This week, celebrate Mousetalgia’s 300th episode with us as Jeff travels across the country to Orlando and reports on his June trip to Walt Disney World. From the dramatic humidity changes to the wide boulevards and enormous castle, we discuss the differences between the east and west coast Disney parks and form some conclusions. Topics include highlights of the various parks, food and dining options, Cast Members, the use of space, aging water spectacles, and the billion-dollar Magic Bands. Agree or disagree, you’re sure to find something to ponder as we discuss the various parks and opportunities afforded on a trip to the number one vacation destination in the world. Also, Team Mousetalgia reminisces about the past 300 episodes, and we share some memories and highlights. Plus – our biggest sweepstakes ever: your chance to win a 3 day, 3 night trip for 4 to the Disneyland Resort! Listen to win!

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  • solarnole

    Walt Disney designed WDW because Disneyland was too tiny. Build a castle, a geosphere or a tree of life before you throw stones.

    World of color looks lame watching movie previews on water screens in a small roller coaster lake. Illuminations is a celebration of Earth on a mile around lagoon and it has never forced people to watch movie trailers.

  • Bobbee

    We have been debating a big family trip to WDW for years, so this info was great. At this point I am thinking it isn’t worth the expense. I also agree that it’s fine to have a preference to either WDW or DLand without facing a knee-jerk nasty response. I think the podcast came across as balanced and objective.

    • solarnole

      Pop century is barley even a Disney resort. It’s a lot different experience if you take a boat or a monorail from your hotel or from your log cabin and see fireworks on the beach each night after the boat parade instead of highway traffic and an IHOP at Disneyland.

      Plus west coast fans always seem to skip the water parks. Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach have some of the best theming of any park.

      Disneyland you can do in two days max. WDW you could spend a whole week doing stuff without even entering a park. Walt made the vacation kingdom for a reason and it was so epic that he died making it and his brother had to finish it.

  • Walt Disney World will sell you a resort package including a stay at Pop Century, so it deserves mention as part of a WDW vacation review. Anyone that does Disneyland in two days is missing a minimum of 50% of the attractions in my opinion, but that may be sufficient for that person. Everyone takes their own different expectations into a Disney park, and succeeds or fails at meeting those expectations based on any number of circumstances. solarnole, you are describing someone who enjoys the full resort experience (wanting to leave the parks to a Monorail or fireworks on a beach, rather than the IHOP across the street), which I mentioned at the end of the show. That’s clearly something you can only find at Walt Disney World. I’m pretty sure Walt’s death didn’t have anything to do with how “epic” the Florida project was, but maybe you were just saying that he happened to die during the process, which I understand.

    I’ve been to Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach on previous trips, and you are correct – both are themed wonderfully; perhaps not the best of any park in my opinion, but they are quite nice. They are more examples of WDW’s resort lifestyle vs. Disneyland’s reputation as a locals hang-out, or a quicker family vacation getaway destination.

    And if you prefer IllumiNations to World of Color, I’m obviously not going to argue that your own personal preference is wrong. You wouldn’t be alone.

  • Also – I highly recommend David Koenig’s recently re-released “Realityland” for an accurate portrayal of Walt and his company’s perspective on the development of Walt Disney World. We’re going to have David on the show next week to talk a little bit about his process of writing his various books, and some of his favorite Disney park anecdotes.

  • Geezer

    Thanks guys, I enjoyed the show…..
    I’ll preface my comments by saying these are all my opinions……I really don’t need snarks.

    Walt had the imagination and the power to make singular decisions in DL. I’ve always thought that he never would have repeated himself in Florida. The existing Florida resort is very far away from Walts vision. I think his EPCOT model, upstairs in DLs COP is much closer to his vision. This is supported by much work that was already being published by companies who’d been working on the “City” since the early 60s.

    Of course, looking at the “improvements” in NOS, we may soon find there is little of the original quality left in DL.

  • Co Foo

    The best things at Disney Parks are found at Disneyland/Magic Kingdom. The other parks are great, but the reason I go to Disney is for rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, etc. I enjoy EPCOT, but there’s only so many times that I need to see a copy of Germany.

    My main conclusion here is that if you want to spend just a weekend, the better place to go is Disneyland. You get the same rides as Magic Kingdom, plus Indiana Jones, Matterhorn, and Star Tours. If you’re going to take a week, then I’d go to Disney World where you have the other parks to experience.

    Living in California I like to go to Disneyland every year to get my fix and Disney World every 5 years or so for an extended trip.