A recruiting sign beckons you to enter a golden domed structure. You could be a pilot—a brain pilot!
Posters advise you, “Use your head. Don’t miss the show that’s on everyone’s mind.”


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  • CaptainAction

    Cranium Command and Body Wars were great attractions.
    WDW has closed them and left the building off limits for how many years? 10?

    Another reason growth at Epcot was less than 2% between 2009-2014.

    Epcot’s “Future World of the 80’s” becomes less interesting to the masses each year.

    Epcot is in a sad state and is not helped by the cluttered “tombstones” look of the pillars scattered in front of Spaceship Earth. This is perhaps the ugliest “money grab” by WDW ever.

  • solarnole

    Epcot/mallcot could really use a few extra attractions instead of roping off areas and selling drink packages.

    Mission Space was a huge failure and no one rides it so Soarin and Test Track are always slammed. It really sucks that you have to pick one for your fastpass and all of them are gone if you try to do it the day of.

    Captain EO was is the ugliest money grab by Disney. Exploiting the King of Pop right after his death was just sick. I know that Walt Disney is not frozen because his dead body would be a photo opp

  • yellowrocket

    Mission Space wasn’t a “huge” failure – true, it suffers from the legal warbalings of the Disney lawyers, but it’s a got a decent rider/hour average and a much higher height limit which makes the queue shorter than the others.

    Wonders of Life was doomed (or dome’ed) when they moved the original arch promoting the attraction off the main promenade and over to the Magic Kingdom parking tool booth (but at least part of it wall always survive there). Once they downgraded to the mini-arch, no one walked over to the pavilion. Out of sight. Out of mind.

    • solarnole

      Mission Space is not a ride that people run to when the park opens like all the other E tickets. Most repeat visitors will not even ride it a second time.

      It’s the computer screen inside a spinning coffin version of Mission to Mars and it’s just as lame.

  • Wendygirl

    I loved Cranium Command when our family was at Epcot back in the early ’90’s. Very funny and well done. We made sure we went back to see again on one of our last days because we liked it so much.

    • solarnole

      They should reopen it as Wonders of Snowflakes and put Olaf in Cranium Command and make Body Wars a Frozen sleigh ride. Frozen gets it own pavilion and Epcot regains rides.

      I looked down when they put the cheap tacky Epcot sign on Spaceship Earth but if they destroy Norway by making the space about the cartoon culture of Frozen, Epcot and the spirit of World showcase are dead to me.

      I watched Cranium Command on YouTube and it’s very dated but it still made me laugh.

  • DisneyHokie

    Oh captainaction. How sad and lonely your life must be to have all this time on your hands to troll this site and hate on Disney. You’re usually the first person to comment on nearly every article so I’m sure you can’t wait for the next one to be posted in the next 5 hours or so.
    You go on and on about how dated Epcot is and yet you bemoan the fact that Wonders of Life sits unused. Cranium Command was way out of date when it closed, much less how bad it would be now. If it were still open, it’d just be something else for you to hate on
    You keep bringing up Epcot’s “less than 2% growth” but the last I checked, growth is still growth. Epcot is the 3rd busiest park in North America, and I believe, 5th in the world.
    With the exception of the Universe of Energy and The Circle of Life film, every single attraction in Future World has been updated/renovated since 2002. In addition, Mexico, Canada, and China have updated their attractions as well. Epcot is hardly standing still.
    Disney has twice as many parks, twice as many water parks, exponentially more resorts an thousands of more acres of property to maintain/improve than Universal does. As a universal pass holder, I love what they’ve been doing! I can’t wait to see what they do next. However, until the rumored third park and Volcano Bay water park are announced and built, there’s no reason to keep touting them in all your posts against Disney.
    Universal is out-building Disney right now, but the reason is that they HAD to! Their properties were WAY under-developed and under-performing for years, they had no where to go but up.
    So please, Captain Action, do all Cast Members and Guests a favor and keep staying away! Disney doesn’t need, or want, your business. It’s a much happier World without you and all your hasting in it!

    • CaptainAction

      I just get up earlier than most folks.
      I’m also an early adopter and thus ahead of the laggards who are just waking up to the facts that WDW has become a dated, stale, museum of past theme park attractions.
      Nobody defends Epcot’s Future of 1980’s anymore.
      Putting up a Three Cabalero’s cartoon projection isn’t a refresh, it’s sad, for a place which used to mean quality.
      When do you begin reach the point that you can’t ignore the lazyness and greed of the WDW execs?
      It’s been 22 YEARS since they opened a new E Ticket attraction at MK! Splash Mountain opened in 1992!
      Will you care when it’s been 30 years?
      Will you care when it’s been 50 years?
      My threshold was 17 years, and that’s DANG patient!

  • Kujoh61

    I loved this attraction. Cranium Command was fun and I thought caught the angst of being a teenage boy both humorously and accurately. I found the celebrities that they chose to be spot on for the characterizations and would love to see it again, dated or not. I would think they could update this with new ideas and characters but with computing power and cheap storage they could have one viewing a day old school and the new version the rest of the time thus making it available for those who want to reminisce and those who demand everything be updated on a regular basis. I always thought they could have utilized the restaurant in the complex to have healthy choices with more fresh fruits and vegetable dishes – not the typical Disney fare.
    The entrance to Wonders of Life was always a problem I thought, with the building set far back and no compelling visual cues to make you want to go down the path to explore the exhibits.

  • datbates

    Cranium Command was great. Maybe they will bring it back with different and animated characters if Pixar’s Inside-Out is successful. Sounds to me like it is based on this attraction.