Alain Littaye has some great photos of the theming in the area surrounding the new Ratatouille attraction in Walt Disney Studios at the Disneyland Paris Resort. ~~Rick

Ratatouille Land: An In-Depth Look!
by Alain Littaye
Disney and more blog


Here’s a new Disneyland Paris update thanks to Max, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster. This time we’ll have a look at the area surrounding the new Ratatouille attraction. You’ll see plenty of new theming that you’ve not seen before!

This land has become instantly popular from day one, with long lines to access to the ride. It’s nice to see plenty of guests enjoying it after we’ve seen it in construction the last two and a half years. Just like in the real Paris, you can even see – picture above – two lovers relaxing on a bench…

Note that the weather was cloudy and rainy a few days ago when Max shot the pictures.



By the way, the water pressure on Remy’s fountain at the center of the plaza was reduced to avoid having too much water “flying” when there are strong winds.


In addition to the new pictures showing you other parts of the land that you’ll see in a few seconds I also asked Max if he could shoot pictures of the “reverse angle”, as well as the arch leading to Toy Story Land, the one with the bust of Gusteau which was hidden during the works.




The main reason I was interested to get some shots of the reverse angle was to see if there is a visual intrusion of Toy Story Playland Parachute Drop and RC Racer rides for someone standing in the Ratatouille land . As I suspected and as you can see on the pictures above and below, there IS a serious visual intrusion problem. You can’t escape seeing the Parachute Drop and RC Racer from Ratatouille land. And, as Peter, a D&M reader just reminded me on the D&M Facebook page, let’s not forget the “scream intrusion” with the screams of the guests on RC Racer! Don’t blame DLP Imagineers as it was almost impossible to hide the two rides, unless the Ratatouille land would have been built in a different location. Hopefully when the vegetation grows up in the future it might hide them a bit more.





Here is a panoramic view that I’ve quickly done with two of the views above to show you all in one shot.


Not too far from the fountain, the merchandise shop “Chez Marianne” is still not open to guests but the exterior is complete.








I’ve promised you pictures of the land that you’ve not seen before, so let’s explore the theming of the area in and around the covered market structure where guests are waiting before entering the show building.



Giant poster advertisements with Gusteau and Anton Ego are displayed on the walls.








Near the covered market structure is more theming, like these shop and hotel facades.










A plaque in tribute to the great Chef Paul Bocuse who partly served as inspiration for Gusteau can be seen on the walls.



At the ride entrance Fast Pass guests will note the hidden Mickey “holding” the clock.


Let’s have a look now at some pictures of the queue decor and loading room!



There are so many rooftops and chimneys in there, they could do a Mary Poppins ride!





Max did the ride once again…



…and suddenly: a 101! Technical problem, projections and vehicles stopped, guests were escorted by cast members to the exit… and Max filmed everything as you will see on the video below.


There is more Disneyland Paris updates coming very soon and next time we’ll have a look at the Disneyland park.

Pictures: copyright Max Fan – DLPWelcome

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  • robbiem

    Thanks for the essay. The land looks great but I still think putting a Parisian land in Paris is a little weird. I mean when magic kingdom was being planned here was no New Orleans square because Orlando was close to the real thing and here we have mock Paris a train ride com the real thing. If this was stateside or in Japan or Hong Kong I’d see the point but why didn’t they go for something more exotic for Europeans?

    • LoveStallion

      Agreed, but then bear in mind all of the guests at MK asked where the pirates were, so PotC was hastily added into Adventureland.

      But at least Pirates is still a step into a bygone world. Swanky Paris streets 20 miles east of actual Paris is a bit weird.

      If this doesn’t wind up going in at Epcot, then consider me flummoxed. Granted, I think the ride is underwhelming, but still.

  • Ravjay12

    This would be a great addition to Paris Pavilion at Epcot. This is a great attraction for an underwhelming park, and hopefully we’ll see more stuff built of this quality in the future.

  • wishyouwell

    If you guys think having a Paris miniland in Paris is weird, wait till you see what they built in California next to Disneyland.

    • solarnole

      WDW is building Disney Springs an area in Florida that represents a historic Florida town with massive parking garages, highway over passes and more rides then DCA had at opening.

      At least they are learning from their mistakes …

      • bocabear

        There will be no rides at Disney Springs, and it is just a redesign of their existing Downtown Disney Area… I would not anticipate the theming to be any more spectacular that any lifestyle mall in any metro area in the US…Certainly not a theme park.

      • CoffeeJedi

        * *

        I think you missed something.

    • ChrisNJ

      Good one Wishyouwell. You are talking about Carsland, right? Cause California has lots of cars already.

  • Dan Heaton

    I’m glad to see that they’re spending time on upgrading the Paris park. I do wish they’d do attractions on the scale in parks like EPCOT and the Hollywood Studios, which need a lot of help these days creatively.

  • jcruise86

    This park was so depressingly ugly when I was there that I’d’ve welcomed “visual intrusions” had they been attractive intrusions.

    Maybe with two more additions of this scale and quality, these “studios” will be worthy of the name “Disney.”

    Thanks for the excellent photos/commentary, Alain! You are an excellent contributor to Micechat!

  • daveyjones

    “The land looks great but I still think putting a Parisian land in Paris is a little weird.”

    exactly my thoughts. you could argue that it’s similar to DCA, with CA in CA, but the difference is DCA presents aspects of california from, for the most part, bygone eras. buena vista represents a los angeles you can’t visit anymore.

    this ratatouille land looks just like old paris. the problem is, you can find old paris identical to this all over paris. today.

    • ChrisNJ

      I don’t disagree, but where should they have put a rat that is also a chef? I can think of some funny locations but none area really Disney park friendly. And I doubt anyone wants to eat in a land themed to a garbage dump (Wall-E I’m still waiting for your land!!!)

      • daveyjones

        the suggestion in the comment below provides a good solution; do paris but at the scale of your being a rat, like in the ride.

  • konekobus

    So there’s Toy Story Playland, a land where you feel the size of a toy. Then next to it there’s a ride where you feel as small as a rat. And to tie these lands together, they built an almost real sized Parisian block.

    Am I the only one who thinks this doesn’t make sense? Usually imagineers have to go through pretty creative hoops to tie lands together, here it was handed to them on a platter, and they ignored it.

    They can connect a Fantasyland with an Adventurland in the park next door without a problem, but to connect two lands based on a similar idea, they thought of a plastic toy barrel transitioning into a 19th century stone entrance. It’s an embarrassment for Disney, to be honest.

  • loaloa55

    Hello, Alain here. Thanks for your comments. I think that the main reason why they’ve built a Paris land and the Ratatouille ride is because the movie has been very successful in France and French are quite patriotic too with their towns, especially Paris. So, as odd as it can look to build a Paris land at 35 km from the real Paris, i think it will work both for the french and foreigners. I mean: on a business point of view.

    The park needed an E-Ticket ride and most of the guests who haven’t been in the U.S and never did the Spiderman or Transformers rides are stunned by the ride technology. For us it might not look that new but for them it is a very new ride technology and it seems that most of the guests are very happy with the Ratatouille ride.

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