I don’t know about you, but when I’m on vacation, I’m definitely more inclined to indulge, and for me that means decadent desserts and sumptuous sweets! Here’s my list of five great places to satisfy your sweet tooth when visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth.

1. The Confectionery

A true classic, this place has almost every candy available on Walt Disney World property in one delicious location. In addition to packaged goodies and bulk candy, you can also watch confections being made fresh right before your eyes. This is the place to pick up giant Rice Krispie Mickey heads, fresh fudge and bright, shiny candy apples.



Get Park Wise: On the Disney Dining Plan and looking to use up those snack credits in a hurry before checkout time? This is a great stop, as many of the pre-packaged candy items are considered snack credits and can easily and cleanly be slid into your carry-on.


2. L’Artisan de Glaces

One of the recent additions to Epcot’s World Showcase is this delicious French ice cream shop. Featuring hand-crafted ice cream and sorbet, this is the perfect place to stop when you need a cool treat during your trek around the world. Combine multiple flavors or just grab a single scoop to satisfy your craving. My personal favorite? Strawberry and mango! An added bonus, it’s just a hop, skip and jump from #3 on the list…



3. Les Halles Boulangerie & Pâtisserie

This revamped bakery and deli tucked away in France is a fantastic spot not only for your sugar satisfaction, but you can also grab a nice, light lunch, as well. But we’re talking about the good stuff here! With the pastries and desserts outnumbering the entrees, there’s bound to be something to suit your tastebuds. J’adore les Fraises while the kiddos go for the Pain au Chocolat and sometimes just an old fashioned chocolate chip cookie.


Get Park Wise: If you’re so inclined, Les Halles also offers wine, beer and champagne to go with your delectables.

4. Ice Cream Carts

Cool, quick and convenient, the ice cream carts are a favorite of our family. Who doesn’t love sinking their teeth into a Mickey bar or ice cream sandwich? My personal favorite, and I try to ignore the fact that a single bar is about the price of a box of six out in the real world, is the strawberry fruit bar. Always a must-do when I’m sweltering in Animal Kingdom. Although not the most varied or exotic options, the carts are plentiful and a surefire way to quench your cravings.


5. Beaches and Cream

This throwback table service restaurant has a great 50’s style menu, but the crown jewel is its Kitchen Sink! Made with every flavor of ice cream in the joint, every single topping on the bar and a whole can of whipped cream, this is sure to please any dessert junkie. We’ve conquered the Sink on a couple of occasions, and it’s always a lot of fun to see everyone in the restaurant’s eyes light up when the lights start flashing and the mountain of ice cream is brought to your table. If you can’t stomach the Sink, there are other smaller options, and the restaurant also features a walk-up single serve option.


Get Park Wise: Not sure peanut butter or coffee ice cream is your thing? They will customize the Kitchen Sink to your liking. We tend to forgo the aforementioned flavors.

These are just a few of our favorite sweet stops at Walt Disney World and just barely scratch the surface! What are your favorites?