What does Garner Holt have to do with Halloween?  Plenty. He may run the leading animatronics design company in the business, but he really cut his teeth in horror! Garner had the honor of closing out the Scare LA convention this past weekend in a panel discussion with MiceChat’s Doug Barnes.

Garner Holt: I Was a Teenage Haunter covers where it all began and where it led.  Building little haunted houses in his back yard, Garner was able to create immersive walkthroughs that featured talking skulls, animated props, and other inventive effects.  It wasn’t very long until hundreds of people lined up to see his wild creations and he moved forward on his career path that led to working with the top theme parks in the world.

Please enjoy this fascinating interview and see where the Garner Holt magic began . . .

  • “They should call it the half lifetime achievement award.”


    For all you kids out there wondering how you make it into the themed entertainment business, Garner is a textbook case. Follow your passion. Start doing what you want to do. And if you don’t get hired by Imagineering, don’t let that stop you from creating the dream yourself!

  • Timchat2

    Awesome interview. Garner Holt and his company have produced a truly staggering amount of classic theme park entertainment. That one picture of the figures from Mystic Manor and Radiator Springs Racers sitting in the same room kind of blows my mind a little bit. Just amazing stuff.

  • It was an unbelievable honor to interview Garner on stage at Scare LA. He is filled with so many amazing stories (half of them end with “we almost went to jail”) and I hope everyone who was there for the panel or watches this video will be moved and motivated like I was from the experience. The slide of the pirates ride in the backyard…I did the same thing in my backyard as a child. It’s exciting to see visual proof that dreams do come true.