Where did this ride come from? What happened to it? Let’s unravel these mysteries—and discover something even more amazing about this ride from the 1950s.


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  • Timchat2

    Great article! As a native Clevelander I am quite familiar with Euclid Beach Park even though it was before my time. It was my parents’ “home park” when they were growing up. We’ve been going to Idlewild for years so it is definitely wild to hear about a connection between our local parks and Disneyland. Idlewild is a beautiful park, by the way. Lots of shade and loads of character.

  • Justonedream

    Does anyone else think these cars are stunningly beautiful? Look at that curve,that flows from the headlight, dips down to allow access to the seat, and continues flowing upward into the rear quarter panel to allow room for the rear tires. .Also love the way the dash grows out of the hood, curving up and away from the front fender. Simply classic

  • Justonedream

    I also love your conclusion to the article, when you realize that amusement ride vehicles are not disposable, but objects that can have many lives and bear many stories. Poetic and a nice read!

  • Bob Gurr

    “In the advertising image above, notice that the hood ornament, grill, hood, and wheels are different, but the fiberglass body is the same as that of the Midget Autopia. Disney’s creative people designed the contoured landscaping and the track layout, including the track through the little yellow barn. But the cars were Arrowflite cars from Arrow.”

    Take another look…NOT the same, completely different car! Also take a close look at the original Arrow car – do you see a hood ornament design from the very classic 1957 Chevrolet?

    • Werner Weiss

      Bob, Thank you! I updated the article to indicate that the body is different too.

    • Werner Weiss

      Bob… Late this afternoon, I walked around the town where I live to look for a 1957 Chevrolet. I spotted four of them! (It helps that there’s a car show on the downtown streets here most Friday evenings in the summer.) I added a photo of the hood of a 1957 Chevrolet, along with your observation about the hood ornament. Thank you!

  • TheKramer

    Great article! And great research/detective work! I really enjoy reading about the lesser known, though just as wonderful, attrctions.

  • wendygirl1979

    Thank you for this! I’m a native Hoosier and had been to Old Indiana a couple of times in childhood (once when I would’ve been small enough to ride this!) and was actually going to the park the weekend after Emily’s accident happened. I knew a bunch of rides came to Old Indiana from Opryland when that closed, but not what happened to its rides after it was shut down. (Premier Parks owned the land for a while, right around the Six Flags buyout. Once Kentucky Kingdom became a Six Flags property, it was a foregone conclusion that Old Indiana wasn’t going to reopen- too close together.)
    Ahem. I want to go to Idlewild to see this! I love when parks keep their things in tip-top shape.