Dateline Disney World is back to bring you a disney dose of photos and news from Walt Disney World.  This week, Halloween begins to arrive (in August) to the Magic Kingdom. Pumpkins and garland lace nearly every awning on Main Street U.S.A. and despite the oppressive humidity, fall seems to be in the air.  There are also a few minor projects we catch up on throughout the resort including expansion at the Polynesian and remaining work inside Fantasyland.

On the way to the park, you can see the progress at the Poly DVC. These new units will have beautiful views.

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As you can see, all the yellow and orange Halloween bunting is already up.


It’s Halloween in August folks!
The always popular Mickey pumpkins are also back.
This is the time of year the Roy and Minnie statue gets shifted over by City Hall.

Always a fun time of year. Advertising has already started for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, which starts in early September. In addition to the $62-$71 hard ticket event, there is also a villain themed dessert party that costs an additional $99 that is also available. A hard ticket event inside of a hard ticket event. I know that I’m not the target for this (can’t afford it at all), but it just seems like this is another money grab. I can understand from a business perspective why this is great for Disney (because there is a market of people who will pay these high fees for some fancy cupcakes and drinks), but as a fan, it just seems like another thing that excludes me from participating. First it was pay for special parade and fireworks, and now it’s pay to get into the park, and then pay more for the better view of the parade and fireworks. Also, for that money ($170 on the most expensive night), you can come pretty close to getting the entry level non-Florida resident Universal Orlando annual pass. That $170 special event ticket only counts for five hours of entertainment. Is any theme park worth $170 for just five hours? Obviously a lot of guests think so, or Disney wouldn’t be charging these crazy prices.

The work in the Hub continues, with some concrete going in.

Heading into Tomorrowland, we can see the Astro Orbitor starting to make its return, and many walls down near the Lunching Pad.

At rope drop, Mine Train is the clear attraction most guests are running to.

Walls still up here.

All the reason you need to arrive early, right here. This is the time of day to ride the attractions without a wait (especially if you are willing to skip the crowds flocking to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train).

I wonder how long this sign will last with the new Haunted Mansion themed shop coming.

In Liberty Square, fall decorations have arrived.

That’s it for this week!

Are you excited for Halloween or is it too soon to start thinking about it? How do you feel about multiple hard ticketed events for Halloween (and the event within an event)? Let us know your thoughts, including the max you are willing to spend for these hard ticketed events, in the comments!

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  • mtlchuck

    I dont understans when this trend of rushing holidays months in advance began. I visited WDW in September back in 1997 and 2002 and there were no traces of halloween. I find itd be a poor experience to go on your summer vacations the last days of august and encounter all decorated for an entirely different season.

  • michael darling

    Corey, don’t forget, you get a plastic cup keepsake, if you spend the additional $99. (On TOP of the price of the Not So Scary party, as you mentioned).

    When I read this last night on another site I was put off. Clearly, Disney is catering to exclusivity, and marginalizing many of their fans once again. Their obvious and unashamed money-grab schemes are very tiring and they need to stop.

    This now means that folks paying the hard ticket event price for Mickey’s Not So Scary will be kept from certain Hallow Wishes viewing spots, as they clear it out for the $99 dessert party people. A party WITHIN a party, all for a hefty price.

    Disney parks are becoming like nightclubs, where you pay top $$ to get in, only to find it filled with VIP areas, roped off to you, unless you pay extra. Stop the madness.

    • jcruise86

      Good post. But after our Disneyland APs expired my daughter and I attended a Disneyland Halloween party with lots of candy, a cool fireworks show, and an admission price that included parking and was far lower (I got the tickets when we had an AP discount) than a one-day admission price.

      • jcruise86

        If this new Disney World party is unpopular, guests will complain at City Hall, not return or not go in the first place. There are things at Disney parks I can’t imagine spending money on, but as I write this I’m wearing overpriced Mickey Mouse socks and on Monday I wore an overpriced Mickey Mouse tie.

  • MrTour

    Just exactly what are they doing to the hub??? Hasn’t this project dragged on for too long?

    • Amy VandenBoogert

      They’re expanding the Hub significantly and adding an additional ring of pathways. When it’s finished it’ll be somewhat inspired by the Hub at Tokyo Disneyland, which is huge and expansive. You can see before & after concept art by Googling “Disney World Hub Expansion”.

  • clj7181

    I noticed on another site that they are showing the times changed and one less stage show – so instead of a 7:45, 8:50, 10:05 and 11:15 shows for villains mix and mingle, they are now 7:45, 8:55 and 10:00. I am guessing this is because they will be at the premium event, which starts at 10:15 PM. Kind of sucks for all the guest who pay for the party ticket then lose a show then there is premium parade / firework viewing cutting back on available space. I already got our tickets for the party on Oct 26 – hoping the premium event is a flop.

