As you sit around the dining room table tonight, trying to figure out your end of summer plans, we have an idea for you. D23 is taking their show on the road and may be coming soon to a city near you. We spoke to the magic makers at D23 and have some tips for you.

If you love Disney theme parks, movies, television shows, music and more, you are not going to want to miss D23’s Fanniversary Celebration. The interactive, roadshow event celebrates Disney favorites having landmark anniversaries this year.


“It’s our third year doing Fanniversary,” says D23’s Billy Stanek, one of the events hosts and writers, “and we love going around the country and meeting the fans. They love Disney as much as we do!”

Fanniversary began in 2012 in part as a response to D23 Members wanting more events in their hometowns, so the fan club looked at where they had their largest concentrations of members and took their show on the road.


This year’s show will celebrate fan favorites such as Splash Mountain, Disney-MGM Studios (now Disney’s Hollywood Studios), Donald Duck, The Little Mermaid, Big Thunder Mountain, Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins, and Disney’s significant contributions to the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair—“it’s a small world,” Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Carousel of Progress and Ford Magic Skyway.


“We’ve also interviewed some incredible Disney celebrities—Legends, Imagineers, you name it,” adds Stanek about the exclusive video content that will be shown. “And everyone one has an incredibly cool story to tell about their contributions to each project they worked on.”


Over the years, D23 has also added a live element to the show. “At first we were just talking about these amazing moments in Disney history,” says Walt Disney Archives Collections Specialist Kevin Kern, who will also be one of the events rotating hosts. “Now we do trivia with the audience, and afterward we feature items from the Archives for guests to see and photograph.”

This year D23 is bringing out two very special items: a hat that Julie Andrews wore in Mary Poppins and a Duckster award. “Some people may not be familiar with the Duckster,” adds Kern, noting its presence is in honor of Donald’s 80th anniversary. “It was created in 1952 as a way to honor people who’d made a significant contribution to the company. In fact Roy O. Disney even presented his brother Walt with one, which Walt proudly displayed in his office.”


As for their favorite ‘fanniversaries,” both Stanek and Kern say it’s hard to choose. “I grew up in the ’90s,” says Stanek, “so I have a particular love for the Disney Afternoon. I mean, we have this amazing footage of attractions being built and never-before-heard music, but I will always have a place in my heart for Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers.”

“I’m a huge fan of the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair,” says Kern. “And some of the photos and artwork we’re showcasing are just amazing. The Fair was such an innovative period of creative growth for the company, which makes its so interesting to chronicle. I can’t wait to share some of that with the fans. People are going to love it!”

For more information on D23 Disney Fanniversary Celebration and tickets, click here.

Complete list of cities:

  • August 9: Burbank, Calif.
  • August 10: San Diego
  • August 16 & 17: San Francisco
  • September 6: Chicago
  • September 13: Seattle
  • September 20: Atlanta
  • September 21: Philadelphia
  • September 26: Washington, D.C.
  • September 28: New York City
  • October 4: Boston
  • October 25: Orlando

Ticket options are available for members AND non members. Do you see a city near you on the list?

  • disdad

    How about they bring it internationally.

  • Werner Weiss

    According to the D23 website, Gold, Silver and Free Members will be required to show their D23 membership card.

    How does a D23 Free member show a D23 membership card when the D23 Free level does not provide a membership card?

    • Marko50

      Probably a question better asked of D23.

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  • Algernon

    They should have a mobile version of some of the rides that goes along with the tour, for example, a Splash Mountain ride vehicle mounted on a Star Tours-type simulator stand, surrounded by 360 degree projections of the ride, so that fans who live far away could experience the rides and want to visit Disneyland. The ride vehicles could be switched, say to Mr. Toad or Pirates, and the simulator reprogrammed for different rides.

    • EC82

      The costs for that would be exorbitant and prohibitive.

  • thejonesman

    Already bought my Fanniversary tickets!

  • MRaymond

    How about somewhere in the middle of the country? All events are east and west coast except Chicago. I’m sure there are some fans in Texas, Oklahoma or Kansas

    • Westsider

      Those fans are expected to fly or drive to Chicago, I believe.

      Four cities on the west coast, three alone in California. Tells you how powerful the Disneyland brand is to West Coasters.

    • I believe that the distribution of events more or less corresponds to the density of membership in each region. To lure more events to your area, talk more of your neighbors into joining. 😉

  • davidrusk

    Houston is the fourth largest city in America yet Disney isn’t coming here. Grrrrr….

  • TodAZ1

    THIS is one of the reasons why I love living in Chicago! ALL the shows come here! 🙂

  • Nola ron

    Yes noticed that none in the south at all. I’m sure can’t be the only fan here Louisiana that lives in a city that is part of Disneyland’s favorite area? Share the Love with all of the country.