We were feeling nostalgic this week and decided to catch a showing of Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular in honor of the late Robin Williams. We then mosey through Disney California Adventure in an attempt to solve a number of riddles. Why is the astroturf white at the Cozy Cone Motel? Why are the Paradise Pier gazebos taking so long to “fix”? Lastly, Why would anybody say “aloha!” on Buena Vista Street?  It’s not all about DCA though.  There is plenty to see in Disneyland too, including a big Haunted Mansion art event on Saturday. Let’s explore the parks and see what end of summer riddles we can solve.

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  • This is the last week of blockouts for SoCal passes, but we don’t project a mass return of passholders next week. For a look two weeks ahead, check out the Tomorrowplan feature in the Mouseaddict app.

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The tragic passing of comic genius Robin Williams had a deep impact on a lot of people.  Not the least of which were Disney fans that grew up with his iconic portrayal of Genie in 1992’s Aladdin.  His turn as the blue toned wish wizard was a dazzling display of improvisational genius married with zany, flowing animation.  At the time of its release, many in the film community were actively campaigning to give Robin Williams the first Oscar© nomination for voicing an animated character.

We wanted to pay tribute to Williams, whose characterization is still imitated today. The performers in the show do their best to imitate Robins’ rapid fire comic style.  To even get near it, as these actors do every day, is a feat.

The next time you are in Disney California Adventure, set an hour aside to just go and sit in on a performance.  You will be entertained by the echoes of a man whose comic stylings still course through the veins of a classic Disney film turned stage production.





























“Genie, You’re free.”

Cozy Cone Motel

An odd whiteness has appeared on the fountain and surrounding astroturf at the Cozy Cone Motel. The water feature is drained, so there’s certainly something going on here. But for all the world it looks like a little bit of winter has settled on the lawn. Let’s hope they get this cleaned up soon.


Paradise Pier Gazebos

This just in folks!  The Paradise Pier gazebo is still not finished. This has been a painful repair job to watch. A little wood rot on the posts has turned into a months long refurbishment.


Renovation at the Grand Californian

While renovation continues at the Grand Californian Hotel, the Napa Rose restaurant is enjoying an extended refurbishment schedule.  The kitchen is getting a refresh, no reopening date has been given as of yet.  In fact, the Disneyland Resort website simply states…

As part of our continuing efforts to exceed the expectations of our Guests, Napa Rose is currently closed for enhancements. Please check back here for the latest updates and information about when it will reopen.



Aloha and Julius Katz and Sons

Okay Merchandise, we are scratching our heads on this one.  Why are tiki and aloha plates on Buena Vista Street?



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Front Gate Renovation

The rolling renovation of the front gate has moved to the final left of center gate.



Halloween Already Showing Up

Inside the Disney Showcase store, Halloween is showing up already!  None of the decorations have appeared just yet, but you can rest assured that it is only a matter of time.





Haunted Mansion Merchandise

As part of the Haunted Mansion’s 45th anniversary celebration Disney did the unexpected.  Just kidding.  They did what everyone expected and are rolling out a seemingly unending supply of Mansion related merchandise.

You can see it all at the Port Royal.


This one is actually pretty darned cool














Some of the same merchandise can be found adjacent to the exit of the Haunted Mansion.



The Haunted Mansion turns 45

Saturday, August 9th is the 45th anniversary of the opening of Disneyland’s The Haunted Mansion.  In development for over 7 years, this amazing attraction has been a wildly popular experience since the day it opened and Disney is not one to miss the opportunity to cash in on this milestone.  While many 45th anniversary merchandise pieces are available now in the park, Disney has something even more extravagant planned for next weekend.

The Art of Haunted Mansion Collectables is an event that celebrates artwork inspired by the Haunted Mansion, produced by some of the most popular Disney artists today. Scheduled to appear are artists: Steve Adams, Dave Avanzino, David Bird, Britni Brault, Brian Crosby, Jeremy Fulton, Brian Kesinger, Daniel Killen, Bridget McCarty, Miss Mindy, Mike Peraza, Javier Soto and Yakovetic. You can meet the artists August 16 from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.


Haunted Mansion Framed Paper Sculpture ~ Dave Avanzino
Haunted Mansion Framed Paper Sculpture ~
Dave Avanzino
Nemo’s Ghost Yakovetic
Nemo’s Ghost

Also debuting as part of the event from our talented team of Ink & Paint artists is the next in the series from our hand-painted cel collection, featuring none other than the Hatbox Ghost. This piece is an edition size of 300 and will be available framed only.

This piece is an edition size of 300 and will be available framed only. © Disney
© Disney

The event happens on August 16 from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.  For a complete list of artists who have contributed to this 45th Anniversary collection visit DisneyParksMerchandise.com.


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Now it’s time to say goodbye to all out company.  Thank you for reading today’s Disneyland Resort update.  Next week we will take a trip up to Universal Studios Hollywood to catch up on the multiple projects there.  See you soon, In The Parks.

  • Susan Hughes

    On the day Robin Williams passed away, I wondered what the feeling amongst the guests would have been at the Aladdin show, and especially during World of Color. Hearing the voice of someone so huge in the entertainment world knowing on that day he was no longer with us. Mr. Williams will be greatly missed and I look at both venues as tributes to not only his comic genius, but to the person who did so much off screen as well.

  • bamato

    With the amount of merchandise being released portraying what appears to be the Hatbox Ghost, I can’t imagine them *not* featuring him in the Mansion sometime soon.

  • RIP Robin Williams. I need to go see Aladdin this week. It really does reflect Robin’s comedic energy.

    Can’t wait for the Haunted Mansion art event tomorrow!

  • Chernabog

    So two of the shirts are specifically WDW shirts… I could die from not-surprise.

    • Oregonmom2

      Which ones are th WDW designs?

      I loved the “not surprised” comment!!

  • renabena524

    I see the Aladdin show every time I’m at DL/DCA. It is not to be missed!

    I too wondered what the impact of Mr. William’s passing was on the cast. RIP, Robin Williams.

  • whamo

    The tribute to the Genie is appropriate. I love this production, and I have seen it half-a-dozen times. The jokes change with the news, which keeps it fresh. The Haunted Mansion merchandise looks like a winner. The “aloha” on Buena Vista Street is a mistake. On Opening Day Buena Vista Street had character with each window telling a story. Now its shops are filled with cheap junk you can find in other parts of the park. What makes Main Street so appealing are the upper end merchandise displays. Buena Vista needs to offer things worth a look and a dream in a similar manner. For now the windows and shops to me, are not worth a glance.

  • mbyrd

    I don’t understand the slight on the HM merch. I like it. Granted, I don’t care for every piece (a good majority of the shirts are forgettable. I must admit, I have the “Foolish Mortal” T-Shirt and I get a kick out of the chamber maid costume shirt). But overall, attraction specific stuff is leaps and bounds better than generic year merch IMO.