    • pianojohn

      Well, some of the Villains Soiree events have already sold out, and a 2nd show has been added to most nights. I would say this is the opposite of a flop. Clearly there is a market for this type of event, and Disney knows the potential with the huge success of Harambe Nights.

  • yellowrocket

    Sheesh. I wish they’d take down those Cinderellabration arches while they’re working on the hub. They’ve been up for almost a decade.

  • llmeeko

    I can’t imagine paying $99 for inedible dessert items. The cookies at the Christmas party last year were so stale they must have been baked in December 2012. We managed to check out the desserts being served at the Terrace dessert party that night. Nothing looked appealing – no resemblance to the photos on the WDW Web site. On every visit to MK, we hope the baked goods will improve and we are always disappointed. When we went last December, a number of things made us think that would be our last trip to WDW. Reading this kind of news just reinforces our thinking. Because we only go every five years, we can afford it (if we save up for it) but the question is – are we getting value for our vacation dollar? These hard ticket parties may be marginally worth it but an extra $99? No way.

  • Big D

    I don’t mind the extra ticket events as long as they don’t interfere with the enjoyment of the regular park guest. Also, I normally would be opposed to the Halloween decorations going up this early, except that I’m going to WDW next week and I’ve never seen that park for Halloween, so I’m actually kind of excited about it. And I guess that’s part of the reason why they do it, because the out-of-town visitor who only goes once every five years or so wants to experience the holiday decor but can’t necessarily go during the holidays.

  • alan1701

    Personally I am not of fan of Halloween. My second least favorite holiday right after the one I hate most, Thanksgiving. I think spending any additional money to get into the parks when I already pay enough for my premier pass is insane. So I will not be going to any of the Halloween parties when I am there for two weeks in Oct and if I was to go I would certainty not be stupid enough to pay a extra 99 for a desert party. Yes I said it, stupid. If you have issue with that I could care less, that’s my opinion.

  • Ravjay12

    Seasonal overlays are real popular with the guests and very profitable with the theme parks. We always enjoy the overlays at Disney parks whatever the season. Disney always does a real good job. The Halloween overlay at Disney parks is a great alternative to the disgusting filth they have at the other parks during this season.

  • animatronic

    Between this type of thing in WDW and expansion of club 33 in DLR, you there does seem to be growth in these more expensive, “exclusive” events. I guess the market will bear it, but I don’t enjoy meet and greets and snacks enough to warrant the extra fees. It does seem a bit early for Halloween Decorations. I think at least getting to September 1 to take out the pumpkins is a good date…

  • BlahBlahson

    I’m a big big big big big big big fan of Disney never doing “Adult themed” Halloween. For anyone who doesn’t have their head in their butt, there is a HUGE amount of Halloween entertainment in Central Florida. Here is a map that doesn’t even include Legends at Old Town, HHN, or Howl O Scream. Or for that matter, the cheaper but just as fun for your kids events at other parks, Halloween Spooktacular and Brick or Treat.,0,3599169.htmlstory

    Oh, all of it is far far cheaper than anything Disney would produce, Like how HHN+RIP tour is already 65 dollars cheaper than NSS+Soiree, and Howl O Scream+Mega VIP is 129 bucks and includes front line access to every rollercoaster and house + free beer.

    It’s really nice that Disney’s event has Fireworks, Candy, an awesome parade, Characters, and short ride lines. It’s a great event that differentiates itself from all the rest. If Disney tried to use their characters to do an adult event it would either be expensive as shit, or really weird and non-disney like, or both.

  • EasyRover

    The hardcore Disney enthusiasts that attend yearly, or multiple times a year, have money. Disney knows this. They know people will be willing to pay for unique, special events. I think rolling out the Holidays earlier and earlier is just another opportunity to make more money, which, from a business perspective, I don’t see anything wrong with.

  • SxcyMike

    Why was Astro Orbit moved? $170….ummmm idk and I’m shocked because I live for Disney Villains but all the smoke, mirrors, and make-up couldn’t convince me to cough that price tag up for just a few hours. Maybe something a bit more exclusive, a couple of painted portraits and a good Kouzzina meal lol. I’m ALL for the early fall/halloween decor being up. They could’ve waited until after the holiday Monday but oh well. I’ll have my “overlay” up in about two weeks for fall and Halloween which I bought a month ago.

  • SxcyMike

    Hmmmm Disney Villains with the HHN concept sounds delicious. Can’t wait to hit both HHN locations this October.