Movie Park Germany’s new Lost Temple attraction rivals Universal Studios Hollywood’s King Kong attraction. Take a look at the concept art and video from Alain Littaye below.  ~~Rick

The Lost Temple Ride Opens at Movie Park Germany
by Alain Littaye
Disney and more blog

A new “major” ride opened recently at Movie Park Germany. It’s called “The Lost Temple” and it’s a ride that will delight both fans of Indiana Jones and dinosaur lovers. The attraction takes you into the depths of a lost temple where dinosaurs are rumored to still be alive.

Here are the synopsis and renderings as released by Movie Park on their website, plus we have a full video of the whole experience!

Dr. Jeffrey Carter, the renowned archaeologist, needs help! Are you ready for an exciting new adventure? Then join the Movie Park Research Team!

But beware, in the depths of the park something has survived from the evolution…

You’ll go through a wild growing jungle full of dangers and surprises. Follow the team through impressive archaeological sites and dive into a fascinating, unknown world.


Old newspapers, boxes and an abandoned Jeep are evidence of the departure of the expedition team. Loud voices are heard. You will walk in… and be amazed!


In the middle of the base camp you will discover numerous computer, archaeological tool, rocks and fossils and the highlight: a large, abandoned excavation site with the remains of a dinosaur …


Curious? Then dare to continue and you will be sent in a large room full of wheels and rollers. On monitors members of the expedition team welcome you and prepare yourself for your journey into the depths of the temple!


To access the ride you’ll take an elevator down 7300 feet. It is hot in here and flickering lights lead you forward…


You lose your breath when you find out that you’re searching directly in a huge temple vault. This artfully designed Mayan temple seems to keep some surprises for you. You marvel at the elaborate dinosaur paintings on the walls and move on reluctantly…


You now reach a large, drafty cave, discovered by the expedition team led by Dr. Carter. Quiet sounds, a mystical music, and suddenly you realize that you’re walking through a huge dinosaur skeleton…


… then into a beautiful room with sparkling crystals. Here you get the last safety instructions before you embark for the grand finale.


But shortly before the expedition, you hear a dramatic cry for help from Dr. Carter: His Jeep seems to be gone astray, large shadows flit across his face and it’s not a good omen … Now you’re called to save Dr. Carter and his research team.


As you face two huge gates before you, it is now finally happening. Together with your team you step into the expedition buses and make yourself on the way. The adventure of your life begins now!


From this point, the vehicle will move into an “immersive tunnel” with state of the art 4-D technology with a 360-degree screen. It is similar technology to what Universal uses for the highly popular King Kong 360° 3D, but with a complete wrap-around screen. At 75 feet high, the guests are in the middle of the action and are in for a thrilling ride, with the interaction of 3D film, the movements of the expedition buses, and on ride effects such as wind, lights and scents, all making “The Lost Temple” a unique overall experience.


Now, here is the video of the full experience filmed by It lasts 18.42 minutes but they’ve filmed everything from the pre-show and decor inside the temple as well as the ride itself, so you’ll see everything. And, most importantly: make sure to watch to the very end as there is a VERY good idea happening after the ride is over, and on the way out!


After the “Van Helsing’s Factory”, which set a high bar in terms of theming and storyline when it opened in 2011, Movie Park is back with an epic state of the art attraction which looks great. “The Lost Temple” is now open, so let us know what you think if you have had a chance to ride it!

Artwork and video: copyright Movie Park

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  • Internitty

    The level of detail in the queue and exit is so cool. The ride’s a bit short but wow I want to go on it so much!!!

  • CaptainAction

    Remember when Disney used to make attractions of this quality each year?

    There was always some new attraction under construction and opening almost every year.

    That ended in the 90’s at WDW.

    Now Universal Florida delivers several new and exciting attractions EACH YEAR with several more under construction.

    Today WDW fanboys talk about all the cool things WDW “could” be, or “should” be doing and they pretend like their wishes are real WDW ideas and actions. This is called Fantasyland.

    How long can we still look at photos of Everest, Rockin Rollercoaster, Splash Mountain, and mission Space with fake excitement?

    As long as you keep rewarding WDW with your dollars I guess. Or until Universal attendance beats Epcot, AK, or DS and Iger is embarrassed into spending some money on some new E Ticket attractions that aren’t 20 YEARS OLD.

    • WDWfanBoston

      Remember when CaptainAction used to make original, quality comments?

