A quiet week at the Disneyland Resort allows us to stroll and bring you a photo-filled update from both parks.  Yes, Club 33 has opened.  But now that it is all squared away, for the most part, construction walls no longer impact regular park guests. There are minor projects happening around Disneyland Park including work at the front gate and the construction of the Main Street Arcade backstage.  The park continues to sparkle as it prepares for the 60th anniversary next year. We have some shots from around the park including a photo spread of of the bright and colorful Soundsational Parade. Refurbs are tapering off but there are still a few things on the boards for now including downtime for Peter Pan’s Flight, the Sailing Ship Columbia, and a possible return for Captain EO.  In Disney California Adventure, the Planes franchise has invaded Condor Flats and the gazebo project on the pier continues.  Let’s get started.

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Front Gate

Work on the eastern side of the front gate continues.  There are no major changes expected here.  The refurbishment  should finish up just in time for the pumpkins for Halloween Time to be installed.





Main Street Arcade

We see that the access path that will run along the back side Main Street is still under construction.  This new passage will allow guests to make their way in or out of the park during busy periods such as parade or fireworks.




Refurb Round Up

The current refurb schedule shows quite a few short refurbs.

Peter Pan’s Flight – Closed for refurbishment July 28, 2014 to July 31, 2014
Sailing Ship Columbia – Closed for refurbishment August 26, 2014 to August 28, 2014
The Haunted Mansion – Closed for refurbishment August 25, 2014 to September 11, 2014
Captain EO – Closed for refurbishment August 16, 2014 to August 17, 2014
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage – Closed for refurbishment January 5, 2014 to September 26, 2014


Premiering on May 27th 2011, Steve Davison’s  Soundsational Parade is still going strong and entertaining guests.  Let’s take a minute to enjoy some pics from this colorful, infectious parade.





















Legends of Frontierland

This week a few new things were added to the wildly successful Legends of Frontierland game in Frontierland.  To begin with, a new themed drink stand was installed offering drinks that will somehow “help” players along in the game. 



In a minor snafu, a “carnival” was attempted in Frontierland within the framework of the game.  Cast Members encouraged players to bring various items into the park.  The idea was to play a variety of little games with these objects in order to collect the currency of the game, otherwise known as “Bits”.




As guests showed up to the front gates of the park with various things they were encouraged to bring for the game, they were turned away at the security tents.  What the players of the game were left with was some ring toss and pin tape the tail on the donkey.









The point of the whole incident is that the cast members who are tasked with engaging the guests playing the game are really giving it their all.  It would just be a good idea if they got the cooperation from management before asking guests to take the game into new directions.  It must be said that despite this little hiccup, people still played the game and and really seem to love it.

Columbia Goodwill

We’d like to give some kudos to Disneyland for how they handled an incident involving the Columbia.  The boat stopped suddenly, stranding people on its sun-drenched deck.  After getting the boat back to the dock, First Aid was on hand to take care of any passengers that may have gotten too much heat or sun.  As the stranded guests disembarked, Cast Members were there to hand them ice-cold bottles of water.  THAT is Disney customer service.



Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

The Submarine Voyage continues its refurbishment as portions of the track are replaced and the rock work around the tunnels into the show building are refurbished.







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Disney California Adventure is a pretty quiet place lately.  With all of the news coming out of Disneyland, with its refurbs and anniversaries and all, the other park has been holding its own.  Let’s take in some of the scenery.










Planes Invade DCA Again

Condor Flats has been invaded once again by the Planes franchise.  Planes: Fire and Rescue graphics were added to the Grizzly Peak billboard at the far end of the land.



Closer to Soarin’, a flex merchandise space was set up.





Paradise Pier Structure

Yes, the Paradise Pier gazebo refurbishment is STILL going on.  We are all for doing the job right instead of just doing the job.  But the extreme length of time it’s taking to fix this is a little crazy.









If you haven’t yet, we’d like to recommend you check out the other article we ran today on Knott’s Berry Farm.  There are some wonderful pics there as well as a special ticket offer.

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We’ll see you soon, In The Parks!

