Adventure Trading Company hits Disneyland and the traffic on the Jungle Cruise is seeing a fair share of trash.  In Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom you can see cracks in the Fantasy…Land. With the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, fans are already begging for an attraction based on the film.  We also hear the sad news that the Universal House of Horrors at Universal Studios Hollywood is closing for good on September 1st.  a real tragedy.  However all is not totally lost.  We have another round of amazing podcasts  for you including Window to the Magic, The Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast, The Season Pass Podcast,  and Communicore Weekly! Don’t forget to join us this fall for the MiceChat Walt Disney World Invasion featuring a WDW Gumball Rally we are calling the “Monorail Rally,” Epcot Food and Wine Festival Sip and Nibble, Halloween events and more.


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It’s Time for a Walt Disney World Renaissance
As fans of Walt Disney World, we have been among its many problems. While there is no shortage of complaining amongst us, that complaining doesn’t have the same leverage when we continue to support Walt Disney World with our tourist dollars. Here’s what’s wrong with WDW and why Universal is setting a better example.

Adventure Trading Company brings “gnu” fun to Disneyland as summer continues
Disneyland‘s new pay-per-play Adventure Trading Company interactive game opened over the weekend, sending players on expeditions to find coveted Juju. The new game is fun and doesn’t require a huge time investment unlike the nearby Legends of Frontierland game… but is it worth the price to pay? We take a look at Adventure Trading Company today as well as take a look at various refurbishments around the parks and hotels as summer continues at Disneyland.



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MiceChat 7 night Alaska Cruise on the Disney Wonder – June 1st, 2015: Join us as we sail toward the top of the world on the delightful Disney Wonder. We’ll hold all sorts of special MiceChat meet-ups on board. Suggest group excursions you might want to join us on. Dine as a group to discuss our adventures and more.

Day Port Guest Ashore Guest Onboard
1 Vancouver, Canada 4:00 p.m.
2 At Sea
3 Tracy Arm, Alaska Cruising Cruising
4 Skagway, Alaska 7:15 a.m. 7:45 p.m.
5 Juneau, Alaska 6:15 a.m. 4:45 p.m.
6 Ketchikan, Alaska 11:15 a.m. 7:45 p.m.
7 At Sea
8 Vancouver, Canada 8:00 a.m.

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Summer 2014 is in full swing and theme parks all across the country are fighting for your business. This month’s show is your guide to the best of what theme parks have to offer you this year. From Disney to Universal, SeaWorld to Knott’s Berry Farm and all points in between. Slap on some sunscreen and press play to hear our thoughts on where you should spend your hard earned vacation dollars this summer. This one is not to be missed!

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Trash talking about Disneyland this week, and then we look at the new Adventure Trading Company, and see how it compares to Frontierland’s latest game. ~ Aladdin

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2014 July Disney California Adventure
Asa traveling from Hong Kong for a vacation to here in the States and her group who took an Disney adventure to California Adventure !

Adventure Trading Company coming August 1st
The Adventure Trading Company is now open in Adventureland, so if you are looking for some cute little themed charms, and something not near as complicated at Frontierland’s newest game, the Trading Company is something you may want to try out, to get a taste of the jungle!

Jungle Cruise: Where the jokes are corny and the water is… trashy?
along with some other MiceChatters have noticed the Rivers of the World on the Jungle Cruise, and other area of Disneyland, are not being kept as clean as they should be. Let us know if you have noticed a dirtier Disneyland, too!


Disney Faniversary

As you sit around the dining room table tonight, trying to figure out your end of summer plans, we have an idea for you. If you love Disney theme parks, movies, television shows, music and more, you are not going to want to miss D23’s Fanniversary Celebration. D23 is taking their new, interactive show on the road and they may be coming soon to a city near you. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


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Bring the Polynesian to your home!
PlutoHasFleas gives us photos of resort furniture for sale from the Polynesian Resort, if you always wanted a piece this thread is a must see!

4 Seasons Opens Today
jcruise86 reports on a new higher end resort opening in Walt Disney World, the Four seasons will open its down August 3rd.

Is this ugliness temporary?
jcruise86 inquiring if the cracked floors in the new Fantasyland are there on purpose or just poor construction quality.


The opening of the film Guardians of the Galaxy has inspired our armchair imagineers this week. ~ Trekkie Dad

Motion Simulator Switch-Outs
Why not build a motion simulator ride (similar to Star Tours) that could be quickly reprogrammed with scenes from Disney’s latest blockbusters? asks the702senior09.

Forget Avengers, if we get a Marvel attraction….
Guardians of the Galaxy is where it’s at, says DisneySpaceAce.

Armchair Imagineer (Tomorrowland 2050)
How about a laser show featuring the characters Rocket and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy as part of a large Tomorrowland makeover, suggests DaHatTrick.

Lester’s Possum Park
Brisk would like to bring back the Country Bear Jamboree to Disney California Adventure, as part of a retheming of the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.

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House of Horrors at USH Closing September 1st, 2014
Fans of this attraction at Universal Hollywood will need to get in to see it one last time before it closes this fall.

