The little plush toys called “Tsum Tsum” have arrived in Disneyland Paris, straight from the Disney Store in Japan. People Magazine is calling these guys the “next Beanie Babies”. How well do you think this Japanese craze will perform internationally? Can you say Duffy…? ~~Rick

Disneyland Paris Update
by Alain Littaye
Disney and more blog


We have a new Disneyland Paris pictorial update for you today, with awesome photos courtesy of Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster. We”ll enter Disneyland Park in a sec, but first let’s have a look to the work on the WDS Earfell Tower, known here as the “chateau d’oreilles”. Construction should end in September or October and they are supposed to eventually paint the top visuals with new colors.


The new entrance arches are finished on the side of the main parking lot and train station…



…but still in the works the Parking side.



In the Fantasia Gardens, renovation of the grounds continue.



Also in Fantasia Gardens, in front of the Disneyland Hotel, two of the four kiosks came out of refurbishment (the two closest to the park entrance) with surrounding vegetation pruned back.


Nothing special on Town Square where refurbishment is also going on on the Main Street Transportation Co. and Boardwalk Candy Palace.




Let’s pause here at Main Street while Max shares some news about DLP projects coming in the next few months!

During Christmas season, a Christmas cavalcade should replace the day parade. How this will be achieved? The decision to put cavalcades at the heart of the seasons is DLP’s desire to accentuate the festive aspect of the theme that visitors are looking for when coming at the park during these seasonal events. The cavalcade of Christmas which will be enlarged (in other words it will be more a parade, than a cavalcade) will follow the same logic and will happen several times per day.

Also, during Disney Halloween Party on Friday, October 31, 2014, following numerous complaints from 2013 session on the non-visibility of the shows, performances will happen on Vidéopolis and Castle stages and not at Captain Hook Galion. It took them time to realize that show stages exist in the park!

About the cast of characters in Disneyland Park during Extra Magic Hours + (starting normally November 13, five meeting points were chosen to allow hotels guests to approach their heroes on Main Street USA).

The meeting points are:
– The bandstand in Town Square
– The main entrance of the Emporium shop,
– The gas pump of Main Street Motors
– The Coca Cola vehicle
– The center of Central Plaza with Mickey and Minnie.

Let’s end with some news about the winter season – this hasn’t been confirmed yet – you can expect to see many, many more Frozen characters. Possibly a meet and greet or a new segment in the Disney Dreams! night show. In addition, a new version of the show “Welcome to Beautiful Season” should be made for the Christmas season.

Let’s move now to Fantasyland!


In front of Sir Mickey, the Beanstalk and the mini garden came out of refurbishment. The result is stunning!




The Enchanted Tree near the themed little snack stop with the same name is back after its renovation. Let’s hope it does not deteriorate too quickly. Now they need to take care of the house because its paint is peeling.



At Fantasyland near the restaurant Bella Note and Fantasia Gelati, a refresh of the little wall was conducted, the colors are now more vibrant.




At Frontierland, it’s the Silver Spur Steakhouse facade’s turn to have a little refurbishment. The restaurant is still open for dining.




At Disney Village, the World of Disney store is featuring new plush animal straight from the Disney Store Japan. Named “TSUM TSUM” these little round balls in the Manga spirit are intended to be stacked together in a pyramid…




People Magazine is calling tsum tsums “the next Beanie Babies“. What do you think?

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