We have a special Friday edition of Dateline Disney World for you today. This week, we’re taking a quick tour Epcot’s Future World. Future indeed, as we see charging stations in the parking lot for the forward thinking park. Next we stroll by Mission Space and Test Track to check on things at those two popular attractions (Spoiler Alert: Single Rider line is the way to go).  Then, on to the Imagination Pavilion to see the latest Figment comics available for purchase.  We close the circle tour gliding over to the Land Pavilion to check up on the ticketing changes made to Soarin’.

Before entering the park, we noted chargers for electric cars! Pretty neat. Of course, I don’t have an electric car, so I can’t test if out for you. If anyone wants to loan me a Tesla, I’d be happy to check things out for you.  😉

Welcome to the park!

This lovely barricade blocks the old FP booth area for Mission: Space.


Long line for Test Track in the morning, but single rider had no wait.

These stations were used for Fastpass originally, but now FP filters into the same design room as the standby queue.

Overall, Test Track was in pretty good shape.


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Over to MouseGear, we see Halloween merchandise has made its way into the park. Is it too early for Halloween or are you happy to see the holiday making its debut before summer is over?

There are also a bunch of new classic EPCOT Center t shirts, including one long sleeved shirt! I’m a sucker for vintage EPCOT. Cool stuff, isn’t it?!

Walls still up at this pathway to the west side of the park.

The walls up also make for this grassy area not having any sod.
The walkway by Imagination is walled off on both sides and there are planters everywhere.

The Figment comics are available at the Imagination pavilion.

For a while, Disney was testing a paper return ticket for the Standby queue of Soarin’ (a head scratcher, I know). When I walked by, they were no longer doing that.

That’s it for this week! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!!

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  • bamato

    Thanks for another cool update Cory. The park always looks so empty when you visit, do you go early in the morning? Or is Epcot just that slow right now? I’ve never been to the Florida parks, but can’t help but feel like it’s so open-looking and thus looks sparse. While the crowding in DLR can be cumbersome at times, it adds more immersion. Is that element lacking over at Epcot?

    • TheBig2na

      I don’t know if having more people adds to immersion, just longer lines. I find having the ability to slow down and look around at things and listen to the music is what really makes thing immersive, especially at night. EPCOT at night is very special.

      I think in the picture the Soarin Standby line is 75 minutes so it was probably fairly busy. The park is massive as well which probably allows things to look a little less crowded.

    • Co Foo

      The more open spacing at Epcot has its ups and downs. On the upside, there’s more breathing room and it’s easier to get around. On the downside, it take a long time to cross from one side of the park to another. In DLR you can walk from Space Mountain to Splash Mountain in just a few minutes. Going from end to end in EPCOT would take a long time. You have to be more strategic in your process when you visit EPCOT whereas when you’re at DLR you can pick and choose a little more freely.

    • Cory Disbrow

      I tend to, especially during the summer, go to the park right for rope drop. That’s probably why it seems so empty, because it was!

    • CaptainAction

      Epcot grew between flat and 2%, depending on the year, between 2007-2013.

      Just not worth $100/day per person, to shop and eat nachos.

    • BlahBlahson

      Epcot is HUGE. Just the world showcase is 1.2 miles around. I haven’t been to any theme park that feels bigger, and that includes both the world’s largest and the world’s busiest just down the street.

  • Petchaurus

    I am with you on the vintage EPCOT merchandise Cory. I am actually pro vintage anything Disney Parks. Thanks for the update as always.

  • solarnole

    If Mallcot had more then two good rides I might go back but I can shop and drink at any mall.

    If Norway becomes Frozen can you still drink around the world or will they close the gates to keep the drunks out of a family area.

    Epcot went from an educational park to the new pleasure island in a short amount of time. Now they sell party passes and have more bars then downtown Disney. They should just make Captain EO a dance club.

    • CaptainAction

      I was wondering what year these pics are from? 1983? 1993? 2003?

      • martinjbell1986

        I’ve never seen a person with a Facebook photo of themselves in a Universal Park. Perhaps they’re to embarrassed to share those? I haven’t seen a ton of people standing in front of Krusty Burger on their Facebook page, but I have seen a lot of Disney Castle’s in the background though….

      • CaptainAction

        I understand you like the 80’s from your name but most people would like to see some new things at the world’s biggest theme park after 30 years.
        This is why you see folks referring to it as Dated Land, Mallcot,
        Future World of the 80’s, etc.
        WDW has been the king for quite a while and Universal is just coming into it’s own.
        Don’t worry, Avatar is also very old and coming to WDW sometime in the next decade or two.

      • AaroniusPolonius

        So, let me see if I understand your logic correctly. If people take pictures in front of Disney architecture, than Disney is a better than Universal.