  • red barchetta

    I’m surprised this site hasn’t yet mentioned that Planes characters were also added to Soarin’s pre-show weeks ago.

    • mratigan

      ^ I think they added those last year for the first film….
      Great update too!!!

  • eicarr

    I hope a Star Wars Rebels preview(premiering in October) goes in the Magic Eye Theater after Guardians Of the Galexy comes out.

  • met19

    didn’t kevin kidney and jody daily design sound sensational?

  • Fukai

    Yes they did. Soundsational Parade was designed by Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily. They also did the 30th Anniversary Parade for Tokyo Disneyland, Happiness is Here.

  • MyFriendtheAtom

    eventually they shold ask everyone in frontierland to go over to new orleans square and paint that hideous facade

  • garyman

    Nice update as always.

  • gboiler1

    Yay! I’ll be there tomorrow evening…can’t wait. First visit since 2008!

    • amyuilani

      Have a great time! I was there on Saturday, July 5, and was shocked by how light the crowd was. We walked on to practically everything, even Radiator Springs (single rider). The longest line of the day was Toy Story at 30 minutes. I am loving the Saturday blockouts for all but premium passes. It makes the crowds so much more comfortable.

  • FerretAfros

    What sort of items were guests encouraged to bring that got turned away at security? Roughly how many guests actually attempted to do this? And how would the items have been used in the game? It sounds plausible enough that I’m sure it happened, but the details are incredibly vague

  • amyuilani

    I’m glad you featured Soundsational this week. It’s an underrated show with a very infectious soundtrack. I think it’s interesting that there is a section for Saludos Amigos! when it is a virtually forgotten movie among the Disney collection. I also think the princess section, while obligatory, is kind of silly. The choreography for the princesses is so fake and bad that it’s laughable, but not as bad as it was in Parade of the Stars.

  • Lakerfan3224

    Will they be adding any upgrades to Peter Pan during the refurbishment next week for the 60 year anniversary?

    • Brisk

      No, that’ll take longer than just a few days to do. They need the time to put the new stuff in, test it and such. Expect Peter Pan to go back down closer to the end of this year, beginning of next.

  • joshteevee

    Great update!

    Having seen Planes: Fire and Rescue, I’m fine with the characters being added to DCA. The first film was just OK, but the sequel is VERY good. The Piston Peak national park setting in the film reminded me the entire time of Grizzly Peak. I wouldn’t mind seeing a more permanent Planes attraction added to Condor Flats/Grizzly Peak (though, not at the expense of existing attractions).

  • sfjgarcia

    Gorgeous photos Norman. Thank you for sharing and I’ve all the details in the photos. Great job.

  • TodAZ1

    The sign in the window showing Mickey with the Monorail and the saying “Please stand clear of the door” with ‘Disneyland’ underneath that. Isn’t the “Please stand clear of the door” a Magic Kingdom/WDW Monorail saying? Or do they say that on Disneyland’s Monorail too? Gotta say, there’s not a lot of standing on Disneyland’s Monorail.

    • billyjobobb

      merchandising is no longer park specific.

  • Brisk

    Great update of In the Parks for once! I vote Norm writes it, and Andy sticks to just taking the photos. Less of a negative influence that way. Can’t wait to try out the new game in Frontierland!

  • who is this Joe Kleiman that you have guest hosting the podcast? It sounds like he’s dying of heat stroke. Maybe if you guys offered him sunscreen and first aid, he wouldn’t be saying silly things like how that German coaster is an SLC when in fact it’s a winged coaster.

  • CThaddeus

    There is another instance of “Planes: Fire and Rescue” being used nearby – in the preshow video of Soarin’ Over California. I stumbled across it last night. Instead of the usual video of city names “flying” through the clouds, they’ve redone it in CG to include characters from the “Planes” sequel. It’s nothing fancy…just another way for Disney to promote the film. Fortunately, it does not carry over into the Patrick Warburton portion or the attraction itself.

  • bayouguy

    The gazebo refurb reminds me of the Love It or List It show where the hostess who is in charge of redesigning a house always has a problem pop up and gets huffy when the carpinter tells her of the problem and what it would cost to fix it.