It’s officially summer, and the crowds are headed to the Disney Parks to enjoy their well-earned vacations.  Although summer vacation and Disney Parks go hand in hand, the heat can get the best of those who aren’t prepared.  While a cool treat is always a great go-to, here are a few other tips on beating the heat at the parks.


Dress for Success

First and foremost, dress for comfort!  In the summer, this means loose-fitting, light, breathable clothing.  Cotton, moisture-wicking and linen are great choices for either coast.  I highly recommend avoiding denim at all costs!  I can’t tell you how many people I saw the last couple weeks sweltering in jeans or walking around dripping waiting for their jorts to dry after Splash Mountain.  Not fun!


Get Park Wise: Gals, this one’s for you.  While light colors are perfect for the parks, if you’re planning to hit the water rides, think about your colors (especially of your unmentionables).  I may or may not have seen someone’s dental floss through her white dress after a round on Kali.

Cooling Aids

Misting fans, which are still great, used to be the only game in town when it came to cooling yourself off at the parks.  While these are still the most fun option (my littles love a water fight), I saw lots of other cooling aids around this trip.  Personal cooling systems and fans are conveniently hung around your neck.  You can even snag one in the shape of Mickey’s head at a kiosk or gift shop!  Another option I saw quite a bit were cooling towels.  You simply wet the towel, and it activates some magical cooling agent that keeps you refreshed.  A version of these is available for purchase at the parks.


Climate-Controlled Attractions

Summer is a great time to visit the Carousel of Progress, Hall of Presidesnts or any 3-D attraction!  Not only do you get a little A/C, but you get off your feet for at least ten minutes, which is always welcome.  After a dozen trips with the kids, we finally saw Voyage of the Little Mermaid this month because it was so darn hot!


  • Get Park Wise: When working your way from place to place, especially down Main Street USA, walk through the gift shops for a blast of cool air.  If you’re trying to leave apres fireworks, this can also save you a few minutes since you avoid the mass of people heading down Main Street.

When All Else Fails, Water!

Whether you’re careening down Splash Mountain or riding the rapids, a water ride is always a surefire way to cool off while touring.  This is another spot where your wardrobe should be taken into consideration, as mentioned above.  Also consider throwing a pair of flip-flops into your bag if you’ll be wearing socks and sneakers.  No one likes to squish around all afternoon.  Of course, for your convenience, most water rides have flip-flops for purchase near the exit or entrance.  If you’re not gung-ho to get soaked, look for a misting machine, fountain or sprayground.


  • Get Park Wise: While we’re talking water, don’t forget the most important h20, the kind that keeps you hydrated!  Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day even if you don’t feel thirsty.  Free ice water is available at all quick service locations!

When you’re headed to the parks in the summer, how do you beat the heat?

  • Susan Hughes

    Good advice. And over here at The Disneyland Resort, beware of wearing white t-shirts and white shorts/skirts when riding Splash Mountain or Grizzly River Run. You will get soaked…and you will be see-thru.

    • So true! I goofed and wore a white tee and ended up on Kali, but, luckily, my bra was skin toned. Hahaha!!

  • eicarr

    Checking monthly climate and rainfall charts can help you pick which Disney resort to go to. Heat , humidity and rainfall shouldn’t ruin your fun inside Disney Parks.

  • We do the air conditioning tour . . . from one climate controlled ride to the next. Making your way through the stores instead of the walkways can help. But most importantly, keep a cool water in hand.

    Great article Jessica and very appropriate for anyone visiting the parks this summer.

  • DannyeF

    Water bottles and little individual packets of crystal lite. My kids won’t guzzle water, but a little flavor will get it down. Plus it’s much, much cheaper than buying drinks in the parks. And for parents, they do make some with caffeine!

  • gtsouthard

    Its currently 107 where I am. It has been like this for a month now. We are visiting DLR next week and no matter what the temps are it will be a welcome relief

  • animatronic

    Getting free ice water is one of our fav tips – and often u can just walk right up to the counter without waiting in line. We also enjoy doing some of the indoor rides or shows or eat lunch inside from 12 – 2 when sun is most intense.

  • mikedoyleblogger

    I don’t know why DL or DCA are tagged in this post. It obviously has nothing to do with the Anaheim parks, or Anaheim’s summer weather.

    • I don’t do the tagging, but obviously some of the DLRers feel it does have something to do with Anaheim parks and summer weather. Having grown up in SoCal and been to DLR during the summer in recent years, I can say from personal experience that the afternoons can get pretty hot.

      • sixalex

        I agree Jessica! Your advice is universal (so to speak) for all the theme parks. It should be tagged for Shanghai and Hong Kong as well. Heck Paris in the Summer and probably Tokyo at that.

        Whoever did the tagging is falling down on the job! 😉

        Disneyland in Anaheim is my “home” park and I wonder if they too carry the cooling towels you mention. Could be useful waiting in the desert themed lines of Radiator Springs during summer.

        Very nice article and the kids you hired to do the modeling for your photos are true professionals. .They look so authentic! 😉