        How, exactly, does popularity negate divestment?

        If anything, it calls out a profound lack of judgement regarding vacation expenditures on the part of the Disney visitors, as you’re capturing a photographic memory of a theme park that hasn’t been upgraded in many moons, and that you’re paying more (both in real, adjusted and park spending dollars) to experience.

        Disney is the genius in the room raking in the cash.
        CaptainAction is Heston, shouting about Soylent Green.
        And you, loyal Disneyphile?

        You’re the meal.

    • DeanFinder

      Hey, that’s not fair. There are good rides besides Living with the Land and Universe of Energy 🙂

    • ChrisNJ

      Solarnole – Interesting – you may be onto something. No reason to have a Pleasure Island when you can charge more for Epcot admission and still encourage drink spending. Disney cut the operating cost of PI too.

      • solarnole

        And it helps the boardwalk walk hotel area.

        I see more drunks at Epcot then Universal or Seaworld. No other park in Orlando encourages drinking as much as Epcot. It has the most bars per captiva of any park too.

        It’s becoming a place that’s unfriendly for kids. They even close most of the rides at 7pm to force people into the world drinking showcase.

        In the future everyone is drunk.

      • AaroniusPolonius

        As one who has, indeed, drank around the world several times, Epcot is certainly one of the best bar crawls out there. Ever.

      • solarnole

        Not when you have to pay $100 to get in and $9 or more a drink. Plus it’s all out in the sun in front of families and kids. I have done it before but it’s awkward.

        I don’t think World showcase was built with the intention to host daily bar crawls. It’s a bad mix of drunks and families. Not very Disney at all. Its just my guess but I doubt Walt would approve but it does bring in the ca$h even though it destroys the ideals of the original park and the company founder so it’s “magic”.

      • AaroniusPolonius

        And that’s why I’m rich and I don’t care what you or your rancid kids think of me when I’m getting my drink on.

    • solarnole

      Epcot went from being the most cutting edge theme park in the world to a world drinking showcase that embraces old retro attractions because all they invest in is more bars or restaurants.

      The original Epcot was ahead of its time with state or the art technology such as solar powered rides and video phones in the early 80s. The current Epcot is happy to be a retro mall/ bar and embraces it with retro shirts well letting its rides become more dated then a museum. It’s sad.

  • wdwdude1

    As always love your updates Cory. You always inspire!!

  • ChrisNJ

    I can see the new Disney promo material now….

    Come to Epcot the where you can now enjoy an imported beer while you charge your electric car with our NEW Electric Car Charging Station Park ™*

    *Electric Car Charge extra and with limited capacity – use MagicBand+ to ensure your spot TODAY.

  • Klutch

    I’d like to buy the long-sleeve, classic Epcot Center T-shirt. It is possible to order it online or call someone at Disney to order it?

    • Queen Of Hearts

      Klutch-you can contact Merchandise Guest Services/Mail Order at [email protected] or 877-560-6477. Be prepared to give a very good description of the item you want, and the shop where it can be found.

  • BlahBlahson

    I love Test Track but I wish the transition on the launch outside wasn’t so jarring. “Futuristic dark Tron-Inspired car test zone” to “Florida sun and the backlot of a theme park with old ride parts sitting around” is the worst storyline jump at any Disney park.

    • solarnole

      It doesn’t make me want to buy a GM car. At least the test track cars are keyless or they would had been recalled like the rest of the GM cars.

  • Queen Of Hearts

    Klutch-you can contact Merchandise Guest Services/Mail Order at [email protected] or 877-560-6477. Be prepared to give a very good description of the item you want, and the shop where it can be found.

  • Skimbob

    Thanks for the update Cory.

  • spacejockey

    Thanks for the update Cory! As always, your photos are great! Future World makes me sad as looks rather depressing with the dated attractions and not much going on. Seems as like the park has lost it’s identity and it’s dignity. It may be time to ditch the Future theme.

  • AaroniusPolonius

    In case you all are wondering exactly WHY Epcot (one of the most visited theme parks in the world, beating the attendance of pretty much everything but other Disney Parks,) enjoy this sneaky video that wanders around the now-closed-forever upstairs at Imagination.


    It’s not just that it’s closed. It’s that it’s closed, that there are no plans to replace it with something new, and that Disney will charge you more for less to not experience the old or the news and that you actually go and do it.

    • thebear

      Thanks for the link! I remember going there and having some fun on my honeymoon. It wasn’t too memorable. The imagination pavilion is really only good if it’s really hot and lines are long everywhere else. I’m not sure what they should do but something really needs to be done.

  • Ravjay12

    Make it Star Wars Land! Spaceship Earth can be the Death Star! Wouldn’t that be cool?