This week, we’re taking a look at some of the projects at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  There are plenty of construction walls being moved around as little projects continue throughout the park.  We will also be looking at the surrounding area near the new Harambe Theater.  As with everything else in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the details are exceptional.  Of course it wouldn’t be an Animal Kingdom update without pics from the amazing surroundings of the dense jungle. . . Let’s go!


Outside the park is really the only place you can see Avatar construction.  That is, if you CRANE your neck just right.
Welcome to the park!

Big walls up near the bridge to Discovery Island.
Also notice there is no more wait times board!

Again, nothing new to see in terms of Avatar from inside the park.  It’s just too far away to photograph.

I love these statues.
Walls near the Africa entrance as well.

I know I’m quite some time behind, but I have yet to cover the new Harambe Theater in Africa, where the Festival of the Lion King now takes place. Lots of photos incoming.

Details everywhere.

Main entrance.

Only at Animal Kingdom do restrooms look like this.

Overall, I think Disney really nailed this one. The area blends right into the Harambe aesthetic, which is where this show probably should have been from Day One. I love all of the detail that goes into Animal Kingdom, and now its top show finally has a proper home. Even if Avatar turns out to be a flop(which I don’t think it will be), we at least got this out of it!

The stage inside looks almost identical to my eyes to the old theater.
More walls, this time from Africa to Asia.
Tarps up near the Tree of Life.

Walls up at the tough to be a bug exit.

Walls also up near Flame Tree BBQ.
Using the walls as a menu.
More walls near the gift shop across from the BBQ.

I’ve always loved the merchandise at Animal Kingdom, very classy.
Time to head out!

That’s it for this week’s column! What are your thoughts on the new Harambe Theater?  Let us know in the comments!!

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