Crowd patterns at the Disneyland Resort are finally leveling out. That sucking sound we heard at the opening of DCA11 years ago has stopped, and the distribution of crowds is leveling out across the entire resort, making even busy days more enjoyable for all.

 Guests in line for DCA

 Guests in line for Disneyland

Disney Gallery has a new exhibit, “Crowning Achievements, Creating Castles for Magical Kingdoms.” While not as intriguing as the previous exhibits, it is still worth visiting and an entertaining look at the Disney Castles worldwide, real and never realized.

The back room features a scale model of perhaps the most beautiful of all the Disney theme park castles, Disneyland Paris.

One of the more fascinating blue sky ideas was the futuristic, Jules Verne style castle which was never built.

We love this painting of Maleficent’s castle

A very welcome use of the big area at Big Thunder Ranch has come in the form of the Big Thunder Jamboree. Carrying the story of the ranch a little further, Miss Chris (the character who runs the Big Thunder BBQ) has opened up the back of the ranch for some good old fashioned fun. There are character meet and greets, coloring, and pin trading. As a highlight, Billy HIll and the Hillbillies perform throughout the day, with the Cowboy Round up taking over mid day.

A noise making station. The young ones will love this.


 Pin trading.

 The Cowboy Round up

Again, we are really happy to see this space being utilized for something other than corporate events. We just need you to help us spread the word so more folks know it’s back there!

Here is what the site of the upcoming Fantasy Faire Village looks like currently.

On a recent visit to the park, we noted that the climbers were really getting into the act during the show. They were literally jumping and cavorting up the mountain, putting more than the usual flare into the show, lending it a sense of thrill. We are so happy to see those guys back!

It’s been a while since we checked in on Splash Mountain. On our last trip, we found several of the key animatronics broken or turned off. On our recent visit to the park, the ride was looking pretty good. However, Brer Rabbit on the railroad car and one of the vultures still aren’t working.

We don’t want to make mountains out of molehills and we love to lavish praise where it is due. Aside from the problematic animatronic above the flume and the silent vulture, which now seem to require an act of congress to repair, every other animatornic was working.

They turned the light back on, but he still doesn’t move.

One vulture remains silent.

It’s the truth, it’s actual – everything in the big finale was moving

Yep, even Mr. Bluebird was satisfactual.

So, while we would still like to see this ride at 100%, we must say that we had a zip a-dee doo dah time.


Just inside Disney California Adventure, the last remaining construction walls and hedge walls remain to the right of the entrance as they build a new planter. It is the last visible construction project in the park.

The stores along Buena Vista Street have now gotten into the new habit of keeping their doors open to attract guests.

The new Buena Vista Bugle is out.

Work continues on the redressing of the It’s Tough to be a Bug show building. The new mural blends much more with the surroundings it is in. But practical, dimensional blades of grass or few more of the clovers they installed in Flik’s Fun Faire would have really sold the idea.

With all of the talk of the newest E-ticket’s frequent breakdowns, it is still performing remarkably well for a complicated new attraction. It goes down every once in a while, but nearly all new rides do. Just keep this in mind when visiting Cars Land.

2 hour standby, 65 minute single rider wait.

We have an additional column for you today from the Discovery Science Center and their brand new animal exhibit.  Also, please check back this weekend for full coverage of the grand opening of the new Lex Luthor Drop of Doom ride at Magic Mountain!

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