Hello, and welcome to [B]Dateline Disney World![/B] In this part of this week’s column, we’ll be talking about everything that didn’t happen in New Fantasyland this week. There were some [B]serious fireworks[/B], all of the scrims are down on [B]Main Street USA[/B], and we had a new addition at [B]Epcot[/B]. That said, let’s get started!!


Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!


[center][size=5][b]Mending Main Street[/b][/size]

We can finally celebrate the fact that all the scrims are down on Main Street USA! We’ll start with the Chamber of Commerce.




As expected, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Moving on to the Chapeau.



These building all look pristine!



The details are all wonderful, as well.



And we move down the street to the Main Street Bakery.



Beautiful colors, everything looking brand new!




Again, just as on the other buildings, the details look sparky and new.



It’s really awesome to see these views again, completely unobstructed.




This week saw the annual 4th of July festivities at Walt Disney World. On the 3rd, I was lucky enough to shoot the Magic Kindom show from the Polynesian beach. Here are some shots of it.






It was a beautiful show to see, and there’s no better place to see it than the Poly beach.


Welcome to Epcot!


[center][size=5][b]Phineas and Ferb Takeover[/b][/size]

The Agent P World Showcase overlay of the old Kim Possible attraction is now open.




The fact that this is open is slightly old news, but this week, Disney placed Phineas and Ferb topiaries in the center of Future World.



I know it isn’t my decision to make on these being here, but I think these are pretty ugly. A nice flower bed in this spot is enough during the non Flower and Garden season, but oh well.



Moving on to the Studios!


This 4th of July, I made the decision to shoot the fireworks shot at the Studios. The show was performed by Mulch, Sweat, and Shears, and was utterly fantastic. Disney really understands the concept of fireworks!






I know it is an operational nightmare, but I really wish we could see fireworks at DHS more often than special events such as the 4th and New Year’s Eve. It really is awesome to see, and much more satisfying than Fantasmic.






A great show, and a great way to celebrate our independence!

Well, that’s going to wrap it up for this part of this week’s Dateline. Have you ever been to Disney for the 4th of July? Let us know in the comments! And make sure to check out the other part of this week’s column that covers the New Fantasyland over at the Magic Kingdom!


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  • MrsMonroe

    everytime i see magic kingdom, namely main street, i cant help to think compared to disneyland, magic kingdom is just a theme park, nothing magical, has no “home” feeling like disneyland does

    • mratigan

      ^to me it is magical because I haven’t been it foooooooor ever
      Thanks Cory

  • Beautiful photos Cory! Those fireworks shots are unbelievable.

    Main Street looks so much better now that the scrims are down, but does everything look a bit more plastic since this refurb?

    • Cory Disbrow

      No, I wouldn’t say they look plastic. I think they just look so me compared to how they looked before the refurb that it might come across that way. In person, they’re stunning!

  • SpectroMan

    Amazing fireworks pictures! I’ve never seen them live at the Studios but I bet it’s really nice. Why are they an operational nightmare? They performed Sorcery in the Sky for years.

    • Cory Disbrow

      It becomes an operational nightmare because of the location in which they shoot off the fireworks. They do it directly behind the Great Movie Ride. That causes the Great Movie Ride, Pixar Place, Backlot, and the Streets of America to all have to close early.

  • CLHimelberger

    Wow, your photos are amazing. Thank you for posting the article !

  • Gullywhumper

    I hope that they put the trees back on the east side of Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. If you look at the pics down Main Street to Cinderella’s Castle, the trees are missing on the right hand side. It may be that they had to move the trees out to do the refurbishment work on the facades. I hope it doesn’t stay this way, with no trees on the east side of Main Street. Magic Kingdom, bring the trees back!

  • Wedbliss

    I was surprised to see that the Roy E. Disney window was removed during the Main Street refurb. I can’t remember a case of anyone’s window being removed. In addition to Roy, his ex-wife Patty and his children were also named on the window. I would be interested to hear why this happened and if the window is coming back at some point.

  • JiminyCricketFan

    I would love to see the fireworks at DHS on a regular basis. Even if it was only on Friday or Saturday. I think having a show themed to movie music would be spectacular and make the Studios a really go-to place at night.

  • originaljahwoo

    do those fireworks look as good as they do in the pictures in person? If so…wow…I think fireworks at disneyworld for the 4th of july may need to be added to my to do list!