As summer broils along, we’d like to introduce you to our insider tip for a delightful locals getaway. . .  Knotts Berry Farm.  With a Season pass to Knott’s costing only $64.99 per person for the rest of the year and Disneyland costing $87.00 for one day, one park, it’s easy to see the tremendous value that Knott’s is offering.  The park is also improving a number of its weak spots dramatically and the park is becoming a nice place to go blow off steam for a few hours, if not the whole day.  Here we will look at the positives, along with a few things that Knott’s is continuing to work on.

It seems that the face of all of the retail locations will be seeing a dramatic improvements resort wide. Virginia’s Gift Shop has removed all of their sports related stock and replaced them with more general merchandise.

The main cash wrap is now cleaner, without the clutter of all of the sports related merchandise hanging on the wall behind it.

these types of items have been here forever and they belong here.

This also paves the way for future refurbishment and development of Virginia’s.  With the actual retail floor space being reduced 30% resort wide, they are condensing and reorganizing what they currently have.  Sports related items are going to be in In the Game sports store across from Virginia’s.

The fancy boutique items are being moved to the Knott’s Emporium just on the other side of the Chicken Dinner Restaurant.

Just to the other side of Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant is the Emporium, where all of the Department 56 miniatures and other high end collectables will now reside.

the Department 56, Halloween Town display was being installed at the time of our visit.

Christmas miniatures were already set.

Lots of Jim Shore items here too.

Once they refurbish the aging Virginia’s Gift Shop, it will be the nice souvenir shop for Knott’s Berry Farm.  Virginia’s certainly needs the help too.  While everything is arranged and pristine, the carpets tell another story.

Once this is redone it will be great!

Another thing that we have noticed is how the food at Knott’s has improved significantly.   The food portions have gotten larger and the quality has been improved across the property!

It is now the Grizzly Creek Lodge again.

The prices are still a little on the spendy side (for a burger fries and a drink at $12.99), but if it is good food, then it might be worth it.

Over near Bigfoot Rapids the counter serve location there is offering a Kebab Sandwich.


Knott’s also recently announced from their Facebook page that the Haunt museum and ticketing location will now be in the old Sticks and Stones location.  Beginning the middle of August, guests will be able to take in some Haunt History and but tickets inside the park.  You will also be able to make reservations for the VIP Maze, Trapped.

This year, Knott’s is making a special effort to leave the “Day Show” as untouched as possible during Haunt.  While we are not sure this is the best idea, with the long history of Knott’s during Halloween, we think the effort to create two separate shows, day and night is commendable.  Let’s see how this works out.

One thing we have already noticed is that by now, SlaughterHouse would have been taking over a portion of the entrance by now.  It seems that the entrance will not be out here after all.

Let’s go see what we can see.

All looks normal so far.

To get breaking Haunt updates you can also follow their Facebook page here.

There have also been some lovely additions to Ghost Town.  Things that aren’t E-ticket attractions, but that enhance the overall feel of the place.  Set dressings really enhance the theme.

We noticed a new sharpening stone outside the candy store.

Inside the ‘Pitchur’ Gallery  the walls have been festooned with period appropriate decorations.

Such rich touches, really work in this area.

 The pump is back, but…

Don’t they know the water is recycled?  EEWWWW!

Please, Knott’s consider getting rid of the bizarre sales booths that are located just outside the park and in Ghost Town.  It is a little off-putting to be strolling into Ghost Town only to be harangued by a salesman who looks like he should be selling a Shamwow.

The smarmy, on again off again third party barkers need to GO.

Mystery knobbs have appeared throughout Ghost Town on the exterior of the buildings.  What could they be for?  Any ideas?

It seems that the inflatable Snoopy that used to sit atop the Snoopy’s Bounce House attraction is not coming back. Let’s hope that they come up with a solution soon to at least put a cover over the hole left behind. On certain days the plastic bounce material can get downright scalding.

It’s minor, but it doesn’t go unnoticed. They have installed set dressing in the windows above the Taqueria.

We passed through Boardwalk and again noticed the deplorable state of the awning for the Perilous Plunge gift shop. Situated under one of the lifts of Boomerang, this store’s awning is literally covered in an unattractive paste of dirt and oil. We also notice that the signage is beginning to peel. Yikes!


