Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars Preview at Hong Kong Disneyland

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Published on July 08, 2012 at 1:03 am with 21 Comments

Yesterday, we showed you Hong Kong Disneyland’s new Frontierland, which they call Grizzly Gulch. Today, we’ll bring you a look at their big new attraction in the land, Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. We have some early photos from Alain Littaye of the Disney And More blog which seem to indicate that the new land has extensive theming and is quite immersive. The Mine Cars ride features animatronic bears and looks like it qualifies as a solid “E” ticket designation.


In this first article about Hong Kong Disneyland’s new land, Grizzly Gulch, we have an extensive look at the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars ride, from the entrance to the whole queue theming, as well as the bears audio-animatronics scenes. Special thanks to Marco and Keith who provided all of these photos.

We begin with the ride building entrance – the one of Big Grizzly Mountain mine company.

The height and health warnings at the entrance of Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars.

All of the following photos show the queue decor with antique mine props. The queue is full of great props and details. You can see the train track under you through a hole, and hear people on the train screaming, as well as bears roaring each time the mine cars pass underground.

The boarding room. All aboard!

The train departs through the mine company building.

Big Grizzly Mountain mine and the first scene with the Audio-Animatronics bears.

Moving outside again with pictures of the train in the lift where a cable breaks, sending the mine cars backward at high speed.

The train track with some of the little geysers where the mine cars go backward.

Dynamite boxes are visible before entering another tunnel which contains the second scene with the Audio-Animatronics bears.

Note the baby bear who is involuntarily pushing on the dynamite detonator while his mother is trying to catch the fish.

The catapult launch – thanks to the “dynamite blast”…and a little bit of modern technology.

More track outside before going back to unload in the mine building…

…and the last scene with the Audio-Animatronics bears who have finally succeed in catching the fish.

Here’s a point of view video. My feeling about this ride is that it will be extremely successful and it was done in a very smart way. You have a bit of Big Thunder for the mine theming, some charming Audio-Animatronics bears in the comic style of Marc Davis, a bit of Expedition Everest for the ride technology, and even a bit of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster for the catapult launch. It’s as if the Imagineers took the best parts of each ride to create a new one with the addition of the Audio-Animatronics scenes. Keith tells us that the ride itself exceeded his expectations. He liked the look WDI gave to the bears, something between reality and cute plush. The ride is a major addition for HKDL and will no doubt be tremendously successful!

Big Grizzly Mountain YouTube video from Michael20183

We’ll end this article with one of the posters that you can see on the walls of Grizzly Gulch near the Big Grizzly Mountain mine.

Thanks again to Marco and Keith for their great photos.

Let us know what you think of this fancy new attraction. Would you like to see this ride in a Disney park near you?

Yesterday, we published a column with photos from the new land of Grizzly Gulch. If you missed it, take a look HERE

Visit Alain’s fantastic Disney blog at

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  • Algernon

    Looks like a lot of fun!

  • Dusty Sage

    This new ride looks fantastic. I LOVE seeing them take some classic Disney ideas, like the Marc Davis style bears, and combine them with newer ride technology. What a great way to keep the Disnry legacy alive AND fresh at the same time. A little bit Big thunder, a bit Expediion Everest, with a dash of DCA’s Grizzly Mountain thrown in for good measure.

    Once Mystic Pointe opens next year, I’m thinking about making a trip back to this park. Who wants to go? MiceChat trip?

    • SirEdge

      That’s a great idea, Dusty!

      I’d love to meet you guys! Just give me a couple of months heads up, and (hopefully it’ll fall on a weekend) I can book a flight to HK as well!

  • nicktp9

    Here’s a good front row POV video:

    • Dusty Sage

      That’s a good one. Thank you. I think I’ll swap out the one we are using in the article with this one.

  • Susan Hughes

    I heard a rumor that when Shanghai Disneyland opens, they’ll be closing the under-performing Hong Kong Disneyland. But adding a new ride kinda makes that seem unlikely. Unless of course they plan to dismantle the park and move rides over to Shanghai.

    • Dusty Sage

      Completely false rumor Susan. Both Disney and the Hong Kong government are fully committed to HKDL and it’s expansion. New hotels and 2nd park are in planning stages.

    • ChrisFL

      As DustySage said, absolutely false. The two markets are COMPLETELY different. HKDL is in the midst of a massive expansion that finishes next year when Mystic Manor opens, and that should be another very successful attraction.

  • Barbossa

    Looks like a fun ride! My only gripes are that you can see the track switching over and you go along other parts of the track – would’ve been nice if the other sections of track were a bit more hidden. This coaster would’ve been fantastic in DCA. How about a Grizzy Peak expansion for Phase 2?

    • LoveStallion

      My thoughts, as well. It seems like all of the magic of the ride is too exposed. Big Thunder works because even though many different parts of the ride run right by each other, there are rocks and walls separating them. They should have done that here.

    • Internitty

      My thoughts exactly, this is just what DCA needs to replace the wilderness trail area.

      • Anaheimhomeboy

        This would a great addition to Grizzly Peak at DCA and you wouldn’t even need to use the valuable land at wilderness trail area. The peak itself has plenty of room including the backroad area that nobody really utilizes. I predict this will come to DCA for phase 2 but not exactly as laid out here in HK. Hope it does.

    • kirbilicious

      Agreed! The transition from forward to backwards is done so brilliantly with the with the chain snapping, I find it amazing how poorly the second transition is done. Why wouldn’t they just put this section indoors in the dark? It looks very cheap and the one glaring error of what looks like an otherwise great ride.

  • ChrisFL

    After seeing the POV videos, I really like how they implented the bears in this attraction. They’re not there attacking guests, but they’re being mischievous and not entirely on purpose.

    It whimsical in the classic Disney fashion and I really like that.

  • LoveStallion

    I feel like the mountain itself looks kinda like just a mound or a lump. I dunno. I love how interwoven the whole thing is with Grizzy Gulch, but they could have made the mountain a bit more impressive, a la California Adventure.

  • ralzap

    I was in HKDL today. Interesting park. Grrizzly Mtn. is not open until Saturrday. The park is missing a Haunted Mansion, and a Pirates of Carribean. Small, but the price is the same. Not a destination resort, but fun. Great transprtation to the park on the MTR (Octopus).
    Customer service needs some work.
    No good Disney HK souveniers…..
    Go to Shenzhen. This city is awesome……

    • Dusty Sage

      A Haunted Mansion type ride is opening next summer – Mystic Pointe. The ride will not be like other Haunted Mansions, not the same story line or theme, but it is supposed to be amazing. It’s a shame that they opted to build Toy Story Playland instead of the Pirates themed flume ride proposed. What a missed opportunity. I completely agree that this isn’t a destination resort. However, Hong Kong is a huge city and can easily support this park.

  • Jeff Heimbuch

    This seriously looks incredible, and I can’t wait to see it for myself one day!

  • George Taylor

    I love seeing Disney go all out with the theming of an attraction.

  • Sgt. Tibs

    is it just me or does the themeing all look a bit clean?

  • ralzap

    Thanks fot the info. Mystic Pointe. this would be a second anchor. Pirates would fit in with Adventure land. Grizzly Gulch, will be great. I like the rivers of america being a jumgle. Use what you have.

    The Transport to the park is really good, and they have a very inexpensive season pass.

    I hope the park is a huge success. Right now the Jury is out.

    I’m rooting for DLHK.

    If anyone in DLHK is listening. Full circle tours on the train are the norm. Why only half the trip.