      Me neither.

      • blondiemouse72

        And the funny thing is in 11 words you have a way cooler comeback than any of the twaddle he keeps on typing over and over and over and over and over and over and over again

  • CaptainAction

    Then you can thank Universal – because without them handing WDW their creative rumps, you will NEVER see Star Wars or Marvel anything ride or land wise.

    You would just get more Marvel and Star Wars commercials and meet and greets for “attractions”.

    Your welcome – someone has to be the grown up.

    • Marko50

      Why don’t you try it, Cap? This column is about neither Universal OR Disney,

  • phruby

    I’m not that impressed. This is just King Kong 3D at USH without the tram. Basically circlevision with a detailed queue.

    • Kennyland

      I’m not impressed either. Not a fan of film projection attractions. I’ll go further and say that I didn’t find the queue all that impressive either.

    • solarnole

      Screen based attractions like Soarin and Toy Story (a clone of a cheap disney quest pirate attraction) are so much more impressive.

      The queue for Soarin set the standard it looks more bland and cheap then a real airport and the other one is themed to air hanger parking lot. It’s like you are there.

    • This is a regional theme park. For this sort of immersive themed attraction to be built is absolutely AMAZING. This is nearly Universal or Disney quality theme and animation but at an independent park.

      You can’t compare parks like this to Disney. And the effort here SHOULD be commended!

  • Ravjay12

    Very well done! Slowly but surely even the lesser theme parks are catching up to Disney.

  • tooncity

    That AA t-rex at the end looks terrific. It looks so real. Not like all the other clunky AA you see at science museums.

    Disney is going to wake-up one day, and discover that they’re irrelevant.

  • solarnole

    How can they open an ride in a theme park without a character meet and greet or a gift shop? Hopefully they will hold a 24 hour dance party and countless up charge events to give the people what they want. Who wants rides in a theme park? If they were smart they would had just pulled out some old Michael Jackson 3D movie and called it new.

  • BlahBlahson

    Holy cow! What happens at the end IS amazing. I’m glad to see so much happening in the theme park world in terms of themed attractions.

  • CaptainAction

    Hey Aaronius, where are you?

    This is what you’ve been predicting. Here’s a park most of us don’t really know much about and it’s competing on a pretty good level against some stuff done by the big boys.

    From what I’ve seen here, I’m confident I’d much rather ride this than Dinosaur at AK, Soarin’, Ellen’s Energy, Mission Space, Imagination, Mexico Boat Ride, or see the Indiana Jones Stunt Show again, etc.

    I’d love to see more of this.

  • ssaamm

    I honestly hate attractions with screens. It looks to have a world class, top quality queue and build up but then the ride falls horribly flat for me.

  • Malificent2000

    Why does every single post on Mice Chat leads the comments to turn into a Disney bashing. This article is about a great new attraction at a park in Europe and it is meant for us to be informed and help open us up to new places. It only took one comment before the second one is negative. But then again, look who’s doing the commenting. Why can’t we leave the discussions on Disney vs Universal to the articles that deal with them? I would really hate to be some of the people who are constantly posting negative comments, they clearly can’t enjoy the good things in life, only want to point out the negatives. Its like a cancer and they just spread and get worse and worse until you cut it out.

    As for this attraction, for being a smaller independent park, BRAVO! The queue looks amazing, and while Im not a fan of King Kong 360 type attractions, this is still pretty cool for this park.

    • CaptainAction

      Because WDW needs to get back to doing what they used to do up until 12 years ago.

      It isn’t a cancer to point out that simple little no name parks are putting out attractions which are better than the lazy WDW execs are putting out the last 12 years.

    • BlahBlahson

      ^Because of this guy.

      • CaptainAction

        There are 4 other folks on this string pointing out the same things.

  • Timekeeper

    That was really cool, for a second there I thought the people who were standing at the exit were part of the projections! Kudos to Movie Park Germany for an awesome addition!

    I’m probably the only one who’s think of this, but I think this ‘type’ of attraction might be nice for Knott’s; maybe even being placed in the former Beary Tales/Kingdom of the Dinosaurs building (if there’s room for it.)

    But I’m sure most of the SoCal (and Dark Ride) Fans would want the space to be either a return of Beary Tales (re-creation or slightly updated), a new Peanuts themed dark ride or some new audio-animatronic marvel of a dark ride (either one of these with AA’s by Garner Holt.)