For the price of this book, you can now go back in time. You can visit the park that tried to bring together the best aspects of a traditional seaside amusement pier and the kind of art direction introduced by Disneyland, 35 miles to its southeast.


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  • Kennyland

    Great review. This book surpassed all my expectations. I couldn’t believe the quantity and quality of the photos in this book as well as lots of reading material. Everything about this book is a winner. It quickly became one of my favorite amusement/theme park books in my collection.

  • Algernon

    Here is a Youtube video showing POP:

  • tooncity

    So this park was really a BIG threat to Disneyland. Hence the huge expansion of ’59. After looking at the photos of P.O.P. you can see how Walt wanted to take everything they had done and make it great. Subs, Matterhorn, Skyway through the Mountain, Bigger Autopia, Full Size, real Submarine Fleet to counter the Diving Bells and Model of a Nuke Sub. Over the top Monorail.
    Seems like Walt was really worried about this competitor.

  • Country Bear

    Just ordered this.

    Thanks for the review and for bringing the book to our attention Werner.

    It will be interesting to read about the qualities and promises that this park held for its guests and whether those things were real or imagined. The subject matter looks very interesting and I can’t wait to go through it.

    Thanks again!