Ahoy there SeaWorld lovers!  As Summer crowds swell, the park by the bay expands its offerings to meet the demand. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to find.


This popular show was recently retooled and now features a trampoline act. You’ll also find new costumes and a refreshed set.

If you have seen this show before, SeaWorld has completely revamped it and we think it’s better than ever!

Something new this year is the “SeaWorld Block Party”. Twice a day, guests can dance with
SeaWorld characters. This is something – if you can’t already tell – more for the little kids.

Speaking of dancing, SeaWorld has also brought back their “Club Atlantis” nightly dance party.

Every week, from Thursday through Sunday, a Dj from a local radio station mixes up different songs while guests dance. From time to time, a dance group will perform.

New this year is a Coca-Cola VIP lounge.

The DJ booth.

The nighttime “SeaLions Tonite” show returns with new skits. If you’re not familiar with the show, it makes fun of other SeaWorld shows and attraction. they’ve added a Manta skit for the season.

There are also some favorites like a Cirque De La Mer skit…

 …and a Blue Horizon skit.

The highlight of the whole Summer Nights event is “Shamu Rocks”.

The show uses hundreds of lights and spectacular behaviors which create a great production.

Excuse the camera quality on this night shot, but this photo is actually important. SeaWorld is taking many safety precautions so that the incident at SeaWorld Orlando won’t happen again. Now, when they do the behavior when the trainer gives the whale a hug, they must put a metal piece in between them.

Also new in the nighttime show are fountains. These fountains were put in for the daytime show – “One Ocean”.


Here’s is what the entrance of Manta looks like at night.

 The aquarium / ride queue at night.

 Guests haven’t been too kind to the new wood work.

Have you visited Summer Nights at SeaWorld San Diego?