We have a very special treat for your today. Stefan Zwanzger, world traveling “Theme Park Guy”, has been tracking the progress of Shanghai Disneyland for years on his own site thethemeparkguy.com. We now share his latest update from the Shanghai project, but you can find early updates on his website. It is a fascinating look at the impact that a certain mouse is having on a little known area of China. Enjoy!

shanghai disney resort layout theme park territory is marked red
Shanghai Disney Resort layout. Theme park territory is marked red.
the shanghai disney city office resides inside this skyscraper
The Shanghai Disney city office resides inside this skyscraper
balloons in the office and light at night thats a good sign
Balloons in the office and light at night. That’s a good sign!

Construction Update June 2014

Construction on the theme park site is in full swing now, with multiple structures rising including the Tron roller coaster, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, the Enchanted Storybook Castle, Pirates of the Caribbean and the resort hotels. The following pictures were taken on June 24, 2014:

Construction 'Roaring Rapids' on the left 'Pirates of the Caribbean' on the right.
Construction – ‘Roaring Rapids’ on the left, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ on the right
View from south of the Shanghai Disney lake.
View from south of the Shanghai Disney lake
Tron roller coaster under construction.
Tron roller coaster under construction
Fukushima decommissioning no its shanghai Disneyland in the making.
Shanghai Disneyland in the making
Coaster tracks stored outside.
Coaster tracks stored outside, probably belonging to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Farmers with the Tron Coaster in the distance.
Farmers with the Tron Coaster in the distance

The area around the park has been undergoing a breathtaking transformation since back in 2009. I will strive to bring you at least one more construction update prior to the opening. Thanks to the team of MiceChat for the opportunity to share these pictures!

  • dland_lover

    This is exciting to see! Well… except for the vanished village. That’s unfortunate. 🙁
    Thanks for sharing, Stefan!

  • jcruise86

    Walt had Disneyland, the ’64 World’s Fair and Disney World.
    Eisner had EuroDisney, the Grand Californian, the Animal Kingdom and its Lodge, and the Disney Cruise Line.
    And Bob Iger has this.

    A Tron coaster? You know this is being made because it’ll be so cool–not because Tron is “the IP with the greatest synergistic branding potential.” This could be great.

    So why Shanghai and not the more democratic South Korea or Rio?
    How about those large protests for democracy in Hong Kong last week?
    How about that guy in his shop selling only cigarettes in his abandoned village photographed above?

    China has been so ambitious on infrastructure–contrast with India or Indonesia’s Jakarta.
    But will a bit of America’s Disney inspire dreams?

    • napeterson18

      South Korea seems just a bit too close for comfort to Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea in my opinion. Also, the nation is in the midst of a ceasefire with North Korea – the two countries are still at war. I don’t think it would be smart to move into the (very small) country of South Korea where a war could potentially resume at a moment’s notice (though I’ll admit – unlikely anytime soon).

    • Ormly

      Its funny how we forget Walt’s older brother Roy O.

      I agree Walt had Disneyland and the ’64 World’s Fair, but Roy O. had Disney World. Let’s not forget him.

  • Algernon

    Ah, nothing like family entertainment. Bet Grandma and the baby are going to love that Tron Coaster and Mine Train Coaster. But that’s okay. Maybe they’ll put a version of the infantile Nemo Subs over there for them, and the rest of the family can wait outside while they go on the ride. And let’s not forget to add plenty of projections to all the other rides.

    • jcruise86

      ^ ^ I love projections as long as they are not underwater and as long as they continue almost seamlessly when the ride stops as they do on Universal’s Transformers. Soarin’ is one of my favorite attractions ever, as were some of the Circlevision films.

      Since the early 70s I’ve wanted an AA with perfectly realistic lip movements and I’m still waiting on that. But if you want new AAs check out the two updated rides at Knotts or the Dwarf Mine Train at WDW.

      There’s room for Space Mtn., Big Thunder, Splash Mtn., this new Tron coaster, Radiator Springs Racers, AND family attractions.

  • seenoevil

    Not all families consist of a grandma or little kids. How many families do you think there are that have older children? They don’t want “baby” rides.

    Stefan- Thanks for the update. What a huge project!