Disneyland celebrates 59 years and looks ahead to 60 as Club 33 reopens with major changes

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Published on July 21, 2014 at 7:03 am with 128 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy writes the weekly Dateline Disneyland column, which can be found every Monday on MiceChat.

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  1. Wow as I read some of the comments it is hard to fathom anything that Disney does will satisfy anyone,while I agree something needs to be done about the fantasmic poachers(like say rules changes)with the possibility of say world of color approach……to me laying a huge blanket down and sleeping there is rude APer OR not……..Disney is Disney what walt would’ve done no one knows…….Walt would probably be more disappointed in America more than anything else…the lack of vision and greed would have irritated him to no end..you see he was a futurist,he liked to preserve the past but innovate the future…..can we say as a country we have done that,transportation,education,power grid,modernization……we as a group would have disappointed him…so whatever Disneyland does so be it …they try to preserve the past while always moving forward …I truly wish American industries felt that way…..and believe you me if he was alive he would saying to us let innovate and move forward…there’s a great new tomorrow each and every day but we seem to have forgotten that part of Disney…oh by the way as an APer I have no priveges more than anyone else…the only thimg I wish is preserving the family atmosphere THAT IS DISNEY…..just be polite and respectful….

  2. The most appalling thing is that it was completely unnecessary. They could have expanded 33 without closing COA.
    At the top of the staircase, if you went to the left you would enter club 33. If you went to the right there was a very large storage room, hallways and dressing rooms for the musicians. They could have converted all this space into 33 (which is what they did) WITHOUT affecting the Court of Angels or the original 33.
    They would have made the same amount of money.
    A simple iron wrought bridge or an underground corridor could have linked it with the other building. God knows there are plenty of large basements under NOS. These rooms could also have been used to expand 33.
    But don’t take my word for it—just look at the photos-COA isn’t affected now.

  3. I know that there are many who say that Disneyland wasn’t meant to be a museum, and to an extent I agree with them, but I believe there are some parts that are special because of what they were and should not be transformed into something else. Club 33 was one of those places. It was rich in its history and going there would be a connection to the past. What next? Give Walt’s apartment a makeover? Renovating Club 33 takes away its intrigue and makes it just another expensive restaurant that could be anywhere in the park. The expansion doesn’t bother me except for how poorly it was done. The new railings and gates in COA look busy, out of place and cheap. The exteriors to the buildings of NOS look unfinished and don’t fit the time period. I truly hope they plan to paint the building with the off center window and put a balcony on it or something… the whole project was not done right. I also agree that all of this could have been done without taking away COA from public access. I didn’t realize the new jazz club was going to be just a lounge. I thought it would be an area with small stage with live jazz music/singers.

    Nashville in Frontierland? Why?! What happened to: “Here you leave today”? What about this show is leaving today? When I go to Disneyland I want to be transported to another time and place. A sleazy soap opera has no place in Frontierland. They have them answering trivia questions? Like what? How many people has this character slept with this season? Not exactly family entertainment. I’m very sad we lost the Billies for this.

  4. [...] been controversial, to say the least. My good friend Andy Castro of Dateline Disneyland has some great pictures and commentary of the new club, that I encourage you to check out, but the short version is that the legacy and [...]

  5. [...] Before we start, you may want to check out the new version of the club, which is nice in a French Quarter Marriott sort of way but seems to be missing the detail pass it would have been given by a real interior designer or—more accurately, considering the experience of the original Imagineers—a movie art director. (Compare the old and new window treatments to see what I mean). Mice Chat’s Andy Castro shot an excellent interior and exterior photo tour of the revamped club, which you can find by scrolling down a bit in this Dateline Disneyland update. [...]

  6. [...] Just last spring, we had the honor to have lunch at Disneyland’s historically mysterious Club 33 restaurant in New Orleans’ Square. I am still so thankful for the experience, but now all the more so with these drastic changes that have just been revealed to the public. With a brand new entrance, renovated dining rooms, and a brand new jazz club expansion, it’s almost an entirely new attraction. See all the changes for yourself in this photo tour on MiceChat. [...]

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