Photos in Wonderland is devoted to sharing the little details that make the parks special. This installment is a little different, let us know if you like it. I’ve selected a group of photos for you based on a prominent color scheme from around the Disneyland Resort.


During the holiday season, this load of pine trees was viewed from the Disneyland Railroad, awaiting shipment at the New Orleans Square depot.

This particular lighting fixture is just over head passing under the archways to either side of the Hollywood Backlot entrance inside California Adventure.

You’ll get an interesting view of the Jungle if you sit at the rear of the Jungle Cruise boat and look backwards. Of course, this is one of the best places in the resort to be surrounded by green. This particular view is near the Lost Safari scene (You know, I do think those explorers will finally get the point . . . in the end.).

Inside the store display window at Tower of Terror sits this small vignette: looks like in its heyday, the Hollywood Tower Hotel was no stranger to the rich and famous indulging in absinthe among the other delights the hotel had to offer.

Kermit the Frog isn’t the only one who’s green at Disney California Adventure. These fellows are hard to miss, and not just by their distinctive green tone and appearance. They make a lot of noise on the drums and megaphone-enhanced instructions shouted out to guests in the vicinity. They can most frequently be spotted along the Paradise Pier area of DCA.

That about wraps up this installment of Photos in Wonderland. We encourage you to get out there and explore the magic little details in the parks! Perhaps you’ll find something green to spark your interest.

As always, thank you for viewing this column and I hope that you’ll be coming back again soon! Next column, we’re going to head up the freeway for a little side trip to Universal Hollywood.