When you a visit Yester California Adventure, it’s fun to buy souvenirs. How about a gift pack featuring a hand cultivator? Or take home some California wildflower seeds? Perhaps a hardcover of Zen Gardens by Erik Borja?


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  • FerretAfros

    It’s a shame that this store didn’t last. On my childhood trips to Epcot, my dad would always stop at Broccoli & Co. (now closed) at The Land to buy some exotic seeds to plant when we got home. It seems like a great unique (and cheap!) souvenir that is actually useful and keeps reminding you of your trip

    It’s also surprising to see how similar the old DCA logo on the denim merchandise is to the World of Color logo

    In the background of the photo with Orchid, you can see the backside of the Sun Icon quite clearly. How long was it before the foliage grew in to block that view?

  • eicarr

    Boy I remember when I first saw that building and thought they picked it up at Home Depot or Costco. It hurried my rush through that embarrassing section of the park(worse than my county fair or WDW). That was the last area I visited on my first trip and gave me the feeling I might never visit again.

    Thankfully DCA 2.0 made it work well in my new favorite outside dinning area(though under utilized to its remote location.

  • JiminyCricketFan

    Thanks for a wonderful article! Often times I just wonder what Disney was thinking when they made something. Here they had a farm theme but it was surrounded by a sea of concrete. I’m glad they save the building though.

  • ChrisNJ

    thanks for the update on something I actually didn’t see. I got to DCA after Bountiful Harvest. It’s great to know the building is still in use – and I ate near it not even knowing the history. Very nice.

  • seenoevil

    This brings back many fun memories for me! I was an original park opener and spent many, many hours in this store through all its incarnations. I especially enjoyed it when it was Santa Rosa.