Cars Land is open and well into normal operations, it’s time to slow down and take in the scenery at the Disneyland Resort.  Earl of Sandwich is moving into Downtown Disney and should be open by the end of the Summer, The Penny Arcade has gotten sweeter, and Fantasy Fair Village is still quite a ways away.  Meanwhile, DCA is handling the crowds like a pro, while Disneyland crowds are manageable, Cars Land wait times have settled into their routine for the foreseeable future, and, we start to focus on the many enjoyable things at the Disneyland Resort beyond Cars Land.

Earl of Sandwich is coming later this summer. It may not look like much is happening here, but some work is now being done in front of the location.


No, it’s still an arcade, well kind of. Let’s be honest here, this is no longer an arcade. It’s a candy store featuring arcade-like items for theme. The original purpose for the space has transitioned from entertainment to nearly full on retail. In fact, a large painted glass sign above the entrance declaring “CANDY” has now been hung just inside the front door.

They have even dressed the store with more sweet items.

As indicated by the wait time board, crowds have been manageable at Disneyland.

It’s the best summer in years to visit Disneyland folks!

Here are current shots from the Fantasy Faire Village project to the left of the castle.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on at Disney California Adventure.

They are finished with the mural disguising the It’s Tough to be a Bug theater.

It’s a bit of an odd mural that doesn’t look as polished as most of the DCA work this year. Not bad, just not great.


The wait times for all three rides have settled into what we expect their average wait times will be for the rest of the summer.  Now that most Annual Passholders have visited Cars Land, we how that on their repeat visits, they will really take the time to soak up the little details that make this area worth more than one visit.

Mater’s is usually a 15 to 20 minute wait.

Luigi’s runs 75 to 90 minutes (when it isn’t closed)

And the Radiator Spring Racers hits 2+ hours quite quickly in the mornings and stays very busy all day.

When the line gets long enough, guests must wait in an overflow area that is mostly shadeless.  Hopefully they will come up with a solution soon.

Gotta get to the finish line.

There are lots of wonderful (and sometimes funny) little details in Cars Land. For instance, notice The Oil Pan. This is a facade that is on the right hand side of the street, just before turning the corner to Radiator Springs Racers.

Adult Drip Pans, hysterical.

We’ll be bringning you lots more from Cars Land and around the Disneyland Resort in the coming weeks as we enjoy the new more manageable crowd conditions throughout the resort.

That’s not all!  We also have an update from Knott’s Berry Farm coming your way right now at the link below.