South Korea’s Lotte World theme park celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The park is the 14th most visited theme park in the world, with 7,300,000 guests in 2013. The anniversary celebrations include a brand new nighttime spectacular parade called “Let’s Dream!”. Here are some photos and commentary provided by Alain Littaye of the Disney and more blog. ~~Rick

Let’s Dream! A Spectacular Nighttime Parade
Celebrating Lotte World 25th Anniversary
Directed by Taylor Jeffs and Gary Goddard


“Let’s Dream!” started a few days ago and has been a smash hit so far. People are saying that it may be the best light parade ever created. In addition to amazing floats, there are a couple of really neat “firsts” in the show, including the entertainment world’s largest fleet of drones, the flying lanterns you’ll see in the video…



…as well as the first “hologram” float with the flying fairy that you can see on the picture below!


The next pictures show the moment of the rising castle as well as a procession scene with Korean lanterns before the parade with the floats.




Park guests are actually the stars of the parade. In the pre-show, different areas of the audience hear six different “bedtime stories” about dreams, and then they see each of those dreams come true in the parade. Those are actually park guests on the bed on the first float, in the mermaid bowl, on the magic carpet, etc.

Also, the score was written by Benoit Jutras – composer of Cirque du Soleil and Franco Dragone’s biggest hits, including “O”, La Nouba, Quidam, Le Reve, and others.







I think that Taylor, Gary and the whole team did a fantastic job as you’ll see on the HD video below showing the entire “Let’s Dream!” parade. In the video, the drones start to rise up at 11:22. The hologram comes by around 15:08, but is a bit more hard to see in the video. Take a look and let us know what you think about this spectacular parade!

Pictures: copyright Gary Goddard – Lotte World

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  • Ian P

    Wow, I hope Disney are watching this!

    • redrhino54

      LMAO…Yeah, ok, im sure Disney is shaking in their boots….lol….It is a decent parade .

  • Park Hopper

    I’m not in love with this parade. It’s pretty and the rising balloons were a nice touch. But the best night time parade ever…? I don’t think so. The Dreamlights Parade at Tokyo Disneyland is far superior. I found the music in this parade to be lacking. The melody was repetitive and not memorable. They should have changed the arrangement to blend in with the different units, but it remained the same throughout the parade.

    Half the show was someone talking, and if you don’t understand the language, that can be tedious. And when the parade finally started, it was too brief, the different sections too small.

    I will say this is probably the best nighttime parade I’ve seen outside of a Disney Park, but both Fantillusion and the aforementioned Dreamlights Parade blow it out of the water.

  • Baloo

    It is kind of cool, music in all parades are repetitive so it did not bother me but I wish that the parade route was a bit larger so that they could space out all the floats and dancers a bit more.
    Does not seem like its possible though because I could see the first float waiting for the last float to come out of the starting area so that it can leave the parade route.

    Love all the lighting inside though pretty cool. Wish Disney had thought about drones for a Lantern scene based on TANGLED in a fireworks show or even World of Color. That would look really cool and be more impressive than just projections on water screens

    • lionheartkc

      The drone idea is pretty cool, but unfortunately would only work in an enclosed space. One blast of wind and it would be a disaster.

  • Westsider

    Some cool technology on display there, especially the floating lantern drones.

    But I think a lot of this is lost in the translation, or wouldn’t work culturally in America. Especially the long “bedtime story” told by the perky bike ladies. You’d lose half the audience by five minutes in if they tried that at Disneyland or DCA. The characters look like cheap Saturday morning cartoon creations, but I will just assume they are of some relevance to Korean kids.

    The rest of the parade is pretty standard theme park entertainment circa 2005-2014: Stilt walkers, guys on bikes with mechanical junk piled on it, bulky and stiff costumes with LED lighting strung through them, smile-smile, wave-wave, rinse-repeat.

  • composerboy

    I did the sound design and mix for this!