Here’s part three of our “Disneyland History Through Post Cards” series. This time we’re taking a look at the motels of West Katella Avenue. ~~Rick

Islander Motel
424 West Katella Avenue



Too bad the awesome tiki-style sign was lost to the “Anaheim Resort” improvements. The buildings still retain the quasi-Asian style architecture. The motel is no longer “close to Movieland Wax Museum”. I wonder if they still offer Panelray Heat.


Maple Tree Inn / Lucky 7 Motel
435 West Katella Avenue





From what I can tell, it looks like the Maple Tree Inn evolved into the Lucky 7 Motel (Be Lucky – Stay Lucky). Somewhere along the line, Intercontinental Hotels Group started managing the property – first under the Holiday Inn Express flag and now under the Hotel Indigo flag. Note that in the bottom lobby photo, you can see across the street to the Islander Motel. (Photos copyright IHG Group).



Sir RuDimar Motel
615 West Katella Avenue



The “Magic Circle” around Disneyland no longer includes Sir RuDimar. It’s now home to this:


Waikiki Motel
631 West Katella Avenue

Another great sign lost to the “Anaheim Resort” project.



Looks like the Waikiki Motel gave way to the Desert Palms. The size of the Desert Palms property leads me to believe that it probably swallowed up the Waikiki Motel and possibly part of the Sir Rudimar Motel.


Alpine Motel
715 West Katella Avenue



Still here – rocking’ the theme even better than in the 50’s! For some reason, the hotel’s website doesn’t have a single exterior photo of the building! Have snow-capped motels gone out of style?


The Musketeer Motel
733 West Katella Avenue





I think we all know what’s behind THIS fence…


Stay tuned for more of these great old post cards!

  • erndog

    Thanks for the memories. Forty-one years ago my wife and I stayed at the Islander motel on our honeymoon.

  • IzzyInWonderland

    The architecture of the buildings and the concrete wasteland that made up most of these motels is most amazing to me. Hardly any landscaping! Pool smack dab in the middle of the parking lot. It’s so interesting to see. Such a great post, I’ll have to look for the others!

  • DisneylandManFan

    Great look at the past at the Disneyland Resort area. Even though I’ve never stayed at any of those properties, I certainly remember the signs. One of the last pics of the Musketeer Motel gave me a chuckle. Because, you know, when you’re at the pool, you ALWAYS have your shoes on. 😉

    • michael darling

      ^^ ha. Didnt notice that. And look how awkward everyone is posed around the pool. One level, with parking around the pool….that was neat. My folks stopped at places like this when I was little.