Sarah the MiceChatter is back with a high energy look at the 45 year old Haunted Mansion. While there is plenty of spendy merchandise to be found at Disneyland, Sarah spots the affordable morsels that regular folks can afford too. Plus, Haunted Mansion Holiday is on the way, a look at the latest refurbishments happening at Disneyland, and the pending return of Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. All this including the music of Nashville at Big Thunder Ranch! Give Sarah 2 minutes and she will bring you the Disney World land.

  • Sarah! It’s always great to see a new video from you!!!

    I understand why Marketing changes the film names to appeal to a broader audience. In the case of Frozen, they also produced trailers which made the film look like a slapstick comedy as well. It just seems like a deceptive way to advertise. After all, Frozen was a great film. It didn’t need to trick us into seeing the film.

    • Algernon

      I like the Sarah videos, too.

      I guess the deceptive advertising helps, as a horrible sequel will often make more money than the really good original, all in the first weekend of release, before word gets out.

      • SarahSnitch

        Interesting idea. I agree that it’s all for Marketing purposes, but I personally like the original fairytale titles most of the time!

  • JiminyCricketFan

    Thanks for a great update Sarah. Personally, I find the one word titles just bland compared to the original title. I get why they are doing that as they want to appeal to both sexes. Think of what would of happened if they did that back in the day. Instead of Mary Popins, it would have been called Guardian. Or instead of The Little Mermaid they would have called it Conflicted. Or instead of Aladdin they would have named it Undiscovered. You see how “The Snow Princess” seems so much more than “Frozen.”

    • TVsRobLowe

      Little Mermaid was once called “Beached”, and was an animated sequel to Splash.

    • SarahSnitch

      Yeah it makes me a little sad that we won’t have cool original titles anymore! I’m just like, “The Little Mermaid” is and was a hit regardless of the title, so why change routes now?

    • Susan Hughes

      What a read about Disney using the “adjective titles” is that when Princess and The Frog was a “disappointment” (Disney execs called it that…not me), the new Princess movie being worked on titled “Rapunzel” was changed to “Tangled”. They felt that removing any reference to a Princess would be a better marketing strategy to attract more boys.

  • Looking Good !!!
    I don’t mind the name changes. Considering that the new stories are usually used for inspirations rather than foundations for the retellings of the stories.

  • 4Apples4Disney

    I don’t mind the titles, I think their generally good. Good blog too, I really enjoyed it!

    • SarahSnitch

      Thank you so much for watching!

  • Mandrini

    Take your push it against your arm, not to impressive. Now take your fingertip and push it into your arm with the same pressure. Notice it is much more impressive. Basically less is more…

    Thanks for sharing…

    • Mandrini

      Take your fist…

  • Susan Hughes

    It’s fascinating how Disney, the company that wrote the book on Princess love stories, is now re-writing the Princess genre to have NOTHING to do with romance anymore. Brave, Frozen, and now Spirited. I do wonder if 10 years from now the public with become tired of a hard-edged Princess devoid of romance in her heart, and want a good old fashioned romantic comedy again. After all, there’s nothing wrong with falling in love. I hear it can actually be quite a pleasant thing, ya know?

    • SarahSnitch

      Well, I see your point with Brave, maybe, but in Frozen there is still a love story – same with Tangled. So.

      • Susan Hughes

        Well, I didn’t include Tangled because (it seems) it will be the last Princess love story for quite some time. It was a hit at the box office, but for some reason Disney and Pixar are moving away from that type of storyline.
        And I thought the whole “buzz” about Frozen is it proves a girl “doesn’t” need a man. There’s even lots of chatter about it being pro-lesbian in it’s message.

  • whamo

    I haven’t been thinking about Disneyland for awhile, but Sarah’s update is the perfect way to get back into it. I really like some of the new Haunted Mansion collectibles. It’s a shame they cost so much, LOL.