans.
This week, Jeff reports on a panel talk held recently at the Walt Disney Family Museum called “Disneyland: The Fan Driven Time Machine,” which featured special guests Todd Pierce, Jeff Kurtti, Werner Weiss, and Sam Gennawey. The discussion was centered on the idea of the development of Disneyland, and how fans have come to adopt the park as their own – and likewise, how the company has responded to this relatively new cottage industry of “fandom”.

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Featured Columns
MiceChat Newsletter

Power Surge – Never a Dull Moment at the Disneyland Resort
Summer is officially underway at the Disneyland Resort. The SoCal annual passes are now blocked out until the end of August. 4th of July festivities are about to ignite park attendance. And a power surge shuts down much of Disneyland and California Adventure. Today, we will highlight the nearly complete exterior of Alice In Wonderland and the refurbishments happening at Space Mountain and Captain EO.  Andy Castro is on vacation and will be back soon. We hope you enjoy this special Monday edition of In The Parks.

MiceChat Newsletter

Tim Grassey: DAS Good – Another Look at the New Disney Disability Card
Back in April of 2013 I wrote an article defending Disney’s now defunct Guest Assistant Card program. The program was met with significant (and justifiable) criticism because of abuse. Disney saw the writing on the wall and made changes, replacing the old system with the new Disability Access Service in October of 2013.


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