A classic movie inspired classic dark rides at Disney theme parks worldwide. The Florida edition of Snow White’s Scary Adventures is part of Yester World. So let’s go on the ride…


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  • Disneykin Kid

    I didn’t realize how complete the dark ride was. I never saw it in person, but I just watched it on You Tube. It looks like a D Ticket, or even just short of an E Ticket. It certainly seems to tell a more complete story than the Little Mermaid ride. Now with the Mine Train, there is hardly a story at all, just inside the mine, and the cottage at the end, and the rest roller coaster. I really think they needed more inside scenes with the Mine Train, and less roller coaster, but maybe they had space constrictions. The Mine Train should have been everything the old ride was, plus a little excitement with the roller coaster.

  • skoolpsyk

    “Magic Kingdom Park now has the best Snow White ride of any Disney theme park.”

    I think many people are going to disagree with this statement…

    • solarnole

      One scene on a out and back kids coaster is better then a ride with a complete story.

  • TheBig2na

    Replacing a ride is great, but with a meet and greet? no. I suppose having two Snow White related rides near each other might now have worked, but making a new dark ride in the space would have been much better. The new ride looks great though even if it is a bit short, and by a bit I mean a whole lot.

  • OprylandUSA

    “Step out to your left, please, when the car stops. Step out to your left.”

  • EasyRover

    I rode the original at Magic Kingdom, for the first time in the mid 1980s, and was absolutely terrified. As soon as the queen spun around and morphed into the witch, for the remainder of the ride my eyes were closed an head buried in crotch.

    • Marko50

      Wow! That musta hurt!

  • fnord

    Loved that ride, and Mr. Toad, and Peter Pan. Never rode the remake.
    There’s too much lame outdoor coaster footage and way too little story, to make the claim that the new mine train can compete with the others

  • Algernon

    Those Fantasyland dark rides are like stepping into another world. They are the heart of Disneyland. Too bad they’ll probably ruin them down the road, like they did The Swiss Treehouse and the Subs, or close them and replace them with nothing. Turning them into roller coasters is Coney Island all the way–exactly what Walt Disney wanted to get away from. But what do you expect from, in my opinion, a bunch of overpaid elites, who sip Champaign in Club 33 with all the other VERY untalented Hollywood Wolf of Wall Street types (seen any good movies this summer?).

    • Timekeeper



  • Timekeeper

    Outside of that off point comment, I think it’s a shame that it’s now a mega-princess meet’n’greet, as they could have built (and included in their budget for their fantasyland expansion), an off-site fairytale hall situated between Belle’s Village and Prince Eric’s Castle (or converted the fantasyland skyway station instead of the Tangeled Restrooms.)

    I’m glad that I got a chance to ride SWSA back in both 2002 and 2007, as that crucial ending is missing in DL’s version (but thankfully is found in DLP’s.)


    • Darth Goofy

      Many guests feel the same. With all the land available why would they close a classic attraction for a Princess Meet and Greet when the meet and greet could have been built in another area.

      Two words, “Bean Counters.” The cost to operate Snow White vs. the $$ that would be made on Princess Memorabilia was a no brainer for the bottom line.

      Snow White you will be missed. 🙁

    • solarnole

      I think that they should put the princess meet and greet on Tom Sawyer island. It would help with crowd control and it would send a bunch of people to an area where no one goes. Plus people would be trapped on the island. They could build a gift shop at the boat loading area to get off the island so the only exit is through the gift shop. Plus they could theme the rifts to tangled boats or Viking ships and put a castle on the island.

      Destroying an indoor ride that everyone can ride was stupid. Mine train has a higher height requirement and has to close in bad weather. They could had just changed the theme from Snow White to Tangled, Frozen, or a screen based princess party ride.

  • Ravjay12

    Was it really that great of a ride? I’ve been on both versions at both coasts, and I don’t think anyone is complaining about the removal except for the purists. It’s time has come and gone. Besides, it was too terrifying for little kids. Something better has replaced it. It’s still at Disneyland and Tokyo isn’t it? Go see it there if you really miss it, along with Mr. Toad. The Princess meet and greet that replaced Snow White is much better than the original design for New Fantasyland when the whole area was one big meet and greet.

  • wendygirl1979

    Snow White was one of the rides that I remembered fondly from my late 80’s visit to WDW (although COP and Peter Pan were my 1 and 2 pick). I don’t remember it being scary- but I was a weird child. Great article!

  • bayouguy

    The (somewhat) Original will always be the standard.

  • futureskipper

    I wish I could have rode the origonal version of Disney World’s SWSA. While I wasn’t a fan of the second version, I think I would have liked the older version a lot.

  • EC82

    It’s been three years since I last set foot in The Magic Kingdom. I didn’t realize the ride had been taken out … or that a fully immersive dark ride had been removed to make way for a Princess meet-and-greet whose primary purpose is to motivate merchandise sales. That’s sad. That’s really, REALLY sad.