The sign for the bumper car ride, Wheeler Dealer, has returned. This classic Bumper Car attraction will be going down at the end of August to install the Dia De Los Muertos Maze for Halloween Haunt.

And that’s it from Knott’s this week.  They continue to improve on their brand and are offering exceptional deals to keep the locals happy.  If you haven’t been to Knott’s in a while, its a great time to enjoy a day on the farm.

If you missed it, we also have coverage from the Disneyland Resort today too!  Just click the link below.

  • mratigan

    Knotts is realy stepping up
    Now DLR needs to lower it’s prices

  • Algernon

    I had forgotten all about Knott’s since it became mostly thrill rides and rides for three year olds. But it looks better than Disneyland with all the carnival railings around Alice in Wonderland and the redone Matterhorn with it’s railings and rockwork alongside the tracks. The pavement looks nicer, too–featureless. And the price for an annual pass can’t be beat. Maybe I’ll get one. There’s no more Kingdom of the Dinosaurs, Knott’s Beary Tales, but the Mine Train and Log Ride are a lot of fun.

  • unclemike

    I don’t mind those 3rd party sales carts outside the park, but they definitely shouldn’t be in Ghost Town.

  • SpectroMan

    Thanks for the great update! I’m SO thrilled that the sports crap has left Virginia’s. Just give her some new carpet and she’ll be great again. Would be great if the free gift wrap would return but I won’t hold my breath.

    HOORAY for Dept 56 moving back to the Emporium where it belongs – great news!

    That awning over by Perilous is disgusting.

    Food prices are outrageous – if they’d just shave a dollar or two off the entrees I’d be eating there again.

    Thanks again!

  • soundhound

    The “mystery knobs” look like they are part of speaker mounts. The part with the speaker clamps over the knob and is tightened after the speaker is positioned properly.

    • Timekeeper

      Let’s hope it’s not the return of the “rock music that does not fit with the theme” in Ghost town


  • Crazee4mm

    While waiting for the front gates to open at Knott’s the other morning, I commented on how large the waiting crowd was to a Knott’s security officer. I told him that I had never seen so many people waiting for the park to open, to which he replied “The best thing to happen to Knott’s Berry Farm in a long time has been that Disneyland is now considered too expensive to visit. Therefore, many more than usual have been coming here instead. Disney’s loss is our gain”.

    Larger than normal summer crowds at Universal, Six Flag’s, and Knott’s seem to be from people getting fed up with Disney’s greed. I used to purchase tickets for friends so that they could come to Disneyland with me. I can’t afford it anymore so I just go alone.

  • yoyoflamingo

    One of these days, when we get to California for a longer period than just a weekend, I think we should check out Knotts. I definitely think we would enjoy it.

  • ralzap

    Thanks for the Knott’s update. Maybe the 1rst theme partk will become a theme partk again.
    The food was terrible. Even a vegan could eat the burger at Lucy’s lunch box.
    Bring back Fiesta village lake. Knott’s had the best fireworks.

    Aww, I’m pining for a time that may never be again as lng as Ceder Fair owns the park.
    They are doing better, and I agree Disney prices will drive people to Knott’s.

    Go Ceder Fair, and cash in on the nostalgia we hold for KBF.

  • joeyhalderman

    Those little knobs are in fact speaker mounts for the JBL control 25 speakers. Here is an image of the speaker with the mount. [IMG][/IMG] They are great little speakers! They are passive meaning they are unpowered and need an amp to drive them. The will generally be daisy chained together.

    Disney has been using these lately in a lot of their queues. So far I’ve noticed them in cars land and in the Ariel’s Undersea Adventure Queue. I’m sure there used in a lot more locations though!

  • BassBone

    I like that Knott’s is trying to keep the Haunt show away from the regular day show. Haunt generally holds no interest for me and I’d rather not see it intruding into the park during the day. In fact, I think I wouldn’t mind if Haunt went away completely.

    • ligiea

      BassBone, I’m right there with you on not being in love with the Haunt (not really my thing anymore; did it enough in high school) but my understanding is that Knott’s gets half it’s annual revenue from the Haunt. So, no more Haunt basically equals no more Knott’s.