This is the last weekend to see the special event, Dog Days of Summer at the Discovery Science Center. Guests will find special interactive learning stations and meet with pet rescue groups.  The topper is the entertaining dog stunt show perfumed throughout the day by some of the smartest dogs around.  If you are lucky, you’ll even be picked as a volunteer to participate in the show.

June 30 – July 8

Word of advice: If you go see an earlier show, sit all the way back, under the canopy.

This adorable Weimaraner is considered one of the smartest dogs in the whole world.

She could play the shell game and win,

Walk forward and back on this cylinder,

And even paint,

And craziest of all, after this little girl picked the #3 block…

She was able too read the #3 and pick it out of the bunch on the floor.

Amazing animal

As we said before, the show runs throughout the day with a rotating cast of dogs pulling off impressive tricks.  Get to the show early to get a good seat out of the sun.

• Fri 7/6:  11:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm
• Sat  7/7 – Sun 7/8:  11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm

Running until September 3rd
Wildlife Rescue has taken over the space formerly occupied by the previous Star Wars exhibit.  It is a sprawling, if a little sparse, interactive exhibit that extols the virtues of preserving animal species.

Kids can get a closeup look at all types of animals and the environments they live in.  What is more, the exhibit is geared, of course, to teaching children how to care for lesser known species.

In this fun game, guests need to feed the baby California Condor before time runs out.

Guests can also “Fly with the cranes and learn about these interesting birds and their habitat.

That is not to say that there isn’t plenty to learn about our every day pets, like dogs for instance.  Museum staff explain how a dog’s sense of smell works and even get guests in on a smelly experiment!

Did you know that dogs breath IN the air through the large nostrils, but exhale through the small nostril slits on either side of their snout?

The nasal cavity of a dog is like a labyrinth of smell sensors.

There is even an area for the toddlers so that they can burn off steam while learning.

Interactive projection on the floor.

The exhibit lets you know that by getting involved in clean up efforts and conservation we can all do our own part.

Feathers that are covered in oil and feathers that are clean.

The new exhibit is included with admission into the Science Center and , coupled with the rest of the facility is a great place for kids to visit and learn.  What’s more, now through September 3rd, when you buy a ticket to the Discovery Science Center, you are given a free ticket to both The Santa Ana Zoo and to the Orange County Zoo!

There are more events in conjunction with the Wild Life Rescue once Dog Days of Summer are over.  Here is a full listing.

  • June 30-July 8: The Dog Days of Summer
  • July 9-15: Cats Rule, Dogs Drool!
  • July 16-29: Take Flight
  • July 30-Aug 19: Sea Life
  • Aug 20-Sept 7: Mammals

Get there now, it’s worth the trip.  Get more info and buy your tickets online here.

Have any of you been to the Discovery Science Center recently? If now, now is the perfect time to stop by.

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