Join us as we celebrate 100 episodes of the Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast.

It’s been nearly three and a half years since we began the podcast, at the time there had only been a few dedicated podcasts devoted to Universal Orlando or any of the Universal parks, but none of those lasted very long.

We took on the challenge of creating something that Universal fans would love, that would give first timers information on what’s at the park, but also be entertaining.

After a little over three years and 100 hundred episodes we have helped bring a Universal fan community together, create friendships, document much of the history of Universal Orlando, interview some great guests and prove that a Universal podcast does have longevity.

We celebrate this milestone by bringing you a show that is a combination of new segments and some old ones too.

We bring back “Thing’s Dad’s Don’t Think About,” followed by a UUOP Fact Hunter, which documents the timeline and progress of the show, we have a Funny Schmidt, one of Tracey’s poems and a listener Q & A with Abiram Brizuela.

We wrap up the show with some outtakes taken from our 100 episodes.

Thank you so much everyone for all the support and here is to 100 more.



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