Disney fans know that Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955. That’s when Disneyland celebrates the anniversary of its opening. However, back in 1955, the official opening date was July 18.


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  • rstar

    These are the reasons I think the date is the 17th:

    1) This is the date that that the park first operated to guests. I’m sure that the rides were running and some people rode in them before hand. But the 17th was the day that Walt let a full park load of people in. From what I have heard, this was the main day in Walt’s eyes that his park ran at full capacity.

    2) While this was suppose to be a media only event, it didn’t turn out that way. Thousands of fake tickets were made, and while they were not purchased, a large amount of the public ended up coming in anyway (some jumping the fence to get in).

    3) It was the day that Walt publicly dedicated the park.

    4) As pointed out in this article, it was the date the opening was shown on TV. The public saw the park in operation on the 17th.

    5) This is the day that the Disney company has adopted as the official date.

    This is a wonderful article, with lots of great pictures. Thank you Werner! But you may want to proof read it a little. There are a larger than usual amount of typo errors.

    • Werner Weiss

      rstar, Please send a PM with the typos to me. I do not doubt that there are typos. Apparently, however, I am repeatedly reading what I intended to type, not what I actually typed. Thanks!

  • Susan Hughes

    The 17th is the opening day of Disneyland as far as I’m concerned. The whole world saw it that day, Walt did his famous speech, and (for the most part) the park was in operation. As far as I know, nothing special happened “the next day”.

    • Werner Weiss

      On “the next day,” July 18th, Disneyland opened to the general public. That’s something special as far as I’m concerned. And, for all other Disney theme parks, the official opening date is the first day that a park was open to the general public. I agree that Walt Disney’s televised dedication of Disneyland on July 17th makes July 17th even more special.

  • WDWfanBoston

    Rstar: You misspelled “proofread.” You also had a typo in point number two. Glass houses, buddy…

  • Lost Boy

    It opened on the 17th to invited guests only. There were a few Berm Crashers but they don’t count because they were in the Park illegally. The 18th was the first time they opened the gates to the public. That day was my 13th Birthday and I was there. It was an amazing day I will never forget. Total amazement at what was there, rode every ride and attraction that was open (some of them did not open for another month or two) and had dinner at the original Chicken Plantation Restaurant where the viewing area for Fantasmic now. Greatest day ever.

  • buzzyfan

    I think it’s the 17th because if that’s what Disney themselves say it is, than it is that.

  • Ravjay12

    Dedication day is always official opening day. Disney dedicated Disneyland July 17th 1955 even though there were previews before. They dedicated Cal Adventure Feb. 8 2001 and it was opened to previews before then. Attractions and parks get previewed before opening day all the time, but they have “official” opening days. Disneyland officially opened July 17th 1955. Just because it was invited guests only, doesn’t mean it’s not opening day.

  • WorldLover71

    Disneyland is special enough to merit two opening days and two-day anniversary celebrations!