Carowinds -Scarowinds the Movie
If you ever wondered what it’s like to work at a Halloween Haunt, you will want to watch this YouTube video of a similar event found by VWSpawn.


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AV Room

Welcome to this week’s Communicore Weekly, where we talk about Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln Part 1, The Beast Within, and Ben Franklin! DISNEY HISTORY! – Jeff and George return to the 1964-1965 World’s Fair to present the first part about Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln! BOOK OF THE WEEK! – George and Jeff learn all about The Beast Within for the Book of the Week! FIVE LEGGED GOAT! – And finally, Ben Franklin is the subject of this weeks Five Legged Goat!

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SeaWorld Podcast 27 – 4th of July at SeaWorld – Chris Bellows talks Belugas and more
The SeaWorld Podcast team is back with a brand new episode where we talk you to Seaworld Orlando where SeaWorld John talks about the amazing 4th of July Celebration that SeaWorld Orlando put on.  Then SeaWorld Mike talks about what it was like taking his girls on Antarctica for the first time.  He also brings us a brand new SeaWorld Conservation Fund Spotlight.

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Window to the Magic
Enjoy the sounds of the park on our weekly journeys into the wonderful world of the Disney sound experience!

Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast #102 – Diagon Alley Roundtable
On this show Tracey, Darren and Lee are joined by Gregory and Nina Thompson to discuss Diagon Alley. Darren, Nina and Gregory give us their thoughts on entering Diagon Alley, the Hogwarts Express and Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts in our Diagon Alley “Square” table.

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The Season Pass: The Essential Theme Park Podcast
This week The Season Pass Podcast is back at the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Summit from April of 2014 to have an in-depth interview with writer and themed entertainment veteran Kile Ozier.  Kile has worked in the industry for over 20 years and has helped in creating great projects such as Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, the TEA NextGen initiative, and much more.

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The Disney Avenue Podcast is honored and thrilled to join the MiceChat family. The podcast is brand new and will feature intriguing insights, interviews and opinions with top Imagineers and other popular figures in the Disney stratosphere on a monthly basis.

Mousetalgia Episode 302: Comic-Con, Legends of Frontierland
A galactic emporium! From the wild frontiers of space to the wilds of Disneyland’s Frontierland, Team Mousetalgia take you on a fun journey through time as we look at Comic Con, Disneyland’s Frontierland game, and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Exposition. First, Jeff takes a quick trip to Comic Con, meets Baymax, and just misses seeing Zachary “Flynn Rider” Levi on a half-day trip to the world’s hugest fan gathering. Then Kristen goes to Disneyland and reports on some of the latest happenings at the Magic Kingdom, including a review of “Legends of Frontierland,” the new interactive experience at the park; Alice in Wonderland’s enhancements; and the Blue Bayou’s current menu.

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Disafterdark Series 2, Episode 22 – An Exhibition of Soapdishlessness.
Welcome back to the Mouses Head and thank you for the download. Nick has some taxi problems getting to the Mouses Head today, so it is just the Pauls. We drink some beer and talk some news as usual In the company of Seth Kubersky All neat and pretty, then on with the show. We would really appreciate it if you would head over to iTunes and subscribe to the show and leave us a review.

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The Sweet Spot: In this Episode we welcome former Disneyland cast member Vern Hoiland. Vern was hired into Disneyland in 1969 and retired in 2006. Vern saw a lot fo changes over the years from managment, park changes, his own changes in roles, and much more. This is a great interview if you want to learn about how it was working in Disneyland as far back as 1969. Plus, we’ll look at the latest in the Disneyland Resort news with Tommy. Enjoy and please visit our new website


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This Animatronic Life: Finding Gold in the Calico Mine Ride Part II
Howdy—and welcome to part two of the story of Garner Holt Productions, Inc.’s (GHP) work in revitalizing Knott’s Berry Farm’s incredible Calico Mine Ride attraction. In part one, I recounted GHP’s previous involvement with the attraction and the lead-up to our work on the recent renovation. This time, we’ll take a scene-by-scene look at the attraction and the new features and stories behind it.

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Universal Studios Hollywood Changes the Scenery
Universal Studios Hollywood is abuzz with exciting construction projects. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is on track for a 2016 opening. Coming next year is the Fast and Furious Supercharged addition to the World Famous Studio Tour. Plus, the Simpson’s Springfield is being constructed on the upper lot. There are also a number of short-term projects under development as Halloween Horror Nights maze construction is now in full swing.  But it’s not all construction.  We finally see why the freestanding food location near Universal plaza was repainted,  we learn the fate of the former International Cafe space, and we find that Universal Management has mercifully decided to mix up the music on the Starway leading to the lower lot.

The MiceEars Crew and MiceChat Disney News Club put a lot of time and effort into making these Round-Ups happen.Here are the members:Your Editor: CakvalaSC
and the
MiceEars Crew: Aladdin, Yoyoflamingo, Trekkie Dad, DLandFansAZ, RegionsBeyond, Fishbulb & Dustysage.

We hope to see you online again soon, Dusty and the amazing MiceChat crew!

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